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  1. I noticed that on my mobile device after processing the express bid it tells me free internet is in the public areas butI thought when I bid that it just said free internet? Is that common? How would one know that before completing the express bid?
  2. I'm heading to San Diego for the weekend and needed a place so I looked around and bid last night up to higher than this but didn't hit then today this popped up. Unfortunately I need the 28-the 2nd but by the time I finished filling out the form it was gone and I could only find it again when I took the Thursday night off the request and it came back. $93/night Amenities 7.0 out of 10 or better rating Business Center Restaurant Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness center No Smoking rooms/ Facilities
  3. This was a win for the Courtyard River North. Sorry if I stated that poorly. On parking I called the hotel and asked if there were cheaper options nearby thru their recommendation found $25 at a suface lot less than a block away on Rush street. I would also also say that I really don't consider a courtyard a 3.5 star property and the beds were worn and bouncy but still relatively comfortable. the value of the deal was still very good.
  4. PRICELINE EXPRESS deal $76 3.5 star I was hoping for the AC but this will be fine for a one night stay in downtown Chicago. Amenities Business Center indoor/outdoor Pool Restaurant Fitness Free Internet Non Smoking It looks like the ac and the Holiday inn mart plaza have been reported with the same amenities. The only one I see different is non smoking (are all hotels in in Chicago non smoking?) Going to have to look for a parking deal. Parking is $62bucks through the property yikes!
  5. So the oddest thing happened. I could no longer find the property on HOTWIRE for $101 or listed as on sale but now find it listed at $176. So I gambled on the PL express deal and was able to use the extra $20 thru your link and luckily it was the Sonesta. Thank you.
  6. I'm a little nervous about using the Priceline express bidding with so few ammenities listed. The residence inn would not make the wife happy because of its location. I appreciate the coupon though. How much of a risk do you think I would be taking using it?
  7. Thank you for the reply. different options seem to be available today (more as well) I narrowed it down to two Looking at the PRICELINE EXPRESS deal it looks like it changed since I posted. I'm now getting a $109/night 4* bed choice restaurant and indoor or outdoor pool. The bed choice is for Ocean view king free wifi or ocean view 2 doubles free wifi (same price for both). No beachfront or near beach or oceanfront. Since it says ocean view I'm somewhat afraid it could be the residence inn by marriot intercoastal listed as a 4* which has rooms that say Ocean view but it blocks away from the ocean) There is no resort fee listed on the express deal. Does that mean there is no resort fee? On Hot.wire I see Fort Lauderdale Boutique hotel $107 85% recommended resort business center restaurant's spa services Botique Hotel Oceanfront Hotel internet access fitness center smoke free rooms This really looks like the Sonesta to me from matching it up to the hotwire hotel list the last entry for the sonesta no mention of a resort fee in the hotwire purchase screen. (which the only two 4* i found without were the W or the Sonesta) On the purchase page it says"the last person got the Sonesta" on the purchase page. Does that ever mean anything or should that be ignored? I'm thinking of jumping on the Hotwire one because of the better defination of the amenities. Any thoughts before I pull the trigger?
  8. We need hotels in either Ft Lauderdale or Miami for Thursday November 26th and Friday the 27th as we are leaving on a cruise on Saturday the 28th from Miami (but flying into FLL) We have an open mind as to where we stay but want something nice and the wife would prefer it to be near the beach but thats not a deal breaker. So far the best deal I've found is a 4*Fort Lauderdale Beach area resort for $95/night (plus $30 resort fee/night) I called all the 4* properties and the Westin is the only property that charges a $30 resort fee/night. Here are the amenities that show for the property. On the page where all the properties are listed Resort, Business center, Childrens activities, Internet access. When I open the pageas If I'm going to purchase the property this is the amenities list Business Center, Near Beach, Resort, Fitness center, Pet Friendly, Restaurant(s), Internet Access, Pools, Smoke free rooms. The only property that Ican find in the amenities lists under HOTWIRE is childrens activities is the Westin in this zone. Total for this property including resort fees is $288 (retail I can find it for $168/night if it is the westin) On the PRICELINE EXPRESS bidding I see a 4* property that does not have any resort fees listed that is $114/day with thr following amenities listed pets allowed, business center, restaurant, free internet, swimming pool, fitness center. Total for this property is $266 with no resort fee listed. I would think this best match could be the Hyatt Pier 66 from the amenities list. I bid PRICELINE earlier for 4* $75 unsucessfully in the beach zone and whenever I bid it says hotel fee of $63.50 (I called all 4* properties and cannot match this fee up to anything but the closest would be the Westin). I also bid 3.5 star at 80 and recieved a counter offer of $114. Can you give my your best educated guess on the properties in the HOTWIRE and the PRICELINE EXPRESS bidding? Would you have a preference in these properties? Wife likes the heavenly bed at the Westin but with it being thanksgiving I wonder if it will be overrun with families? Also we've been considering Fort lauderdale because it seems lower priced than south Beach but would you recommend we consider a different zone/ city. Cars looked expensive so we thought we would use Lyft/Uber to get around and find a shuttle service to get us from our hotel to Miami cruise port on Saturday morning. Thats alot! sorry if I'm all over the board here Thanks for your ideas.
