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Guarantee to get 2 Beds/King bed


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I want to book hotels for me and my family when we will do a trip through the US this summer.

I have used HOTWIRE and PRICELINE before, but just for myself. So I always got a room with just one double bed - not enough for 2 people.

So is there a way to get a room for 2 people? And can I decide if I want 2 beds OR 1 king bed in the room?

Thank you!!!

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Unfortunately, you are only guaranteed a room for 2 people -- which may be one double bed -- on PRICELINE. HOTWIRE is a bit easier, as you enter the number of people before the search is done.

As to bedding decisions -- they are unfortunately not for you to make. Sometimes the hotel will ask 2 beds or 1 king -- just don't expect that possibility in NYC.

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But if you say a room for 2 people is guaranteed - why are you then only guaranteed a double bed (which, in my opinion, is too narrow for two people).

Isn't there a chance to ask for a king / 2 queens in advance by calling the hotel?

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Yes, there is a chance, but it is just that--a chance. After you see the hotel's name, you may call the hotel directly and make a bedding request, but how the hotel decides to handle your request depends on the property's policies and the CSR you are speaking to. Some properties will honor your bedding request with a smile, others will agree to it but will charge a small fee (us. $5-$10) for two beds, and others will say that Priceline/Hotwire reserves particular room types and you will have to contact them directly for bedding requests. I have had all three happen, and have never been denied a request. The CSR's at Priceline will put in the request for you but will remind you that it is only a request.

Bottom line: you can always ask, but be prepared for a small upcharge or to pay for an extra room. We have always been very friendly and courteous when making our requests, but we've also not made them in markets that are notorious for large amounts of single rooms (as PP stated, NYC will require you to use Hotwire if 2 beds is a must). HTH and happy bidding!

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Oh OK I see what you mean, thank you! Just one LAST question: I wouldn't care if it was one bed, as long as it was a king - but how likely is it to just get a double bed for 2 people - which, in my opinion, is not large enough for 2. Thank you!!!

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In NYC and other cities (especially for 3* hotels) you may very well just get one 54" wide double bed. Although we all really think that is too narrow for 2 people, it's called a "double" bed presumably because it was originally meant to be used for 2 people (still is in the UK, for example). But, body measurement has certainly gotten "broader" in most countries over the past couple of centuries. :)

And, BTW, there are several hotels in NYC which have rooms too small to contain a bed larger than a "double".

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I have stayed in at least 6 different hotels in NYC in the last few years. I have bid all of them on Priceline--in MTE, MTW and Times Square--in the 3* and 4* range (I have never noticed an appreciable difference in the star class in NYC, other than superficial amenities such as the lobby). I have always just been looking for a room with my husband, so I didn't worry about this issue (although we prefer a Q or K to a double, obviously).

I am going to try to get a room for us and my two kids, and I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind. It's just one night, and if necessary, one of them can sleep in the closet and one in the bathroom. For me, the significant savings is worth it.

If I were traveling for a multi-night trip with a family of 4, I probably wouldn't risk it, but it might depend on the value.

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