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  1. Not related to that trip in particular. Just a question of what to do with an unusable ticket, if anything. Any ideas?
  2. Okay, so a group of tickets purchased via PL (on United if that makes any difference) and one of the people is not going now. So, I understand no changes, refunds, etc. If I had not used PL I guess the funds would have been available to book something else within a year, plus change fee, right? In this case since there is no option of changing anything, can I print the extra boarding pass and treat it as an extra seat purchased for comfort? How does that work if the person doesn't actually get on the plane? I have never had an extra ticket so not sure....
  3. I have been trying for the days immediately prior and have had no luck in that zone up to $150. A good deal for you indeed!
  4. I had what I thought was great luck with air to Kona. I was able to pick seats during the PRICELINE process, after United accepted my bid. I actually was able to upgrade to the more leg room seats via the United website. When I picked the seats initially thru PRICELINE, the seat map was the same as all of them: not all back row seats or centers fpr PRICELINE fliers.
  5. I have been checking airfare for the last month or so. It has remained fairly consistent over time, $984. I found a package thru Expedia including a hotel for one night for $850. I selected it, then when it came to the final purchase screen the price jumped to $922. I've never used PL for air but decided to try. I had read here to try about half price. I tried $500 not expecting anything. They came back and said $655 would work. I changed one of the things I could-connections- and bid $550. Again came back at $655. I changed another option-red eye-and tried $601. It was accepted. I am thrilled with the price. Not only was the price terrific for HI in summer from the east coast, it was a very good choice of flight times. I am really happy. Now to start bidding thru your PRICELINE link again for a hotel for the first night :) Thanks, betterbidding!
  6. Heidi A; The Omni is a MUCH better hotel and certainly worth the extra $30 a night or so. It is right on the water and in a far better area than the Wyndham. I got the St. Anthony on a bid when other things were booked. I think I got it for 40 something, but not sure. It was fine and I thought it was a good place. But it is not nearly as nice as being right on the Riverwalk.
  7. Bid thru the PRICELINE link and got this after failing for 4 or 3.5 stars at a higher rate. Looks like it will be just fine and the price was good for Easter Week, I think.
  8. I would not worry about that hotel not actually being on the Riverwalk. It is right there. I would never have considered off the water.
  9. A review of the St. Anthony. It was fine; really much better than anticipated. They didn't accept my ByRequest number but that wasn't unreasonable since a Priceline booking. PL was mentioned several times at check in, but our requests for bedding in the two rooms was granted and the rooms were large and overlooked the park. I had 2 rooms reserved in the same name, but they only could find one room on the reservation. Thankfully I had the confirmation numbers for both rooms. The hotel is about one block farther from the nice area than it should be, but I never felt unsafe. Just in a kind of drab block of businesses. The river is two blocks away and easy to walk to. It isn't the nicest hotel in San Antonio, but surely isn't the worst either. I am very satisfied for the price I paid and I would stay there again.
  10. I was banned from TOBB a while back. I really had no idea why. Sounds like I am in good company though :) I can still read it from my phone if I wanted to. Wonder if I try to log in from there if it bans the whole AT & T network. :)
  11. I've been bidding thru your PRICELINE link for a week or so, hoping for a Downtown/Riverwalk4* but trying 3.5 at lower prices as well. Got the Wyndham St. Anthony on the first try this morning for $45. After reading reviews, I wish I'd stuck with 4*.
  12. Forgot to say in the first post I used your PRICELINE link to bid thru. Thanks for a great website.
  13. I started at $40 and really thought I would hit well below $70. I had a second bid going for a 3.5* and had not hit at up to $60 on that level.
  14. Great stay here. Felt no Priceline bias. We received the room type we requested. The hotel was actually nicer than I expected and the room was quite large. I would have been happy to stay here booking conventially, and especially pleased I got the room via Priceline for a large discount.
  15. I keep bidding for mid size, standard, and full size. The above reservation is for mid size.