  9. This trip has been postponed. Thank god she booked on Southwest at least the fare is completely reusable. We were going before a contract expires at her work which she thought was Tuesday the 14th... Now her employer is making be available from Saturday the 11th. So I guess I'm really lucky my early bids werent accepted. Thank you for your help In reply to what you said yesterday: My bidding up to $135 @4.5 at had no bearing whatsoever as to what I was willing to bid at that moment in time. I said I was willing to bid to $ 155 and I was. I'm lucky now that I didn't.
  10. The honest answer to your question is I will bid what it takes to get a deal on a room. The likely identifiable W hotel MTE will cost me $750-780 depending on whare i catchit in hotwires cyclical pricing. So my bidding limit would likely be $155 Today I bid 4.5 up to $135 in the following zones MTE, MTW CPS, Times Square. I did not bid Madison Square Garden or empire state building zones but I am not opposed to adding them either. The W sounds like a nice place to end up but I've never stayed at one so I have to defer to your experience. That said if I could get some place nicer for the same money I'd stay open to that. There seems to be no shortage of 4 * properties on either Hotwire or Priceline Express Deals in the $150 range. I did see what likely id's as the Club Quarters 3.5 in MTW as and express deal for $132 but might like to find a place nicer than that if possible. I am also open to any ideas or different bidding ideas or zones you might recommend. Oddly while bidding the*4.5 star today I didn't see a pay at the hotel line when I bid at all like I did yesterday.
  11. Thanks, I bid up to $110 with no success. What is the new thing about paying almost $100 at the hotel? I remember resort fees but never saw these fees included in a total before. Soi far I bid everything from Central Park south to the north Mid-town east and hells Kitchen west. Are there any reasons to consider or avoid empire state building, madison square garden, chelsea? sorry I really don't know the city very well.
  12. Its been a while since I have done any bidding in a while. I read on another thread that the lockout is now down to two hours so thats new to me. I also thought I read somewhere that in New York the best deals often are found within 3 days of checkin (but not always)? I'm 10 days out right now so I will keep an eye on hotwire and express deals to see if things change. I may bid the midtown areas a couple of times up to $125-$130 I also will look for a fully cancelable back up. thank you for your continued assistance
  13. Thanks for the information. I agree with your analysis on staying Downtown vs staying Mid town, good point, thanks. Would you recommend taking the likely W on Hot.wire or bidding on PRICELINE?. I thought I read that some MTE hotels are a good ways from the subway? Looks like the W may be up to $154 now? Does hotwire flucuate that much day to day? That puts us up to $768.
  14. My wife found a great airfare deal to new York and booked yesterday bdfore I saw that Hotels will likely cost us around $800 (yikes) I have no experience in bidding New York and the express deals are in prettty pricey for us. Ideally we would like to be in any zone from cps to the North to Chelsea to the south but if we have to to save money would consider the south end of manhattan. We are just sightseeing so its not that big of a deal where we stay but would like somewhere half way decent. would consider 3.5 or 3* if we need to. I looked at hotwire yesterday and saw a 4* in the financial district that was $ 88 for the 10-13 (fri, Sat Sun but its gone as I write this. I would consider breaking up our stay into two different hotels if we needed to. We are flying into LGA. Ideas or strategies... Is there any trend in New York city. Can I get a decent place and have it cost less than $500? thanks for any insights
  15. To me this still looks like a unique presentation of the amenities for this property that I thought would be usefull for the board. I printed the amenities before I purchased, after clicking on the listing not from the page with all the offerings of different hotels, which I know is an incomplete listing. This is a different ammenities set than has been listed in particular the two pool listings may be a clue if it shows up again. They were showing indoor pool and a pools listing. This property only has an indoor pool. If there is another place I should be looking for amenitieds when posting a hotwire win please let me know so I do it correctly next time
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