Priceline Hotel: 3* New Orleans (CBD) Radisson

By 7continentKaren,

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Got a good price but now reading the reviews in www.tripadvisor.com etc I see that we pulled a dump. There are warnings everywhere that if you bid on 3* Central Business Dist you could get this hotel. Black mold, dirty rooms, cockroaches, etc. I am going to try to get Priceline to give us our money back. I failed to check the reviews on all the possibilities before bidding. What a lot of work this is! At first I was so excited because it is on Canal St so the walk was not that far to the French Quarter.

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I'm afraid i heard and read less than stellar reviews of this location.

New Orleans can be a pretty dirty place, but i still don't expect you to experience some of things mentioned in the other reviews above (black mold, cockroaches, etc).

Let us know if you make any headway with a refund on this property (or Priceline downgrading, which i doubt will happen based upon the Radisson brand).

If you end up here, please take some pictures and post them at RealHotelPhotos.com. Hopefully your experience will be better than most and you'll have gotten at least $45 worth of value out of it, but if not, a good way to initiate change is by posting photos of your experience (espeically if you see mold, bugs, etc) at RealHotelPhotos. As that site grows more hotel chains will take better notice of their properties and be embarrassed at some of the problems... it's one thing to say a place is terrible, it's another to show them why it is so.

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We did get out of it. The phone customer service was worthless. The woman refused to allow me to talk to a manager and she just read to me the stuff about how it is non-refundable. I sent an email which did result in our getting our money back. BUT, no indication from Priceline that they will lower the rating or drop this hotel. So, now I have to start over.

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Tried every trick and free rebid but could not get 4* in those districts and quit at $70, no offer given by Priceline. Had 3* Radisson at $45 but got out of it since it was a dump and health hazard. Have had some talks with the city and state and no one regulates health hazards in hotels! Unlike Hawaii which shut down the Hawaiian Village Hilton for black mold. Tried Hotwire where I could have gotten a 4* CBD for $78. Almost bought it until I happened to be scanning

www.skyauction.com which had a condo two blocks from the River on the FQ side of the street on Canal (Club la Pension) up for bid. One week, min bid $211, starting Nov 26. So, we will just be late arrivals. Works for me. Bid, had no competition so now my NET cost for a 1 BR condo is $70/night inc taxes, etc. Equivalent to $55 bid on Priceline. RCI leftover. Here's hoping. The location is supreme. B'bye, Priceline...

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Did you bid 3* or something less? If Radisson took their name away for quality issues, you'd think Priceline would reevaluate the property. Especially with so many truly deserving 3* hotels in all the zones. Yes, I know it's New Orleans and all the guidebooks say (and hotel managers agree) that you pay more for less cleanliness here than throughout the rest of the continent.

And some of the streets are, well, dirty and poorly maintained and full of potholes. And there are some local officials sometimes found to be corrupt.

But I can attest that it's insulting to every other Priceline rated 3* hotel in town, including the airport zone, to continue to rank the Radisson at 3 stars.

Hope you shared your thoughts with Priceline, if they're the ones who sent you. Maybe you'll get a form letter but with enough hassle spending time answering customer complaints, they may reconsider this hotel's rating and even participation.

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