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By thesqueegeekid,

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My dad made me aware of this ... As a Canadian, our free healthcare does not fully cover us in the US so I just purchased over the phone 11 days worth of coverage for about $30 from CAA (same as AAA in the US). I didn't shop around at all .... does anyone have any suggestions for next time...???

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Never used THIS COMPANY nor do i know much about them, i just know of them as a cruise insurer (but i think they also do what you're looking for). Non-US citizens are approved on a case-by-case basis, but i'd imagine you'd get approved for what you're looking for, and at the very least you can use them for price comparisons.

I'll ask some Candian friends that i know that are currently residng in the US the next time i see them.

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Thanks, I should have really thought about this before ... when I was in school last year, the school's coverage was terribly inadequate and I still owe for medical bills from my mishap in Seattle ... hopefully, I'll get my settlement soon. I am now looking to shop for an "anual plan" which means you are covered for one year but only for visits to the US that are less than 212 days ... or look for a credit card which provides automatic coverage ... those have high deductibles I imagine though.

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I have coverage through work, but I don't trust the health insurance to be enough for visits to the US. At least that's what our local friendly insurance agent told us. For my next trip to the US (coming up in 3 days :)), I bought trip cancellation and health insurance coverage from this credit union, which probably won't help you in TO, but maybe there's something equivalent:


I should probably consider a yearly plan too. But whatever you do, don't cross the border for even a moment without some type of satisfactory coverage!

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Hi squeegee and Merry Christmas!

I use the Bank of Montreal Mosaik credit card, which includes a number of optional items such as medical coverage, trip cancellation insurance, airmiles, etc.

There are two options for the medical coverage, at either $49 Cdn per year or $89 Cdn per year, depending on the length of your stays. There is no deductible and your spouse/partner and children are also covered for up to $1 million. You do NOT have to use the Mosaik card for your travel in order for the medical coverage to be effective. (Although I think you have to use the Mosaik card for at least some part of your travel costs in order to make the trip cancellation insurance effective.)

It may not be right for you if you spend lengthy periods of time out of the country all at once, but if you take many shorter trips, it is a lot cheaper than buying insurance for each and every trip you take! It looks like you might be able to extend the coverage period for trips longer than 31 days, but I have never enquired about this.

I had to make a claim for medical treatment for an injury that my partner received in Mexico, and I can tell you that the claim process was not onerous and the reimbursement cheque for our expenses was received quite quickly. The total cost of doctor and clinic fees was reimbursed, but I didn't bother starting the process until we had returned to Canada, so I don't know what it is like to contact them out of the country for very large medical expenses.

From the BMO Mosaik site:

Mosaik Travel Medical covers you for an unlimited number of trips per year, for a maximum of 17 days per trip (Travel Medical - Standard) or 31 days per trip (Travel Medical - Enhanced).

Coverage is available to you (the primary cardholder), your spouse, and your dependent children travelling with you. Both you and your spouse must be under age 65 for Travel Medical coverage. You are insured for up to $1 million in eligible hospital, surgical, and medical expenses. You pay no deductible when you make a claim.

Extended coverage arrangements can be made before or during an insurable trip.

What Is Covered

Among other things, this insurance covers:

Emergency hospital, ambulance, and medical expenses up to $1 million

Private duty nursing expenses

Emergency dental expenses

Transportation to bedside

Emergency air transportation or evacuation

Return of deceased

Additional hotel and meal expenses

Return of vehicle

What Isn't Covered

This insurance does not cover:

Pre-existing illness or injury that required medical investigation, treatment, or diagnosis in the six-month period prior to the start of each trip (a pre-existing medical condition that is controlled through prescription medication is covered provided there has been no change in medication)

Regular care of a chronic condition

Cardiac surgery, unless approved by the Insurer

Any treatment or surgery that you were well enough to return to Canada to receive

Complications of pregnancy or child birth within eight weeks of the expected date of birth

Participation in a professional sport or high-risk activity such as scuba diving or parachuting

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Spoke to some of my Canadian friends and they said some people they know use the insurance thru their credit cards.

The parents of one of the people i asked travel to the US for a few months a year and they use CAA (the automobile association... i'm told the equivalent of AAA here in the states).

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