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What is a 4 star hotel?

By Gertruda,

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Valenstine Day '04 I trusted priceline to get me a 4 star hotel in SF.

I overbid at $100 the day before; and it was accepted.

They hooked me up at the Hilton in Union Square SF.

This was not a 4 star hotel. No parking for guests that night, no doorman to open the door twice, once carrying bags, a Disney-like line at check-in, large cracks in the ceiling of room, cigarette burns on the furniture, etc. They couldn't move us, so they gave us a free breakfast. 30-35 tables in the cafe with 4 occupied; they seat me right in front of the kitchen door!

I mean forget that they had no automatic turn-down" service, and I had to request a cd player.

This was not a 4 star experience. Priceline lied or the "they" that rates these places did.

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"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

Hotel ratings are certainly subjective and unfortunately there is no universal rating system in the industry. What some people expect and want from a 4* hotel i couldn't care about... and i'm sure some of the things that i want/expect others dont' care about. Since there are no standards and everyone has different tastes, ratings remain subjective.

With that said, sites like this one can anddo help, but users also need to do their homework. Doing your homework not only involves knowing how much to bid, but also purposely avoiding zones with known 'dog' hotels (and in those situations perhaps using Hotwire is a good alternative as you can often target a specific hotel or know how to avoid a known bad one).

It would be appreciated if you would post your winning bid to the board.

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It sounds like maybe that Hilton is more like a 3.5* hotel, and you needed a 4.5* hotel. Since Priceline doesn't differentiate ratings that finely, both low-end and high-end 4* hotels end up lumped together.

I wouldn't expect a doorman and turndown service from a generic 4* hotel. I think turndown service might be less common in a hotel aimed mainly at the convention business.

I'd be curious as to what the Hilton's Mobil diamonds rating is.

Sorry you had a not so great experience. I hope you enjoyed the city anyway.

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I sympathize! I had a similar experience, being horrified with the 4* Hilton in Seattle. I swore I would never bid at that level again and called Hotwire to complain about this hotel being in a 4* category.

So far, San Fran and Seattle have been good to me when I stay at 4.5*, which can often be had for the same price point as a 4* (on Hotwire at least!).


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