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  1. Bid $76...rejected added non-4* zone and bid $81...rejected added another non-4* zone and bid $85...rejected same as above and bid $88.00...ACCEPTED Expedia showed $159 & $189 for the same nights.
  2. pzoo

    FL Ft Lauderdale Bahia Mar Beach

    Just got back from our cruise and we stayed at the Bahia Mar for 1 night pre-cruise. Overall we liked the hotel a lot. We were on the sixth floor of the tower section. I was worried at first from the mixed reviews the property received at Trip Advisor, however, once we got to our room we were pleasantly surprised. It was very clean and in good condition. There was no odor and everything worked fine. Although not a direct ocean view form this room, we overlooked the marina and part of the beach. The staff was friendly and the grounds nice. Overall a nice experience.
  3. Just a quick follow up... Although the hotel boosted a certain level of amenities (2*); much of them either did not work or were dirty. Room had a nasty onion and smoke smell to it. Linens and carpet were dirty and stained. The location was good but overall this hotel was a big letdown and should be removed from Priceline. Yes the price was cheap; but at to great a sacrifice. Thank God it was only for one night stop over. Maybe some of the other rooms were better, but I doubt it.
  4. 2*, $24 first bid...accepted. Homestead Studio Suites Baymeadows. 1 night
  5. Bid accepted on first try at $46. It appears this Hotel has mixed reviews; but hey it's only 1 night and $46 is pretty good. Prior to this I had failed bids for other star ratings as follows: --------Ft Lauderdale Beach & Hollywood (resort level) highest bid I went before giving up was $109.00. --------Ft Lauderdale Beach (4* Pier 66 ) highest bid I went before giving up on this one was $78.
  6. Although this might sound crazy, you could rent a car from Dulles IAD and drop it off at National. I bid $20/day and got a compact from Hertz out of IAD. This might work well especially if you are traveling with others. This could also work well if you are flying in and out of Dulles to visit DC for a weekend as you would not have to pay the cost of the shuttle to and from downtown and just drop the car back off at IAD.
  7. First bid of $43.00 for 3* rejected, added free rebid zone of Sterling and upped my bid to $46 which was accepted. I got the Sheraton Reston Hotel. Also, 1st bid accepted on a rental car from IAD - $20/day compact from Hertz.
  8. Like everyone else, I was having trouble booking a room the weekend of Oct 15-17 in the downtown DC area. After numerous bid attempts I ended up with Doubletree in Crystal City for $56. I was rejected at $51 before a free rebid. I ended up staying near Dulles airport for Friday night since I was getting in there late (Sheraton Reston $46.00 2nd bid) with a compact from Hertz for $20/day (1st bid accepted), but that is another thread. Anyway, the Doubletree looks nice and has a neat revolving resturant/lounge on the top.
  9. Hello everyone, I was looking to get the Caribe Hilton for my post cruise stay in San Juan; after reading through other people's post I bid $70 for a resort property in San Juan (Priceline). My dates were 5/2/04 - 5/5/04. My bid was accepted and I got the Caribe Hilton. Just wanted to share the info and thank those who helped me through their posts. This will go great with my newly aquired gold HHonors card :) .