Hoboken and Jersey City Bars and Restaurants

By thereuare,

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As many have been staying at the Jersey City Hyatt, there has been a request of good places to go and eat in the area, so here's my list of what i consider worthwhile:

HAPPY HOURS (that make me happy :) )

Mile Square - 221 Washington St

Happy Hour 3pm-7pm seven days a week

$2 off all pints (and with over 30 beers on tap there are a lot to choose from!)

$3 glasses of wine

Usually not a very large crowd so not the place to go if you're looking to mingle, but a great place if you want to be able to sit at the bar and try a couple of new beers (cheaply)

East LA - 508 Washington St

Happy Hour 5pm-7pm Mon-Thur

$5 Frozen Margaritas ($6? for flavored) LIMIT 3!! (fewer if you know what's good for you)

Prices recently went up here so this isn't the great deal it once was but one or two here is plenty. Decent chips and salsa too, but you may have to ask for these. Usually pretty quiet Mon-Wed but very busy on Thursday.

Oddfellows - 80 River St

Happy Hour 5pm-8pm (on Mondays all nite long)

$3 drafts (often only served in a mug, selection (i think) of Amstel, Yuengling, Coors Lt)

Decent bar crowd most nites.

Texas Arizona ('for whatever state you're in') - 76 River St

Various Hours depending upon day, see this link although i don't know how often it's actually updated (please don't complain to the restaurant if it's not accurate as it's not that type of place, call beforehand if you're concerned about the daily special): HOBOKEN TEXAS ARIZONA

This is a great bar if the weather is nice and you're free from 5pm-7pm. You can sit outside, directly across the street from the PATH station and watch the cattle (uh, i mean people) pass by as they exit the train from a long workday. May be the best people watching bar in town for this reason, but go early if you want an outside seat (and ideally you want to sit on the Hudson Place side rather than the River St side.. but you won't likely have too much of a choice in the matter).

Hobson's Choice - 77 Hudson Pl

not sure but i think $3 drafts from 5pm-7pm (maybe 8pm)

Second best people watching bar as it gets the 'overflow' from Texas Arizona and 80% of those departing the PATH pass by this bar on their route home.

Green Rock - 70 Hudson St

$1 Drafts 5pm-7pm (i'm unsure of hours and/or days of the week)

I've only been here once but for $1 mugs how bad can it be?

My personal choices are East LA when i want margaritas (most of the time) and Mile Square when i want beer (as i enjoy the large draft selection). As well, these bars a bit more quiet and laid back which is more my style.

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In addition to the above, the following attract a good following:

Scotland Yard - 72 Hudson St

My personal favorite in town but even if you're the only one there and don't smoke, you'll still seem to smell like an ashtray when you get home! This is worth it though due to the high quality bands that this small bar seems to get. It attracts a 'regular' crowd and certain bands have more of a following than others, but it's almost certainly a 'sure thing' to be able to listen to some excellent live blues. Here is the Scottlandyard Schedule (feel free to PM me about specific bands, but those not to be missed are Better Off Dead, Christine, and Dona Oxford... the Blues Jams on Saturday afternoons and Monday nites start slow and get better caliber of musicians as the day/nite moves on)

If you play more than the radio, bring your instrument down on Saturday afternoons or Monday nites at which point they have jam sessions and anyone can play by signing up on the chalkboard (which clearly states: "NO Mustang Sally").

Black Bear - 205 Washington St

Not my scene but one of the most popular bars in town (for whatever reason :) )

Everything listed in the above two posts are fairly mainstream, on the beaten path, and are frequented by locals and out-of-towners alike (although many of you will like have come from the furthest distnace as they're certainly not 'touristy'). If you're looking for even more of local scene contact me directly and i'll advise accordingly based upon day of the week.

