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  1. HOTWIRE has a 3.5* for $67. It's something we haven't seen here before but my guess is it's the Waterfront Hotel at Jack London Square. The Waterfront's a Joie de Vivre hotel and it gets very good reviews, but it looks like it's about 12 blocks from BART, which I suspect is further than you want to be. (You can take the ferry from Jack London to downtown SF though, if that's your destination.) Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Highspeed Hotwire has no 3* in Oakland and the 2.5* they're offering is a known hotel that's not near BART. The only way to guarantee a near BART location is to pay rack rate for a known hotel. Marriot is $149 and Courtyard $129. If you want to gamble on PRICELINE I think odds of getting one of those two are very much in your favor, though not 100%. I suggest bidding the $45-60 range. Please let us know what you decide, and thanks for using the PRICELINE link, if you go that route.
  2. Unfortunately the Oakland Marriott and Oakland Courtyard have never been reported to this board as HOTWIRE wins. (Many Marriott hotels participate in PRICELINE but not HOTWIRE.) If you find something on HOTWIRE post the icons and someone will try to ID. There might be something other than a Marriott that's near BART. What are your travel dates?
  3. Hardworking moderators, please move San Jose thread to Cali-Other forum. :)
  4. Priceline's Oakland-Alameda zone excludes the airport area but it does include Alameda which isn't served by BART. Theoretically you could be the first to report winning a 3* hotel in Alameda, although I don't think that's likely since Priceline doesn't show any 3* hotels in Alameda in their retail product. They do offer a couple 2.5* in Alameda. For easy BART access you're probably safe bidding 3* in Oakland-Alameda, but never 100% guarantee. If you win something please let us know what you get. Good luck!
  5. Welcome to BetterBidding! To start with let's see if we agree that you're looking at the Westin. What are your exact travel dates and what Hotwire icons do you see? (e.g. Fitness, Pool, etc.) And how many beds do you need? Please use these PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links for your purchases and searches.
  6. note to mods: Hilton Concord is in Concord-Lafayette zone, not Berkeley-Emeryville. :)
  7. The icons have changed and the price is now $56, up from $48. I still think it's likely the Governor's Inn though. Still 500+ reviews, although the TA stats are now deleted. Shuttle, Comp Breakfast, Fitness, Pool, Internet If it's not the Governor's Inn it's something else with a shuttle, maybe the Hawthorn Suites upgraded to 3*. Gov Inn and Hawthorn are across the street from each other. Good luck!
  8. I don't think two rooms is the issue, rickshi. Hotwire has a 4* in LAX for $76 that looks like the Westin, so no need to bid $85 for a 3* on Priceline. If you prefer low price over 4* rating you could try from $50 to $76 for 3* on PL once more; then buy the Hotwire 4* if those don't work. Like Romelle, I'm surprised $85/3* was rejected in LAX zone, and I think it's worth trying some lower bids again. If you do I suggest $50 for 3* in LAX. Add Hollywood at $55 Add Santa Monica at $60 Add BevHills at $65 Add Lawndale (rebid zone) at $70 Add Inglewood (rebid zone) at $76 No luck? Buy $76 Westin. Please use the board's PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links to start your purchases.
  9. Thanks for the updates. My best guess is either Holiday Inn Airport or the Radisson, downgraded from 3.5* to 3*. Both hotels have been reported with those icons but the 4/5 TripAdvisor rating matches Radisson. HI is 3.5/5. If you purchase please use this HOTWIRE link and let us know which hotel you get.
  10. SJSU is downtown but Priceline's San Jose zone is larger than just the downtown area and includes SJC airport. Are you okay with winning a hotel anywhere within PL's San Jose zone? If you only want downtown area Hotwire might be the better choice, even though HW usually costs more than Priceline, because you can often identify Hotwire hotels in advance and have some confidence you're purchasing a downtown hotel. If you see anything on Hotwire within your budget you can post the icons here and someone will try to ID. Btw, on Hotwire Downtown San Jose and San Jose Airport used to be two separate zones. They've been merged into one zone now, called "San Jose area". The Hotel List hasn't been updated yet to reflect the zone merge. Please use these PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links for your purchases.
  11. I just noticed this Priceline win earlier today where someone won your exact dates at the 4* Manchester Hyatt (Downtown zone) for $95. You might be $1 from a win Downtown then, if not in Coastal. The other bidder started 3+ weeks in advance. Rejected $140 on 8/31. Accepted $95 on 9/19. In his/her case waiting paid off, but it doesn't always work out like that.
  12. Nobody knows. It could go either way. You got a $116 counter to your $94 in Coastal. Priceline's been known to accept just one dollar more than the offer. Since your limit's $95 I'd try $95. Hotwire has a 4* in La Jolla for $125, which could be the same hotel. Or it could be a Priceline 3.5* since HW often rates the same hotel higher than PL. If $95's not enough for a Priceline 4* in Downtown or Coastal it might be enough for 3.5*. Good luck!
  13. Governor's Inn is my best guess too. The listing says 500+ Hotwire reviews, and with that many reviews this is very likely a new icon set for a hotel already in the Hotel List; not someplace new and unreported. The other reported hotels with a Shuttle Icon--Hawthorn Suites and La Quinta--were rated 2.5* at last reports and neither of those has a 4/5 TripAdvisor rating. I'll vote for Governor's Inn then. If you purchase please use this HOTWIRE link and let us know what you get.
  14. Also, the Hyatt Regency is in Embarcadero zone. I think the OP won the Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf. It takes a village to edit a subject line. :)
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