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Weekend on-street parking NYC?

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I'm in NYC this weekend - March 5 to 7. Staying at The UN Plaza Millenium about four blocks east of GCT. I usually park ina garage out between 10th and 11th on 43rd Street when I'm in the city overnight but on a weekend I'm hoping to find on street parking closer to the hotel. What area of midtown east has non-metered parkign? Starting at what cross street heading north and east of what avenue? I know it's a bit of a long shot but due to schedule would already be planning to cab it from the west side garage over. I dont' mind a cab ride down to the 40's if I must go further uptown to search for a space - I just want to start my prowl in the right general area. I expect to hit midtwon at about 7 or 7:30 PM so timing should be good I think.

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You won't have a problem, especially after 7 PM Sat. Examples: I parked all weekend in front of the Millennium on 46th St on the corner of Times Square... and on E 52nd around the corner from the Courtyard, both Priceline hotels. Often you will find "Muni Meters" that will print out a parking ticket good for up to 8 hours, you put the ticket in your windshield. Typically the meter hours are 7AM-Midnight and when your 8 hours are up, buy another Muni Meter ticket. Free midnight-7A. Bring quarters.

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Just back and it worked out great. I had to meet a friend at GCT for a dinner date at 8 PM and got to MTE area at about 7 PM. There were spaces opening up in the 40's but many had restrictions on Saturday parking and others were reserved for diplomatic plates. I dropped down to my favorite east to west cross street of 31st and headed west until a spot opened up just east of Park Ave South (across from Hotel 31). perfect - $4 w/tip for a quick ride to the hotel, showered and changed and even had time for a shoe shine before my date. No muni-meters on 31st - very easy.

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