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Plenty of restaurants in town, but not enough good ones! Here are places i recommend. Realizing many of you will be making a short trip to Hoboken i've left out the places that are merely 'pretty good':

La Isla - 104 Washington St

Plenty of counter space, very limited table seating (6 tables?), and the place ain't much to look at, but the caliber of food that comes out of the kitchen is remarkable. Best chicken empanadas i've ever had. Food is a bit pricier now that before the recent price increase, but still a decent value with sandwiches going for about $5 and entrees mostly $14-$18. If going during dinner stick with the entrees to get a feel for the kitchen's capabilities. BYOB so feel free to bring a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer (a liquor store is located just 4 or 5 storefront away)

Margherita's - corner of 8th and Washington St

Reasonable prices ($15 entrees) and from the looks of things one of the most successful restaurants in town... a wait almost every nite! You'll be given a beeper and can wait at the non-descript bar across the street. Anything with red sauce is recommended (and my wife really likes thier mussels). For lunch (never a wait) their pizza is excellent.

Baja - Jersey City (short walk from Hyatt)

This restaurant also has a Hoboken location but it's so crowded and the quality has gone downhill that i can't recommend it any longer... so much so that my wife and i have given up on it and now make the journey to the Jersey City location although it is further from home. Over 100 tequillas behind the bar and the best chips and salsa this side of the Rio Grande. If you're hungry order the Baja Special and ask for all the shrimp to be grilled (minimum for two, $27/pp). If you're not so hungry the steak fajitas are fantastic ($15).

If anyone needs more than the 3 dinner recommendations, places that are fancier/more casual, or ethnic offerings feel free to PM me.

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New Addition...

Court Street Restaurant- 61 Sixth St (Hoboken)

Not worth the trip at other times, but Monday-Thursday from 4:30-6:00 they have a Price Fix Early Bird Menu which includes appetizer, entree, and dessert: $15.95. The portions are full-sized (no skimping because of the discounted prices) and the menu has a lot of choices. The food is better than average, nothing i would rave about, but for the price this is a great value (the desserts are great however... brownie with ice cream and cheesecake are both very good)

There website lists this as available Monday-Friday but that is NOT correct. Also, they list the price as $12.50, but it is indeed $13.50.

Inside Tip: stop at the Mile Square Bar on the way to this place, grab a pint of beer (select from 40 beers on tap) at $2 off, and then head to dinner

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:) I figure you don't get out as much what with all your fatherly duties and such,

but when you get a chance can you provide a current insight into Jersey City/Hoboken

dining. Your recommendations before were spot-on and although I thoroughly enjoyed

La Isla, Margherita's, Baja's in JC was beyond belief (seems we had a grilled shrimp

entree...) and of course the Odd Fellows, not to mention Essa Bagle in NYC, do you have any

new favorites that are a "must try" either in JC, Hoboken, or "the City..."

Also, there are several pages of comedy clubs in NYC in the Entertainment Book. Is

anyone familiar enough to recommend one? Last trip we went to Dangerfields and it

was excellent. I'm almost hoping we can't get into the HOTH on Saturday night so I

will be FORCED into staying in Newark at the Hilton Penn Station and get some eats

in the Ironbound district... DaHammer knows what I'm talking about. I don't recall the

restaurant name, but I could lead you there in the dark it was that good! I booked

a big circle trip thru New Orleans and Texas last September using the BB PRICELINE links

for 3 roooms each night and this big Fandango to Nova Scotia will also result in a few

sheckles in your coin box cause... I LOVE this place!

Aloha, Keoni :)

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I'll try to add some additional thoughts by the end of the weekend, but if i forget, please send me a PM reminder.

Ok, you didn't say "which" weekend so I cut you some slack for the 4th of July.

This is a bump so you can chew on this over the upcoming weekend...

Regards, Keoni :)

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I just stayed at the Westin last week-- word of the wise DON"T eat there... For breakfast you can go behind the hotel there is a grocery store with a dunkin donuts... OR there is a FAB deli well 2 actually one near the path station-- and one in the mall beside the hotel. There is also an amazing Cuban restaurant for late meals.

if you want a lil treasure in NYC, head over to BEACON restaurant (chef Waldy malouf) he has a book and is very very good. All summer he has on his 35.00 3 course menu its FAB the oysters are to die for.!!! 23 W56

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