shuttle between IAD and Reagan National airports

By nilkaya,

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The generally accepted "shuttle" between the Washington DC airports is called the Washington Flyer and is actually a taxi service. Estimated rates between IAD and DCA are approximately $50.00 and can go upwards depending upon time of day and traffic. On a good day with no traffic problems figure 45 minutes to 1 hour. The Supershuttle, aka "The Blue Van", is generally used between a residence, hotel, or business location, to or from the airport. This option may be a few bucks cheaper than the flyer but keep in mind they load the van up with multiple passengers, thus multiple destinations, and most likeley will do drop offs along the way and probably won't take the most direct route to the airport. I do not have direct experience with the Flyer but have waited as much as 45 minutes to an hour waiting for the Super Shuttle to arrive at the airport to pick me up because not enough passengers were --- going my way...

Regards, Keoni

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I believe that Washington Flyer used to have a direct bus shuttle between IAD and DCA, but it was discontinued years ago. Now, in addition to their cab service to all points, they offer a bus shuttle to the West Falls Church Metrorail station only, which takes 25 minutes. From there, you would take the Orange Line, then have to transfer to the Blue Line to National Airport at Roslyn (add another 40 minutes to the shuttle time + waiting for connections). It would be $8 for the shuttle, then $1.85 for Metro ($2.75 during peak am/pm rush hours).

The cheapest alternative would be to take the Metrobus Route 5A from IAD to the L'Enfant Metrorail station for $3, which would take about an hour. Add another $1.35/$1.40 for the Metrorail, and 10 minutes + connection time. The Washington Flyer is a lot more comfortable than the Metrobus though (quite nice actually - have used it several times), and may well be worth the extra $5 or so to you. Also, the Metrobus has only 1 departure per hour from IAD.

Super Shuttle would be about $22, and as metioned above, there could be a lot of hidden waiting time involved.

A cab will take about 35-40 minutes (longer for rush hours) and set you back at least $50.

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I understood your shuttle question was from Dulles International Airport to Reagan National Airport... If you are flying out of Reagan

I don't believe it is possible to go directly to an international destination so you probably have a little more time because you technically won't be going international until your second flight. Not a big deal, I was just nosy.... If you are going from Reagan to Dulles, same stuff applies just in reverse.

I understand it seems expensive for $50 for the Washington Flyer but when you realize the airports are probably 35 miles apart, it really is a fair price. Travelguy gave you some good tips on the Metro system and it really isn't as scary as it sounds. However, if you have several bags, or heavy bags, making a couple of changes from bus, to subway, to a different subway line, may not be worth the hassle.

Good luck on your trip and let us know how your adventure works out!

Regards, Keoni

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The flight from Reagan National is to Chicago, but from Chicago the flight is to Stockholm, I guess if she does not have another transfer beforehand. That is why I said it is an international flight. The info is for my cousin. Originally, I told her that I would drop her to the Reagan National, but now something has come up. I learned that there is a direct greyhound shuttle everyday from Charlottesville VA to Dulles airport. The shuttle leaves at 9:00 AM, and arrives at Dulles around 12. I thought she could take a shuttle from Dulles to Reagan. Her plane leaves at 2:00 PM from National airport.

I am worried that all this travelling may tire her out, especially if she has to take a metro. Thanks for your help anyways. If we don't have another choice, she would be deciding what she wants to do.

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If that shuttle is thru Greyhound that bus may continue on to Washington Station (just a coincidence that the bus leaves Charlottesville at 9am and arrives at Washington Station at 12:15?). If so, perhaps a taxi would be cheaper from Washington Station rather than Dulles? (one of the locals would have comment as i've been to this bus station before <it's not the greatest> but am not sure of the distance from the airport(s))

I see the above fare is about $25. Another options if you're concerned about only having 2 hours to get from place-to-place is AMTRAK. For the random date i selected they have a train that leaves Charlottesville at 7:05am and arrives in DC at 9:50am (there is also a 9:05 arriving at 12:15) and the fares range from $22.50-$30. Catching the early train may make this commute a bit less stressful and allow for the cheaper transfer options.

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Although this might sound crazy, you could rent a car from Dulles IAD and drop it off at National. I bid $20/day and got a compact from Hertz out of IAD. This might work well especially if you are traveling with others. This could also work well if you are flying in and out of Dulles to visit DC for a weekend as you would not have to pay the cost of the shuttle to and from downtown and just drop the car back off at IAD.

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