Hotwire Hotel: HELP Toronto 8/21

By bradb1,

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I am new and looking to make a bid very soon. I thought for sure that the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel appeared on Hotwire as 3.5, restaurant, pool, fitness, business centre, spa with customer favourite. I see however it was crossed off the last list. Does anyone have an updated list or can anyone tell me if Sheraton is still on Hotwire. I a need this hotel b\c of the indoor\outdoor pool.

Also, what is the policy on Hotwire with children and double beds. IS it a guarantee.

Thanks to anyone who could help.

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I read that quite a few people won the Sheraton Hotel, myself included, through priceline for the month of august. You should bid around 50-56 $ and there might be a good chance you'll get it :o

Follow thereyouare's directions :)

They booked me a kingsized bed, and non-smoking room, without even me requesting it and that's exactly what I wanted :)

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Welcome to BetterBidding!

As i'm on vacation and on a slow computer and internet connection i can't flip back to the hotel list right now, but if it was crossed off the second post in the list it was because that part of the list is from the vacation packages and once the hotel is won thru the hotel product it is crossed off the list and added to the first post in the thread. I believe this hotel is listed in the top part of the thread.

If you'd like, please provide the date(s) of your stay and we can confirm what you are seeing... very often an extra set of eyes has prevented a few problems!

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Five in a room could be a problem.

Both priceline and hotwire only guarantee double occupany (and neither gurantee non-smoking), actual room assignment is at the discretion of the hotel and dependent upon what's available at check-in. You can always call the hotel ahead and put in a request, but it will only be a request and subject to availability.

The good news though is that 2 rooms thru Priceline can often be less then one booked conventionally.

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