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  1. Hi There, Excuses for he late reply. I had a fantastic holliday. I drove about 5000 miles and started in Frisco januari 22 then-> Monterey-> Shell Beach->Palmdale->Yuma->Prescott->Tombstone->Globe->Prescott->Williams (grand Canyon Railway package (fantastic!)->Vegas. I didnt use Priceline ore Hotwire at all but stayed in little family hotels and cabins mostly. In Vegas i booked directly at the Tuscany suites on their website 5 nights and when i arrived i was upgraded to a suite with full kitchen, my own little garden and a private Patio with view on the Pool. ( I do like the suite very much!). Thanks for the help you offered , you run a good website! If you want to know what hotels i had and what i think of them and i made a lot of picture;s please let me know. I am flying back to The Netherlands in 2 days (monday feb 23). Take Care, Warm Regards. Harry
  2. Hello There, I just saw this on Hotwire. 4 * South Strip area Hotel from februari 16 to februari 23 (7nights) . 80% recommended. Free parking Free Internet Resort Casino Fitness center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Golf nearby Spa services Accessible for hearing impaired Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Wheelchair accessible Accessible bathroom Accessible parking Roll-in shower Is this the Tropicana? Take Care and have a nice day. PS i would prefer to stay at the south strip area in a 4* hotel with casino. Is bidding for that an option ? (i would prefer Tropicana ore NYNY ( better not Luxor) Thanks in advance Harry
  3. Hello There you are, I am not sure,Do you mean you want me to post here what hotels i booked and how? Mostly i book directly at a hotel self (by phone). Last year i was in New Zealand and Malaysia and i used another booking site a lot. I dont plan far ahead, mostly the same day ore 1 day before check in. and often if possible an accomodation in a national parc (for example The Bright Angel lodge inthe Grand Canyon. I always compare prices on different sites and at a hotels own website and check reviews on Tripadisor. Ill report in here later, still have a lot things to take care of before i fly next thursday. Thanks for offering help!
  4. I still have a lot of time to get a room. The first week is ready, I dont think the hotels i took would be any of help to you. SF and Monterey and Pismo Beach. so 3 nights SF 2 Monterey and 4 Pismo. from there on nothing is settled. I Fly back from Vegas to Amsterdam on februari 23. It would be nice to have a great hotel from februari 16 ore 17 until i fly back at februari 23. Take Care
  5. Hello There you are, yes i use your links. I dont know what my maximum is yet. The Trump is not an option thats for sure. what i liked about the Tropicana in 2011 and 12 is that it had an option to open windows.. that is what i like! a balcony ore open windows. In 2006 i was in The Stardust :) i loved it then but thats 9 years ago :( I did not use PRICELINE and HOTWIRE in 2011 and 2012 because i got a 70% off and no resort fees then from the manager at Tropicana in thoose days. Unfortunatly she doesnt work for the Trop anymore (: My room at the Trop was able to openthe window although not enough to jump out
  6. Oops i forgotten, I stayed at The Golden Nugget also for 2 nights and i did like it, but i got a room in the Carson tower with no view at all. The Gold Tower was fully booked. What is very important to me is a great view to the outside world .. I better be in a 3* Hotel with a great view then a 5 * Hotel looking out on a blind wall. I would love to have a balcony ( I smoke... yeah i know its a bad habbit).. but i dont want a smoking room.. Thats why i want a balcony :) I hope i gave enough info for you to get me some help. Take Care! Thanks.
  7. Hello, Especially to Thereyouare! You've probably forgotten about me. You have helped me getting a 4 star hotel in New York in spring 2006. I was in Vegas in 2011 "12nights" and 2012 "10" Nights and stayed at the Tropicana in a Paradise City view room. I was there because the manager at that time gave me 70% off and no resort fee's. Unfortunatly she doesnt work for the trop anymore.. I am travelling from home (The Netherlands Europe) from januari 22 to februari 23 to to the Usa, Starting in Frisco 3 nights from there onto Monterey 2 nights and on to Pismo beach (4 nights) I am flying back to home at Februari 23 from Vegas. I have never been in a 5* hotel so it would be nice to experience that. But of corse 4* is OK also. Can you help me? Februari 16 to februari 23 (7 nights) for a hotel in Vegas. On my road trips I have stayed at little 2* family motels in the past that were really better as 4 BIG stars :) (Not Vegas) I have a great memory about USA hotels ( Except the Riviera in Vegas). Thanks a lot in advance. Take Care! and best wishes for 2015! Harry (The Netherlands Europe).
