what are teh best non priceline/hotiwre sites to check rates for vegas

By whenpigsfly,

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With the great deals on Priceline and Hotwire right now or Vegas I suspect with many properties there are other channels they sell rooms through for a signifigant discount.

Like the Orleans through its own reservations has a mid week rate that includes a two night stay and two buffet and two breakfast buffets vouchers in it (you just have to ask for the mardi gras package).

I have some friends I'm looking for a weekend deal for the end of March and I may try to avoid the Trump but want to look for any specials perhaps some that might include meal vouchers??

Can anyone recommend some of the best sites to look for where eals like this might be posted.

If I decide to use Priceline for this trip I'll come back and post info at that time.


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Few comments:

We are affiliates of i4vegas which sometimes gets their own promos, as well as all the MGM Grand propoerties, which if you go to their website and click the SPECIALS/PROMOTIONS link you'll see some deals.

I'll add to the above that i would focus my attention on excellent rates and not look for "meal deals"... the restaurants that are included are usually buffets and/or restaurants that you wouldn't usually be looking to dine in, and better to save money on the room and spend your dollars at whatever restaurant you want or is that convenient.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I hear what your saying but I enjoy a "good" Buffett and Vegas has some nice ones. The Orleans deal is a really good one but its mid week only and the food isn't bad. I love the Buffett at Paris and on and on it goes so. I don't want to dismiss that a great way to stretch the dollar can be some of these packages. I do agree with you that Vegas has some wonderful dining experiences but many are priced out of my current league.

I will look for room deals and if thats the direction to go I may be back to the board for some advice.


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Four things:

1) Hotel prices for May in Las Vegas are coming down at this moment (Sunday April 26th) (which means nothing re: tomorrow or the next day.)

2) Hotels do sometimes offer incredible deals if you simply go to their web sites and book directly through the hotel. (Monte Carlo, an often overlooked not spectacular but perfectly decent and very well located hotel/casino was offering $60 weekday rates with 2 buffets, two spa days (now that's something) and $10 in free play, it's called their "Pay and Play" or something package and really is an incredible deal.

3) TravelZoo deals have to be booked asap or they are gone.

4) A good current deal on HOTWIRE is what the board suggests is the Westin Casuarina (again not spectacular, but a well located decent place to stay) for $99 over Memorial Day. Not bad for a holiday weekend.

PS -- When you book and save several hundreds of dollars, go to paypal and donate 5 bucks to this board. It's worth it.

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I like travelaxe.com and sidestep.com. Both research a lot of consolidators and inform you the best price available. However, I would never book a room in Vegas without talking to the hotel first. Unless there is a huge convention, chances are they will match the price on a fully refundable reservation and there is only the possibility of getting part of your stay comped at checkout.

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