Add me to the TOBB *banned* list!

By MTmommy,

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Well I for one am not banned. Never once had words with her. Never once got in trouble. (Ok I only posted a very very few times) My last post was to state my win and the fact that I booked through her site.

But never again. I will in the future bid through BB and I now refer folks to come here for info and to bid.

I am afraid to post there. Mainly because I want to continue to read there. I can't take the chance.

You can call me collateral damage I guess.

(it is also sooooooo very slow there.....almost dead)

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I have now been officially banned. I am pretty sure now that it is because I didn't go through her link. Honestly, I didn't even think of it until after the fact because it has been so long since I have used priceline. We are now a family of 5 and it is harder to use these sites for a larger family. We have been using SkyAuction and getting condos more (am I allowed to say that? If not, just delete.)


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Dawn - As a fellow banee, please let me be the first to welcome you here! If you've read back though other posts in this thread, often people really aren't sure just why they have banned.

I have learned that sometimes the ban comes off and you can look. But if you try to logon, you get banned again. Also, there are various anonymizers that let you look anyway. They can be a little slow, but work for a quick peek at something.

In any case, this site is a lot more tolerant and welcoming.

I also slowly learned there is a lot more content here than I realized at first. Take a careful look at the various hotlinks and tabs. Different organization. but it is all here.

So - glad to have you with us.


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I was banned from TOS after failing to use their link on a winning bid in Atlantic City. It was the very first time I had elicited advice on that site, and I had actually looked for a PRICELINE link similar to the one on this website before I made my bid. However, it was displayed differently that BB's, and I overlooked it. I bid 4-6 trips a year on Priceline, and TOS has lost a contributor (in that I posted my win) and a frequent traveler. I have used this site in the past as well, and I will now consistently use BB's links for my purchases (in the past I sometimes did, sometimes didn't), despite the minor inconveniences from clicking back and forth when rebidding. I will also post information about my win in the New Jersey forum.

Keep up the good work BB.

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I realized too late that my re-bids had to go BACK through the link....I thought it was automatic.

Yeah, I don't really get the banning as even winning bids posted without having gone through "the link" will help those looking to bid who may use the link.....oh well. I am enjoying looking through this site and will use this from now on.


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I got banned, and I'm not even sure why. It must be because I forgot to use her link to bid recently, so that must be it.

But I did use her link a few days later to purchase a hotel on priceline. It's too bad she didn't ban me a few days earlier. Now I'm angry she gets money from me for using her link.

Oh well, all I have to do is delete cookies and hop on my neighbor's wifi to peruse her board, then post my winning bids over here.

Thanks admins, for providing a friendly site and understanding that we are all humans who will all make mistakes like forgetting to use the proper link to bid.

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May I be the first to welcome you here!

Regarding "perusing" TOBB, I've found that after a week or so the ban goes away and I can look again directly. However, if I then try to actually sign on I get instantly rebanned. Might be worth checking periodically.

And of course there are the anonymizers. A little slow, but do they work. Sounds like you already have a good solution though via your friendly neighbor.


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Even with your interesting screen name, I doubt you will be able to find a way to get yourself banned here...

Welcome, and hope we hear lots from you - bids, reviews, helping others, general comments, etc.

Speaking of things slowing down, cast an eye at the bottom of this site (opening page) and watch the membership grow. Seems to be at a rate of about 50 a day!

Lots of links under that Support/Travel Links tab above (in addition to the nicely located top-of-page HOTWIRE and PRICELINE), but all that happens if you miss using one is a gentle nudge (speaking from experience).


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Thanks for the welcome.....and BTW...I try my darnest to live up to my screen name which was bestowed upon my by Dearest Hubby (he has lived to somewhat regret "giving" me that name). I am planning on using the links, as a matter of fact I used the Delta and Holiday Inn links for make reservations today. Is there any way we can confirm that BB gets the credit?


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I was banned too (awhile ago), that's OK. Much happier here anyway.

I jut think it is hysterical, I think I was banned because I bid and then my spouse and it was a violation of her rules (I think, she never did say).

Posting here whenever I use PRICELINE. Does anyone know what area would be good close to Fenway Park - should I ask this somewhere else?


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I've learned my "ban" only lasts a week or so, and then I can get right back in and cruise for information.

I've also learned that if I actually try to logon, I get instantly banned all over again.

I use an iMac, Comcast ISP, Safari browser. I think maybe I get back on because Apple periodically changes something in my address, and that address is part of the basis for the ban. I also think another part of my ban is username specific, and that is why I get re-banned if I try to logon to TOBB.

All this FYI for other fellow "banees"/refugees who might periodically want to take a peak on TOBB for information.


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