Add me to the TOBB *banned* list!

By MTmommy,

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I got banned today -- and here's why. (Well, I THINK here's why - who the heck knows???)

When I first signed up with ezboard (the thing that controls the userid for TOBB) I had an avatar (a photo of my dogs) because I was using a pet forum on there. When I posted on TOBB Sheryl immediately deleted my post and sent me a message on my ezinbox (which took me days to find). I don't blame her for deleting that post -- for some reason the photo was HUGE!

But here's the glitch. I tried to remove the avatar like a million times and it kept coming back. Here is the explanation given by the people at ezboard:

"This problem (documented here) is usually due to the data change not getting a chance to migrate to all servers. If you visit a different server soon after you make the change, that server has the old signature data on it and it replaces the new data with the old data.

The next time you make a change to your signature, try to stay logged in and on the same server for 15-20 minutes. If you logged on at a board don't visit any boards except boards for 15-20 minutes. If you have to log out, try to log back in on the same server where you made your signature changes."

Of course I haven't a CLUE what that means.

Anyway, I think Sheryl banned me because I posted a failed bid last night and the photo thing showed up again. I don't know why she couldn't just delete the post and understand I'm having a technical problem here!

Considering she's running a web site that is 100% dependent on the good will of the public, it sure is strange.

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Hey, look on the bright side - you've come here instead :) The more of us who post our winning bids here and use this board as our primary source of bidding info the better it will continue to get.

The eziboard software sucks. But hey, who cares, TOBB is becoming more and more obsolete anyway.

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Me too. Banned as of yesterday. I think the mistake is posting the bid result (a different star level) separately from an original inquiry (titled as failed bid). Well I made the same mistake here too, and the moderator simply merged them. Might as well. Will be full time here (posted my winning), although I can still view TOBB from another computer that I've never logged into TOBB.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. Been there, had that done to me too! So, of course I just post here now and lurk at TOBB. Ok, here's the secret. The way you are banned from the board is by blocking your unique IP address. So, what you need to do to get "unbanned" is to get a new IP address. All you need to do is to "cycle" your modem to get a new IP address. Kiddies, that simply means turn your modem completely off for 1 to 2 minutes (unplug it, so no power goes to the modem). When you turn the modem back on, your IP address gets changed. Bingo, you can go back to whatever site you were banned from.

This works for dial-up, DSL, ISDN, cable, satellite, whatever. It probably wouldn't hurt to clear out your cookies first, but it's not critical. If you don't know how to delete cookies, go to the help screen on your browser, search for "deleting cookies" and follow the directions.

If you still want to post at TOBB, I suppose you could re-register using info different from your original registration. Personally, I don't feel they deserve our help any longer, so I just visit there as a guest.

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Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it did not work on my home cable modem, even after I cleared cookies and repowered modem. Maybe TOBB somehow got smarter, or I've something else other than the cookies that causes problem ? Interestingly, I posted the "banned" message from work, and both work and home were banned. I'm wondering whether the computers in the hotels that I had logged in were also banned.

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When I was banned, it was at my old firm. Another coworker used TOBB too (and knew I did), and she came to me and asked if I could access TOBB. While she was in my office, I tried to pull it up and of course got the EZ Board banned messsage. I told her I had no idea why that was.... So now the whole firm there can't use it!

Not too longer after, I switched jobs anyway (and I'm much happier...), so now I can use TOBB here at work, and actually from home too. Of course, most of the information there is out of date, so it's not as helpful as this board. :)

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I'm new to this whole bid for travel/hotels thing. I read the FAQ and did a lot of research on the site considering how new I was. I lurked for probably a day while reading over the site. Some of it was pretty straight forward; other parts (like the MOST important aspects of the FAQ) were murky at best. After thinking I had a grasp on the whole process, I joined and meticulously followed their "assistance form" for a bid that I was going in good faith make. I got a very quick response to my request. I put my request in at 10:30 at night, thinking I wouldn't get a response until the following day, but no. I got a response within 30 minutes. On their "form" I indicated that I was going to make an immediate bid. For me, the next morning, but not for her. She sent me a nastygram at 1:15 A.M. wondering if I had made a successful bid or not. I didn't immedaitely respond because I was going to wait until making my bid. Then something happened between the time I went to bed and when I was planning to make my bid, I found out from work (the military none the less) that I was potentially going to be sent on temporary duty during my expected vacation time frame. My boss advised me not to make any purchases until the matter could be rectified. I explained this situation in a very detailed private message. I told her that I my request was in good faith and that I intended to bid as soon as my work situation cleared up. I told her I would post my results. I sent off the private message thinking I did her a favor by explaining things. After sending the message, I forgot about the whole matter knowing my travel plans were on hold. I came back TOBB a few days later and got the badge of honor by saying I was banned. I know I can get into the site via shadowbrowsers. I even tried to send her another message only to be told I'm on her ignore list. I might have just set the record as the shortest lived member over at TOBB. The most pathetic thing is that I'm a newbie and found their site to actually provide a wealth of information. Why she has to be a "BB ****" is beyond me.

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Hi There.

I looked on tobb also and sent a private message to mrs S :0

asking for help without posting a bidding form. I got an answer back which reminded me of the schoolteacher i hated when i was 7 years old :)

I havent registerd there and i never will, i am realy glad on tripadvisor someone gave me info on this board :)

ill check it out regulary and if i can give advice on any quistion about The Netherlands (Holland) I will be happy making time on answering. Countries ive been sofar: All in Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Tunesia (I have family living in Tunis) Marocco, South Africa, Hong Kong.

My most beloved destinon will always be the Italiann/Swiss/France Alpes Area.

