Hotwire Hotel: 3* Cape Cod (Hyannis-Yarmouth) International Inn Cuddles and Bubbles

By ur_too_crazy,

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I would need help in identifying 3* hotel in Chatham-Brewster-Eastham for 109$ per night from 19/07/09 to 23/07/09.

Amenities include ... fitness center, pool, restaurant, laundry facilities, and high speed internet

I was also wondering about this same hotel but for different dates.

I checked the Hotwire hotel list but I couldn't seem to match it up- any help would be appreciated! :)

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I apologize for posting another thread, but I seem to be having a lot of problems identifying Cape Cod hotels. This 3* property lists for 56 $ from 19-07-09 to 23-07-09. Amenties include Pool, Restaurant, and High speed internet. I am just hoping it is not International Inn of Cuddle and Bubble which seems to have the same amenities but lists on other sites for 2.5*

3* Hyannis-Yarmouth-Dennis Port

Amenties include Pool, Restaurant, and High speed internet

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Please keep all posts for the same stay in the same thread.

Unfortunately this property has not yet been reproted to the board, nor has the Cuddles and Bubbles, so can't say if this i the amenity combination for that property or not.

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Let us know whatever you decide or if we can be of further help.

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So I rolled the dice on the 56$ 3* property from the 19/07/09 to 23/07/09 and ended up with the International Inn (Cuddles and Bubbles) in Hyannis, just as I feared. This property seems to get mixed reviews but at least the price is right (more money for lobster dinners), and seems to be centrally located. From reading reviews, looking at pictures, and surfing other travel sites, it seems to me that hotwire's 3 star rating seems highly overated for this property. They lead you to believe that you'll end up with a brand name hotel chain (such as Holiday Inn, Radisson, Doubletree) which is totally not the case.

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This place looks like a totally "retro" throwback motel from their website... maybe it'll be fun? Cuddles and Bubbles hehehe...

Tho I did note they proudly advertise: "All room subject to nightly $8.50 energy surcharge." That's rather outrageous. Would take a lot of Cuddle and/or Bubble jacuzzi time to use that much electricity.

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8.50$ energy surcharge!!! WOW this just keeps getting better by the minute. I wonder if that fee is included in my Hotwire price? I already filed a star rating complaint with Hotwire, I guess I'll have to file a complaint about this surcharge as well. I understand that some hotels will charge for parking, or 12$ for a mini-bar chocolate bar, but energy surcharge????

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Quite a few lower-star-level hotels have started doing this... or a telecommunications surcharge... kind of like the poor-man's "resort fee".

Not typically included in a hotwire purchase price, either.

Does it make it hurt less to know that I've gotten TWO good chuckles out of this? :)

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Just a little update on my situation. Just for fun I punched in the same dates into hotwire (19/07/09 to 23/07/09) and noticed that they are offering a hotel with a similar price (59$ instead of 56$) with the exact same amenities listed as 2.5 stars instead of 3 stars I had originally bid for (The tax rate of the new hotel 30% also seems to be the same). Smelling a fish, I called hotwire and the agent on the phone assured me that the international inn hyannis was still listed as 3 stars. I get a funny feeling that the star rating was dropped by them, and I'm being thrown a fastball. Basically what I am asking is if I have any recourse in this situation, and has there been any previous example of this happening?

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HOTWIRE has been very forthcoming with hotel downgrades, even contacting those who have reservations and would otherwise not know of a downgrade of a property... but you're free to call them and speak to another rep.

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I was so convinced I was right yesterday (even after speaking to customer service), that I decided to book an extra night's stay at the new 2.5 star hotel just to prove them wrong. I figured even if I was wrong, staying another day on the cape wouldn't be so bad. Well guess what...... that 2.5 star hotel with the exact same amenites (Pool, Restaurant, High Speed Internet) ended up being the International Inn Hyannis. I had originally contested the 3 star rating. Last week they sent me an e-mail confirming that they stood by their 3 star rating Blah Blah Blah. So I got lied to twice by hotwire, once by e-mail and once on the phone after I questioned if the International Inn Hyannis was indeed the 2.5 star property. I'm not putting this out here to brag about my detective work, but rather to inform the board about Hotwire's devious business practice and obvious lack of respect for their customers. At the end of the day after speaking to a supervisor I was able to cancel my first reservation (4 nights) but had to keep my second (1 night) because it was indeed 2.5 stars when I booked it. Make your own conclusions, but in the future I'm staying far away from hotwire.

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Thanks for the update and sorry to hear of this negative experience. It sounds as if you cancelled the first reservation, and if so, i would argue the second reservation too since you accepted the risk of that purchase in order to prove your point, and since you were indeed in the "right", should be able to cancel the second one as well.

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star ratings can and do change all the time and unless customers complain about such "over-rating" of a particular property, then all remains status quo. When you contacted HOTWIRE last week to complain about the star rating, it probably was still a 3*. But it was possible that because of your complaint and those of others that this hotel was downgraded by a half star.

Hotel star ratings are not consistant across the board and each booking site can have slightly different criteria. With HOTWIRE, I will typically go over to Expedia as they once (or still do) share common corporate ownership. Compared to some of the other sites, I also agree that some of HOTWIRE's ratings are inflated by as much as 1/2 star.

I once made a same day HOTWIRE reservation and was booked into a 1* Motel when I chose a 2* property. I complained immediately and was informed that the star rating for this property was changed. I was offered the option to cancel my reservation or keep it and receive hot Dollars towards a future stay. Its impossible to determine if in time you would have been contacted by customer service, but I would think that HOTWIRE would have informed you of the ratings change prior to your stay. I feel that I've always been treated fairly by HOTWIRE when I had to lodge a complaint.

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