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  1. Thanks for your reply. We are travelling January 15/13 to Jan 23/12. We thought for the first part we will bid for a 4* in Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood area, and from Jan 21-23 bid for the South Beach area. We really want a pool. My budget for Hollywood area is up to $150, and for South Beach is $180- to $200.00.
  2. Thanks. I will do so again for sure.
  3. When searching for a hotel in the South Beach Collins Ave area, there is no picture under 4 stars for a pool, yet all the hotels listed seem to have a pool. DOes anyone know why. Also any advice for bidding in this area and any recent wins? Also I would be ok with SOuth Beach Ocean area.
  4. Does anyone know if one is able to bid on priceline for any cities in Isreal, and if so, are the lists posted anywhere
  5. I won at $181.00 per night, the Crowne Plaza in Time Square. Good luck.
  6. started at $150. Kept adding regions that did not have 4 stars. Won the Crowne Plaza at $181.00 per and am very happy.
  7. The dates for the stay are August 19, 2009 to August 21, 2009.
  8. I only wanted Union Square East, and only 4 Stars. I have been biding over 6 weeks. Usually started at $75.00 :) and up to $110, always rejected. Yesterday began at $80.00, and after addiing free bid zones received Westin St. Francis for $91.00. I bid on 2 rooms. I beleive this is a good price givien only 2 hotels to bid on in this area at 4 star, and I am very happy.
  9. Yesterday began bidding for a hotel in LA for August 22, 2009 to August 25, 2009 at $85.00 for the West Hollywood area. Bid rejected. Added Culver City for $90.00, rejected. Added Hollywood for $95.00 and rejected. Added Lawndale for $101.00 and got the Andaz West Hollywood. Number of rooms 2 Number of Nights 3 Total $606.00 plus $99.60 taxes and service
  10. I am also looking for a list in Tel Aviv. Do you know if any other cities in Israel are available for bidding.
  11. I went through I bid, 175, 200 and at $225.00 I was accepted by the Westin Times Square. Thanks for all the help, I am really pleased.
  12. Thank you. I am bidding as soon as possible, and to me it looks like upper east side and upper west side do not have 4 star hotels. I hope this is cureently correct.
  13. Looking for Hotel in New York MTW only. I placed a bid of $150.00 for July 5, 2007 just as a start. I need to know what are the other areas that do not have a 4 star hotel so that I can bid again. Any help would be welcome.
  14. I haven't used Priceline since Last May 2006. Can you tell me which are the zones that for sure DO NOT 4 star hotels. I only want MTW. ALso does anyone have any additions of hotels psoted fro the 2003 list of 4 star hotels MTW.
  15. I am seeking a 4 star hotel May 5-7 in New York. I am looking only at MTW. I have read the list of 4 star hotels and would be happy with any of them. I made a bid 2 days ago at $125.00 and was rejected. I don't want to wait another 3 days, so can you help with strategy, and what starting bid I should make. Also, if I am rejected, can you explain about making a bid in a shorter time period. The only problem is I only want MTW. HOw can I be sure? Also, can I be assured of a non-smoking room with a queen bed.