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  1. Looks like the Wyndham is now a 3.5 star hotel. 90% Love it. Hotel Amenities: Free Internet, Boutique Hotel, Indoor Pool, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Self Service Laundry, Internet Access, Golf Nearby .Accessibility Accessible for visually impaired Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower
  2. Amenities Resort, Free Parking, Free Internet, Pet friendly, Indoor pool(s), Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Internet access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Spa Services,
  3. I can confirm The Founders Inn & Spa is now a 4 Star. Shows Free Parking, Free Internet, Resort, Pet Friendly, Indoor Pool, Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool & Restaurant. Tripadvisor rating 4 of 5 and 70% recommended. In Town for the Springsteen Show
  4. You should be able to get Saturday night for $102 a night. My friend got rejected on PRICELINE at $100 and accepted at $102
  5. Last minute bid by a friend. He told me he was rejected at 116 and accepted at 120.
  6. Have been looking for these dates for a while. Did not see much movement on Hotwire but noticed a pretty good deal on the Back Bay Hotel through Travelzoo for my dates ($199 a night). Had a $20 bonus cash promo through entertainment.com book to use so gave it a shot. Plugged in Both Copley Square & Quincy market zones & searched for a 3.5 star hotel. Had 5 free rebid zones so started low at $115 a night & worked up. Rejected at $123.67 a night & hit on $125.67 a night. Got a counteroffer for $144 a night early on so had a good idea I would hit. Have never stayed at the Back Bay Hotel but reviews look solid. I, along with many other people, will be bringing our child to college this weekend so very happy for this high demand time.
  7. I believe the Chelsea is now a priceline 4 star in AC area.
  8. You would never want them to "waive" your parking fee as the fee creates your claim against them under the law in NJ. I have no idea why your insurance company is not handling this for you. It is a very easy case. You go through your insurance company for repairs and pay your deductible. Never let the lot control the repairs. You pick who you want. Your insurance company then starts a subrogation action against the insurance company for the parking lot. They will win the full amount of the repair and pay you back your deductible. It should not cost you a penny. If your isurance company will not do this for you you need to switch companies (but that is another issue). If they don't you can sue for your deductible in small claims court. You also need to contact the NJ Dept of Consumer affairs and make a complaint. BTW: I just parked at a new lot at Newark (EWR Parking) on the site of the old ABC parking near the Perkins restaurant. Had a very good experience & took advantage of a limited time offer of $7 a day (plus 15% tax and $4.00 fee). Great service, nice driver & new Van. Hopefully that level of service will continue once they start getting busy.
  9. I have a different take on the above. As someone that uses priceline whenever I can, I understand that a few hotels are not going to be flexible on the room they give you. Whenever I need two beds, I gravitate to Hotwire and plug in 4 adults so that my two beds are guaranteed. If I do use priceline I am happy to at least have the option to pay more and get two beds. I have paid $20-40 on occasion and was happy to do it. I still end up saving over 50% off the regular rates for 2 beds at the hotel. Now most hotels have honored my bedding request for free, but I never expect them to do it. Sometimes a smile and casual conversation at check in gets you a room change for free. The Ironic situation occurred during a hotwire stay at the Westin Times square. Staying with my wife for our anniversary weekend. Just assumed I would get a queen or a king so never bothered to ask at check in. Of course I got to the room and it was two double beds. Went to front desk and was told no changes to hotwire reservations. Not even for an upcharge. I know none of this will make you feel better about your situation but it happens to all of us priceline/hotwire fans.
  10. Sunday nights seem to be the best chance at a great rate in NYC.
  11. This is a friend's bid & win. Brand new Hotel with no reviews yet on tripadvisor. Glad to see this hotel on priceline right away.
  12. My friend used priceline yesterday and got the brand new Doubletree Hotel in Downtown NYC on Stone street. It is a new 3 1/2 star hotel in the downtown area. I will try & get more details and post his win.
  13. Got the Millenium for $120 on priceline. Started at $105 & worked my way up with free rebids. Got $130 counteroffer at $105 so had a feeling I would hit. Rejected at $119 so $120 was the bottom line number.
  14. Sure. Looking to be walking distance to Wall Street & William Street. Have stayed at Millenium, Guild Hall & Exchange Hotel & they are all fine. New Hotels Andaz & W downtown should also be fine.
  15. Both of these hotels will not work for me. Thanks anyway.
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