Feel free to PM me (about The Netherlands)


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I think that being on the internet too much (such as Sheryl is) can lead to scary, anti-social behavior (not to mention unhealthy lack of movement). People simply forget that there are real human beings behind the posts. Sheryl claims to spend 16 hours a day on the internet. That's a person with no real life or real human contact. It's sad! No wonder she has issues!

If you are attempting to force a new IP you will have to unplug everything at least overnight. (Clear all your cookies and temp internet files first.) I've changed my computers and modems so many times I apparently have a new IP often. Google "What's My IP" to see your IP number.

I am no longer blocked from TOBB, but I would never post anything there again.

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I kinda decided enough was enough and deleted my membership on TOBB...because of the snarly, condescending, pompous attitude that caused a couple helpful postings of mine to be deleted (1 without explanation). I say this as someone who's totally succeeded on PL and Hw, almost always formulating a likely winning hotel ahead of my bid and price for hotel/car within $2. Only glitch now is a result of my own stupidity -- booking Vegas for Mem Day weekend and needing a decent rea$onable hotel for just the Sat night (most 3-4-5 star nicer hotels don't allow Sat arrivals and/or 1-night stays)

As for TOBB, I was more than happy to post winning bids, strateges and link through TOBB's links but why bother if they're going to cop the attitude back at you -- when you yourself, and you only, formulated the successful and other strategy and you're just sharing it to be helpful to others who are looking for info on/around the same dates. (One time, when I guided a friend who isn't very computerliterate to a successful bid on his 2nd rebid, I posted the unusally low accepted price for a very-tough-to-get-cheap city, and the main person from TOBB responded witha scathing email back to me to the effect of "how dare you not go through our links!") Shame is, now that I'm not a member of TOBB anymore, that means I didn't take the time to post an obvious likely rating upgrade to a Vegas West of Strip hotel (Artisan to 3-star) based on Hotwire and other research -- and someone already got stuck with it instead of Orleans or Gold Coast.

Anyhow, glad to be here now. Some great stuff on this website and boards, and great ideas. Plus everyone seems quite a bit more cordial as well.

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I am laughing hysterically reading all of these "banned' posts. I used to use TOBB all of the time and thought I was the only one who was feeling the "mean vibe" from silly Sheryl. :) I guess a lot of other people were getting it too! Such negativity must be exhausting! :)

Anyway, it took a couple of years but yes, I too, have been BANNED!

At first I thought there was somthing wrong with the site, then maybe with my computer and then finally I realized I was not alone! I still don't have a clue as to why. I actually did use the link they asked me to use. Whatever.

I can still get into the site and get all the information I used to get prior to banishment. :) I just don't share my info with the board anymore, which is unfortunate for the nice people over there. Oh well, its just a matter of time before they are all BANNED too :o

Anyway, I am so glad to be here and I hope to be able to provide some valuable information that others may actually appreciate :D

Peace to All!

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Banned myself. What a ludicrous, sad woman she is. Not requesting help and adding information freely to enhance her site only results in banishment if you do not use her link. I have purchased using her link in the past, but did not use it for this purchase, so she banishes me, but keeps my post on her website, as it adds to her information. Obviously, the reason for banishment is not using her link.

Count me in as another BetterBidding supporter. I'll post and use the links here and lurk there.

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I got banned from TOBB today.

At first I thought it was some network error, as my last post on TOBB was at least 6 months ago. After reading the posts here, I think it was probably because I didn't use their link for my past biddings. I never read private messages to my mailbox, so don't know if she sent any. I used to post my winning bids on both sites. Now I'm glad things get simpler - I'll just post on this board fulltime.

Someone posted a failed bid last summer, and I saw a message from Sheryl saying it was useless because it did not include the regular price of the hotels. I replied to let her know that the failed bid was actually very helpful to me, as I was bidding for the same thing around the same time frame. I guess she's angy about that also...

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Don't feel bad, she is just mostly blinded by her fixation on her rules et al that helpful info isn't relevant unless you dot the Is and cross the Ts. I totally threw her for a loop a few years ago with a PL strategy that literally flagged a specific hotel's availability (long and short is that a 5-day stay via PL package dropped the one hotel's price by 50-60% while the other hotel packages increased proportionate with the extra day). I ended up getting a $125/night downtown hotel in a very large city for $31/night, knowing I could rebid in $1 crements until accepted (as it would be the only hotel). She coudln't believe this, said it wasn't possible et al. Then tried to employ same strategy for her trip to same city. I had other experiences regarding same-day stays in the same city, and was chided because unknown to me, a friend and I simulltaneously bid on the same hotels. So sometimes ya can't win, no matter what.

This board is much friendlier and much more helpful. Plus all the links are so much more user-friendly for booking travel.

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I saw today some lady asked about her son having a Priceline reservation and he's over 18 and she wanted to know about the age policy....

so instead of Sheryl saying "techincally if you're not 21, they have a right to not let you son check-in.........but in most cases hotels won't make a fuss unless it's a very fancy hotel or if you cause trouble..........and sometimes if they do gripe about the age you can slip somebody some cash or point out the fact that a credit card will guarantee the room for incidentals if they still don't trust you, or to cut off pay features to the room"

for example like we did HERE at BB:

BUT instead she says "Just because your stay is prepaid, that doesn't give you a license to break the rules"

that's terrible!

then the poor lady asks anybody else for their experiences<<<<I'm sure that just bought her a one-way ticket to being banned


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first of all sorry my english is not very good. I am german and had english only a few years in school.

I found this forum by google searching, because I got banned from the TOBB forum yesterday. But I see, I am not alone.

I am a little bit astonished because I don' t know why. I really don' t wrote something forbidden.

Never mind, this forum looks much more kindlier. But I want to know why I was banned. My problem is, that I can' t nowhere find something how to contact the infamous Sheryl. Maybe somebody can help me.

Thanks and have all a nice day.


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