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  1. Could it be that the 3* in question is the former Park Plaza/ Radisson? They were closed, but we haven't been by there for awhile. Also saw a 4.5* for your dates @$79, that looks pretty nice for the extra $. Certainly cheaper rates than previous bowls.
  2. This was an upgrade on a 2.5 * bid, last second so didn't use the usual techniques for multiple rebids. Jazzfest and all, but did make the bid via SavingsBarn. Proud of the result, shared it with a couple festers, only to be one-upped with the tale of someone getting it for $44 for the days between Jazzfest weekends. Oh, and there's free parking and breakfast buffet is $10. This property was debranded by Wyndham, but is arguably 3* by post flood standards. Drive to Jazzfest takes 30 minutes on Friday and probably less on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Colleague was advised to bid $42 in East zone for probable quick win at Hilton or Doubletree. Nice try at knocking $1 off gave 'em the Holiday Inn. Fortunately this was not the Holiday Inn reported as kind of gross, but the "Holiday Inn Select" on Poplar. Can't ever guarantee with Priceline, but strongly suspect that $42 would have had intended and recommended result! Hope this information is useful.
  4. Bid $36 and they counteroffered $46. Rebid at $38 with no success, went up a whopping $2 and got it. So we may have overbid by $1, or we might be staying at another Schaumburg facility for a $39 bid; gotta love the mystery. Word on the street (well out there it's the parking lots) is that the Radisson is somewhat less fun and they charge for parking. We are happy with the Hyatt, and have been happy with the other non-Radisson Priceline participants in this zone, even when booking conventionally. Used the Svings Barn approach to Priceline.
  5. First tried 4* in FQ, CC, and CBD up to $80. 3* bid for FQ at $65 brought counteroffer for $82. $68 was rejected, went up $4 and got it. This is well above the usual Christmas time rates, but these are not usual circumstances in New Orleans. Rates may well go down, and we didn't bid boutique in the areas that have the option, but we needed to hammer down lodging before travel arrangements. Will try to post review after stay.
  6. Priceline has been allowing bids for a while now, and recently started showing suggested prices in various zones. These prices seem a bit higher than the hotel and agency websites; what we come up with is mostly toward $200/night, with one known 3* showing $119. Bidding all three zones up to $85 over the last couple weeks has met with rejection. We'll probably keep trying.
  7. Bid 2.5* Airport, hoping for Residence Inn or similarly equipped place. Rejected up to $47, added Brentwood at $40 and received counteroffer for $59. $42 rebid got us 'upgraded' to the 3* Holiday Inn Brentwood. Used Savings Barn link, thanks.
  8. Previous bids, including CBD, went up to $63. Tried the "add a night" function for Sat. the 8th, and was rejected -- not a surprise as Sheraton website shows sold out. Rates for the three nights list for $199 - $209.
  9. The official full name: Holiday Inn Saint Paul North. (Ran out of room for "North") Address: 1201 West County Road East (really!) Saint Paul 55112 Priceline indicates that this is the "Roseville" zone, and looks like the hotel is already on your list, but "Your Price Has Been Accepted Congratulations, you got your price of $38 for a 2
  10. This was the first bid with this zone, after rejections for Airport/MOA, Downtown Mpls, Eagen, Burnsville, Mpls NW and SW at $37. Probably should have started new bid for a few $ less, but it's OK.
  11. Property was won on a 2.5* bid back in April, right after they (mostly) finished rehab. Sorry we didn't post at that time. This bid was an upgrade, see initial post. Have had Priceline 3*s of lower quality than this hotel; also had some Priceline 3*s that equal or exceed most PL 4*s. Funny how we never complain about the latter!
  12. This is the former New Orleans Airport Plaza hotel, which was on the list. They did a pretty nice rehab over about eight months, but nothing can change the fact that it's still in Kenner!
  13. When presented with a counteroffer, most but not all here have been rebid sucessfully for $1 - $3 increase. Maybe this is 'cause we're usually so close to begin with. We're diamond Hyatt members and their free amenity and breakfast is nice; they even provide them to the lowly Priceline guests. That being the case, wonder if $42 or $43 would land the Hyatt Deerfield over the Marriott Suites. Hyatt's room service seems better too; those sandwich portions are enough for 2!
  14. We started with what has been a sure thing, $38, and received counteroffer for $49; a new bid of $40 brought a counteroffer for $52! Rebid with $1 and hit it. Thought we'd get the Hyatt, but this place is arguably nicer. Hyatt and Marriott webrates both about $80. Heatwave predicted to end by the weekend.
  15. Just got walked by the Summerfield Suites Parsippany in Whippany, to their property in Morristown. Saw a note at the front desk that the "Republican Committee needs all the extra rooms." (Noticed too that we were welcomed into the state by the "acting" governor, according to highway sign.) PL refunded promptly. Also, while checking in to the Jersey City Hyatt for a 3 night stay, was informed the hotel was completely full entire stay. Good thing we called at 9 AM to request room preference and do 1-800-checkin, or who knows where we could've ended up. This may explain the recent scarcity and cost of PL in Jersey City -- they're selling out conventionally as word spreads of the convenience to Manhattan. Have had several Priceline walkings last two years. Inconvenient, yes, but free night is free night!
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