  8. Hi Just returned from a 24 day trip to the USA, I had a Wonderfull holliday! We have visited Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California. We stayed from januari 23 to 31 at the Tropicana Las Vegas, then 3 nights at Bright Angel cabins at the Grand Canyon, from there 4 nights in Page (Az) and from there back to Vegas were we signed in at Downtown "the Golden Nugget" wich we very much disliked (The rooms, NOT the Hotel downstairs ) so we went back to have 7 more nights at the Tropicana wich we LOVED! we got 30% discount and resort fee's were waived away! To all off you who have any doubt about the new redone/remodeled Tropicana at las Vegas! you should be very happy if you did win it on a bidding! I made 4000 + picture's on my entire trip and a lot also on the hotel rooms. Ill post them as soon as i sorted them out. I will post my picture;s and my experience on the tropicana rooms soon on this board.. ( have some patience please) I did had The Riviera prepaid on Hotwire from februari 10 to 14 and i can tell you the room we checked in was one big ugly smelling filthy mess! I took picture;s and contacted Hotwire and got my money back!!! after we checked in at the Riviera we checked out 10 minute's later and went back to Tropicana that did hold our rooms! i cant tell you how happy we were to be back at the Tropicana!! Again to all of you that just feel a little doubt about the Tropicana if you won it Do Not! ! BE HAPPY! ( Be sure to get a room in the Paradise tower! with Strip view) it is SO great! i have fallen in love with the 2 rooms we got with connecting inner doors on the 20th floor! ( Smoking) The windows could be opened!!! Not totally but about 7 inch orso , just enough so you can t jump out! , But enough to let fresh breeze air get into the rooms!! PS The Stratosphere tried to rip me off. I booked a Stratosphere select room and when i checked in they gave me a standard room saying i had to pay 30 $ more a night for a select room. ( when i said i booked a select room and showed my reservation they said that a stratosphere select room on my reservation was not the room they sell online. and they still told me i had to pay 30 a night more because the select rooms could not be booked online but could only be reserved at the hotel check inn desk /front office.. (what a joke)... (i got at least my money back after a ferm discussion with a manager) Take care you all i am very tired now many regards Emphy ( The Netherlands)
  9. Hey... Yep its 45 a night and i did take it. Including fryday and saturday night stay over. So i am happy with it.. I dont need to search day to day anymore.!!! Its done! Hey if i was gooing with a lovely lady i would go for a 5 * upto 1000.. :)
  10. No worries anymore , no more searching on hotels its ready! OK i agree its not a 5 * but who cares.... i am not traveling with a beauty lady... (If it was that way i would sure to go for a 5 *) But its me and a friend ( and my friend doesnt have... $$$ so its all upon me .. But its OK i am looking so much forward!
  11. Hey, Finally i choosen to get the Stratosphere. I Payed in advance 45 a night at Priceline (retail) ( Februari 10 to 14) wich includes a Fryday and saturday. I am Happy i did it .! yes Thereuare i think its a good deal also Thank you for all the replies Take care. Emphy PS in regard as i did in 2006 i will take picture's on the hotel rooms and post it here in reviews.
  12. Hi there, have a wonderfull christmas! I tried many times to bid on priceline on a 5* date februari 10 to februari 14 so for 4 nights i went up to 125 and all was rejected so i give up. Besides that i have read some reviews about the Palazzo that they are selling ivory in one of their shops ( is that legal???) over here it is completly forbidden! And the hotel management reacted not nice on ppl who were angry to find ivory in the shops, so i dont want a chance to win the palazzo! :) On priceline retail now the stratosphere shows up at 45$ ( i am thinking about booking 1 room, because we also have the Riviera on same date's so thats not far walking (although we have a rental car). I forgot to mention i think about the car i rented it in the netherlands for 22 days ( from arrival to depart) for 408 Euro ( all in). Is there a way to get the stratosphere cheaper ? I dont want to take the risk to bid on a 3* In page i have booked 2 nights at debbie's hideaway for a 3 bedroom appartment with kitchen and livingroom for 49$ inclusive breakfast and fees and taxes! ( i phoned) thats not bad i think and the reviews are OK. The advantage for the strato is that the tower admission is free ( i love beeing on the tower and see the crazy ppl there dooing crazy rides and bungy jumping. so i really am thinking to take the strat since its our last weekend in the USA. Thanks for all advice and tips. Take care and have a great 2011. Emphy
  13. Hold on ... The room is payed due Hotwire... So the room should be ready either we use it YES ore NO its Payed! so it should be ready. I agree with you if we dont make it its a normal thing to call the hotel and tell them we cant make it. But How can they sell a room that is already booked and payed? It is our choice if we use the room.... I cant imagine that on check in they say NO... anyway ...its a good thougt that after driving around for days we can go to the rivierra and know a room is ready. I know myself , i know my friend... driving 1000 miles is a thing we easily do :) (in ONE day!) :)
  14. Hi, another unconfirmed question about why we wont stay at Tropicana.. well the anser is simple.. A friend of me worked there and got 7 nights free.. (Not more) OK ID Please Hotwire 5* 162$ per night Fryday saturday and sunday. (februari 11-14 2011) Las Vegas Strip - North area Hotel (0.6 - 3.2 mi from city center) Recommended in 95 % of Hotwire customer reviews ameneties: Casino Fitness centre Pool(s) Restaurants Business centre High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa services(s) Is this The wynn ?
  15. Ow before i forget :) I have 3 cats . 1 is 12 years old , one is 10 and one is 2 years. all 3 are very very important to me and the cat place were i used to bring them if i went on travels is down.. so i had to find a new place.. and i did find a good place were they can stay.. It makes me laugh also.. i try to go cheapest if possible...... and on the other hand i dont care if its 5 ore 7 ore 10 ore 15$ a night for my cats.. I did find a place!!! wasnt easy to find but it feels ok and that is 10$ a night per cat :o LOLOLOL Funny... i was thinking i even pay more per night for my cats as i do for myself :)
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