Priceline Hotel: 1* Seattle (Downtown) Travelodge Space Needle

By Colfax,

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A new hotel for the Hotel List:

Travelodge Space Needle

200 6th Avenue North

Seattle WA 98109

This is a Friday/Saturday night stay.

Rejected bids:

$55/3* University-Northgate (I want to try Hotel Deca!)

$55/2.5* Lake Union

$50/2.5* Downtown

$50/2* Downtown

$50/1* Downtown

The 1* Downtown bid brought a counteroffer so I added Lake Union and got the Travelodge at $51. Online price is $129 Friday and $119 Saturday.

I'm cautiously optimistic. The location is good for me. Website says the hotel was renovated in 2007 and now it's a nonsmoking hotel. Parking, internet, and breakfast are free. Will report back.

Hotwire had a 2* in Space Needle zone for $69, which looks like the Travelodge too.

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Glad to hear the location will work well for your needs... hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised; if not, plenty of things to do in Seattle to keep you occupied :)

Thanks for the addition to the Priceline Hotel List and for using our PRICELINE link to begin your bidding.

Enjoy your stay.

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Glad to hear the location will work well for your needs... hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised

I was surprised, yes, but not pleasantly. I had a hideous bad stay.

Immediately north of the Travelodge is a small private parking lot (not part of Travelodge) that becames a gangster hangout and open air drug market around 1am. The Travelodge is four stories with about 40 rooms per floor. Only one very short wing of the Travelodge, four rooms per floor, overlooks that parking lot. If you're not in one of those north facing rooms you probably won't be aware of the situation. My room was on the first floor, so not only could I hear the blaring rap music from the parked Escalades and etc, but the drug dealers were standing literally outside my window. There's no buffer between the parking lot and the Travelodge, like a sidewalk or bushes. When I opened my curtain to see what the commotion was about I was staring face to face with two scary looking guys smoking pipes. "What are you looking at, white boy?" one shouted at me through the window. If he'd had a gun he could have shot me point blank.

This parking lot had been nearly empty an hour earlier, and now at 1am, there were a dozen cars there, people smoking in most of them, thugs walking around from car to car, deals going down all over, loud music from multiple cars at the same time. I waited a half hour or so to see if it would go away and it got worse. A crowd now outside my window, lots of shouting, and then fighting. I was watching through a crack in the curtain. Until that time the hotel had been perfectly quiet and I'd been enjoying it. The Dalai Lama was in Seattle and many of the hotel guests were mellow sorts who'd come to Seattle to hear him speak that night. The room itself was clean and adequate, and the hotel staff all very personable.

I went to the desk and they couldn't move me. The hotel was sold out. They said they'd call the police though and they did. I also called from my room. To their credit the Seattle police showed up in less than 10 minutes. The cop car drove into the lot and everyone scurried back to their cars and drove off. The cops never got out of their cars or talked to anyone. Not 15 minutes later the dealers and junior gangsters were all back. The dealing and the noise went on until 4:30am, after the cops came for a second time.

I tried to move rooms for my second night and I couldn't. The hotel was sold out Saturday too. Saturday night that parking lot was the same story as Friday, starting around 1am. I even recognized several faces from Friday. The police were called twice. The cops showed up quick, ran everyone off, and as soon as the cops drove away they were back. At 3am I was on the phone trying to find another hotel. The only rooms left Downtown were over $200. It got quiet around 5am but I was so angry I didn't fall asleep until sun was coming up and I had to cancel most of my plans for Sunday.

The hotel has other issues too, like two major construction projects happening within a block, one to the south, one to the west. There are signs posted at the desk that guests should expect construction noise starting at 6am. Construction wasn't happening on the weekend so I was spared that. The only rooms at this hotel that might not be noisy are the rooms with no view, overlooking the alley. I was surprised to learn one of those construction projects is a new Hyatt Place Hotel?!

Also, while the hotel has free parking they don't have nearly enough of it, and both nights the hotel's parking lot was full by around 8pm. If you get back later you have to find street parking, which is scarce and not secure, or pay a parking lot, which is $9 or $10 in that area. Signs posted all over the hotel advising that the hotel isn't responsible for guest cars parked in the neighborhood (but the hotel provides no alternative to doing that).

Oh, and the hotel's free highspeed internet never worked for the two days I was there.

But other than those couple little things my stay was GREAT!!


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Thanks for the report. Because this is so close to Seattle Center, I've thought it might be a good place to stay. I've even gotten free nights through the Best Rate Guarantee program, but ended up cancelling them in favor of PRICELINE bids (for higher-starred hotels), so I've never actually stayed here. Sounds like it's just as well.

I think this is a 2* hotel on HOTWIRE in the Space Needle zone, so buyer beware.

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Maybe you should contact Priceline, to see if you can get at least part of your money back. Maybe at least they'll drop them from their list if they don't improve conditions.


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Because this is so close to Seattle Center, I've thought it might be a good place to stay.

I thought the Travelodge would be a decent place to stay too, WillTravel. It's across the street from the Best Western Executive Inn, where I've stayed several times and I never had any problems at BW. The hotels are a similar look and vintage (probably built for the 1962 World's Fair) and I pictured the Travelodge would be about the same thing as BW, maybe a notch down but okay. (Priceline rates the BW 2.5*.)

I usually don't read TripAdvisor reviews before I stay at a hotel. If I had I would have seen Best Western is #38 of 115 Seattle hotels and Travelodge is way down at #88, with many Travelodge reviewers reporting noise and bad behavior inside the hotel and outside. It's been a few years since I've stayed at the Best Western but unless the BW has gone downhill I don't think it's a bad option, especially if you're going to an event in Seattle Center. I never had a problem parking at BW either.

If I'd been in a quieter area of the Travelodge I probably would have thought the hotel adequate for $51. I can't imagine paying $129 for the place. I wonder if Priceline customers always get the parking lot rooms. Or maybe those are the last rooms they rent and Priceline people only go there when the hotel is sold out.

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