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  1. I will give it some thought and get back to you. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to get hotels during the comic con dates (even though I didn't end up getting comic con tickets I would still like to go for other events). I tried going as high as $350 for 3 stars and above for these areas: -Downtown - Harbor Island -Gaslamp Quarter - Convention Center Anything under in terms of stars I went up to $200. I kind of want to be in the downtown area. Are there any other San Diego areas that are nearby in terms of a shuttle so I can bid at a lower price? Thanks!
  3. Hey, I'm planning to go to QC on FEB 22-24 and would like to know how I should bid. I read some different reviews on the 2 and 3 star hotels and they are usually decent although I am really confused to their information about the hotels being too far away from the main attractions. I want the cheapest price available to the 2 or 3 star hotels and if anyone knows if they are all located pretty near the bus/train station by walking distance. Thanks :o Thereyouare you helped me in the summer when I went to the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto, hopefully you can help me again. :) I was also wondering if
  4. I read that quite a few people won the Sheraton Hotel, myself included, through priceline for the month of august. You should bid around 50-56 $ and there might be a good chance you'll get it :o Follow thereyouare's directions :) They booked me a kingsized bed, and non-smoking room, without even me requesting it and that's exactly what I wanted :)
  5. Btw, which room from their official website do they usually give to priceline users?
  6. I followed your exact instructions bid per bid and won it at 54 $ Thanks a lot! I'm going to email the hotel now and ask for a non-smoking room :) Btw, I respected your request :)
  7. Alright thanks, I will try that strategy tomorrow :) Btw, I wanted to know if each 3 star and 4 star hotel have a refrigerator and a private bathroom and shower because that isn't in the amenities list.
  8. I'm going to give priceline a try tomorrow, what do you guys think I should start as a bid for a 3* and 4* hotel? Both ratings seem to have really good reviews for hotels, but if a deal is there for a 4* hotel that's cool.
  9. To see which amount of stars is selectable in an area, it's on the screen where you select the amount of stars for the part of the city correct? I'm just making sure.
  10. Ah sorry, I forget that everyone here doesn't live in Canada. Around 60$/night would be great for a hotel and any less would be amazing. :)
  11. I'm planning on staying for 2 nights with someone, I want to check in a hotel on August 26 and check out on the 28th. Thanks for the info about the walking, I love to walk and so does my girfriend. As long as the hotel is close to the major stores in the downtown area, (about a 30 minute walk to anywhere over there) but more so to being closer to the convention centre; and we're happy! :) But we're on a budget and we don't want to pay any more than 100$/night CAN... I've seen that some people have got hotels at about 35$ american using priceline... So if there's a deal at under 160$ CAN total
  12. Oops... I wanted this message to be displayed for Priceline... Is it still the same?
  13. I don't really know the area of Toronto, since I've only been there once. I'm going there soon from Montreal and wanted to know if all the Hotels that are selectable at priceline from downtown toronto are all pretty near from the toronto metro convention center by walking distance? Thanks !
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