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  1. This is a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal, 4* 8+/10 Rating. Had bid up to $175 and was offered a counter-offer for $229. There is a conference starting the next day so this was still a savings of around $50. Amenities showing: Business Center Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center No Smoking Rooms/Facilities There is a $30 resort fee which made it almost certainly the Snake River Lodge. Summary Of Charges Price per Night: $180 Taxes and Fees: $32.56 Priceline Total Charges: $212.56 Additional Mandator
  2. Nice to be back on BetterBidding again. It's been a long time since I've traveled on my own dime! This is my favorite way to use priceline these days... bidding while on the flight inbound... I had been holding on to a reservation for an Intermediate at Budget for around $34/day after coupons. Right now, priceline is showing a strange pricing situation where Full-Size is cheapest, at $19/day. So I bid $12 on Full-size. It countered with $15. When I said no, it offered to let me bid whatever I wanted on the same class again. So I bid $13 and was accepted! Total savings of almost $1
  3. I want to say it was a Nissan Rogue. The main issue is how short the cargo area is. It really has the feel of a station wagon with tall tires. Probably 1/4 - 1/3 less storage area than what I would have expected from a "Midsize SUV". And the seats didn't quite lay flat.
  4. This is an old reservation but newer than anything else listed for SYR, so hopefully it will be helpful to someone. Unfortunately, it looks like I forgot to use the links here to book this one. My only defense is that I'm pretty sure I was in the lobby of the airport trying to get something accepted before the mad rush of people hit the rental counters. My backup reservation was an off-airport location for ~$20 more total, so this worked out fine. Just an unusually expensive holiday week. Economy Car Pick-Up /Drop Off: Syracuse - Hancock Intl (SYR) 1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd, Syracuse, NY
  5. Pretty sure I used the links here for this. Then completely forgot to post about it. As I recall, that weekend I really needed an SUV and they were priced at $250+ ! Turns out, the "SUV" they decided to give me was essentially a station wagon. Really unpleasant conversation about it at the desk; was ultimately told I had to pay a substantial upgrade fee to get into anything that actually looked like an SUV. (Of course, I stubbornly refused and the station wagon worked out well enough.) Mid-Size SUV Pick-Up /Drop Off: Albany - County (ALB) 737 Albany Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12211 On Airpor
  6. This is one of my favorite hotels in Albany. Decent location, nice rooms, great staff, solid breakfast... GREAT price, too, usually goes for around $150/night. Free free to ask me any questions, etc.
  7. I'm also seeing the SFO Holiday Inn (on the North side of the airport but close) with an Entertainment Card rate of $87.50 directly from their website using this betterbidding link. (tho the reviews aren't great)
  8. The John Hancock Center is the second tallest building in Chicago. Its top floors feature dramatic views of the city and lake. Although it's not nearly as tall as the Sears/Willis Tower, the views are still great, and it can be much more affordable... The official Observatory is on the 94th floor. Tickets cost $15 for adults, $10 for children, minus a 5% discount for booking on the official website. The least expensive option is to, instead, have a drink in the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor. Drinks generally cost $5-$10 each but the Lounge windows have great views to the south and eas
  9. This offer is still available this year, for the same prices. Keep in mind, some of the tickets are VIP level - Aquarium includes 4 exhibits, Museum of Science and Industry includes Omnimax, etc. For the John Hancock Observatory, the restaurant on the 95th floor is offering a buffet lunch this summer, Monday-Saturday, $20 for adults and $11 for children. On Tuesdays through August, the pricing is $15 adults and $10 children. That's the SAME price as general admission to the observatory. In other words, if you go to the Signature Room instead of the Observatory Level, you get lunch for the
  10. To follow up, Banff was awesome and the Ptarmigan was better than expected. Perfect location right in downtown Banff and excellent beds. Much better than the beds in the hotel for the second night for the wedding (Buffalo Mountain Lodge - "like covering a park bench with a sheet")... I would definitely pick this hotel on hotwire before bidding on priceline. The Juniper Hotel that's been coming up on priceline for 3* is way outside of town by the highway. It's definitely worth it to stay downtown.
  11. Ok, we have a resolution... Availability changed, now the 3* showing was: $106 for 2 adults Fitness Center Restaurant Golf Nearby Spa Booked it using the betterbidding HOTWIRE link, it's the Banff Ptarmigan Inn 337 Banff Ave., Banff, AB, T1L 1B7 Phone:(403) 762-2207 Hotel rate per night - Hotwire hot Rate: $106.00 Nights: 1 Rooms: 1 Subtotal: $106.00 Tax recovery charges and fees: $19.11 Total price: $125.11 It's new for the hotel list but I was pretty sure about it, due to the tripadvisor info. It has mostly good reviews and is in a good location, so I'm sure it'll be fine. (I had a $10 c
  12. This is closing weekend at the track, right? That's a great time to be in Saratoga... I've visited this hotel for breakfast before (for $). You should be quite pleased with the service and the hotel is overall in good shape. It's just a little distance from downtown. Nice enough walk if it's a nice day.
  13. Wow, nice pick! That's definitely the "risky" backup plan now.
  14. There is now a 3* for $97 on HOTWIRE (restaurant, internet) that doesn't match anything reported. The 2.5* is still there ($90). Today I bid on PRICELINE, 3.5* $98 and 3* $78. Got a counteroffer on the 3* for $100. 4 more bidding days left...
  15. I'm up to $90 3.5* and $70 3*. Hotwire has consistently had what looks like Inns of Banff for $86-90 so I won't be bidding much higher.
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