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  1. Tried this one a few times before it came through for me ...... :)
  2. I think it could be the Lonsdale Quay Hotel. http://www.lonsdalequayhotel.com/
  3. Thanks so much for letting me know how this one went! I'd say your deal doesn't sound too bad - I hope you have a great trip!
  4. Can you let me know how this compares, because we are going to be back in Arizona in March and haven't decided if we should rent a car or drive down. If we know the Ent Book has a good deal, we might go ahead and order one, also. Thanks! Well put!
  5. Also, I have discovered that Marriott properties will let you view your reservations even on Priceline stays and will guarantee a non-smoking room. You don't have to phone them, just go to the Marriott web site, and click on "Look up Reservations" at the top of the page. Enter your Confirmation No. from the Priceline booking info (not the Hotel Request No). Then select "Make Changes to this Reservation" and finally "Room Preferences" where you can select a non-smoking room and perhaps a higher or lower floor. You can also enter your email address (if you wish) and Marriott Rewards Number under Guest Information. I think some of the reservations will also let you view/change bedding types, but not all. If you choose to enter your email address, you can receive an updated reservation confirmation showing the guarantee of a smoking preference. I LOVE Marriott for this! They are also committed to providing free wireless internet. I'd go out of my way to stay at a Marriott these days.
  6. Yes, for the drive. It's roughly 120 miles and about a 2-hour drive, but it can be faster. Road is pretty good and driving conditions should be fine. Traffic usually moves pretty quickly along Hwy 10. The only time we had a problem was when we got caught in a torrential downpour and traffic slowed down considerably. I think we made the drive once from Phoenix airport to Tuscon city limits in about 1.5 hours, but that was driving fairly fast. You'll get a sense of any road work or maintenance on the way down. I would start planning by allowing at least two hours for the drive and then add on whatever additional time you think you need for your flight check-in, etc. Also, the car rental area is under construction and the new rental return area may or may not be completed by your dates (opening is scheduled for early 2006). Read about this here: http://phoenix.gov/AVIATION/support_conten...ar_flyerweb.pdf So, you'll definitely have to allow time for that and for any additional meanderings on the way out of city of Tucson. As for hotel/resort, why not try first for Foothills resort and then Tucson East? Sometimes, it is only $20 or so that separates winning bids for resort from the 2.5 or 3* hotels. But depends on what is most important to you. If you like to golf, staying at the resort will usually mean a reduced cost for green fees. Also, Tucson has some good deals in their Passport. If you are interested in even 2 or 3 of the attractions listed, the $15 cost for the passport can be well worth it. See it here: http://www.visittucson.org/static/index.cf...tID=110&Reset=0 You have to visit the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum while in Tucson. It's a must-do!!!
  7. I think you are saying you will be in Tucson for 2/12 - 2/16, is that right? A couple of quick thoughts. Rental cars at PHX (Sky Harbor Airport) have ridiculous taxes and fees. Check for prices for rentals both on and off-airport. It might be worth it to take a shuttle or taxi to an off-airport location to pick up your rental car. Often, you can still drop off at the airport. For the Tucson area, I would say Tucson East is the best area for 2.5* to 3* hotels. However, Tucson is pretty spread out and you might not have a lot within walking distance. (Hilton Tucson East is nice, but quite a ways out of D/T area, for example.) The 2.5* choices are quite good, though - you might get the Courtyard at Williams Center or the Residence Inn, for example. (See my previous posts, I won the Courtyard for dates in March for $42/night.) The Williams Center location would have some things within walking distance, not sure about the Residence Inn. And of course, there might be other properties that come up in place of these.... Tucson Central only has up to 2* and I wouldn't really want to take a chance on that area, although you could end up near the University which would be a good walking area. But you could end up in some iffy areas or properties, also, at least in my thinking. But you could also try for some of the Resort properties in the North and Foothills area. For your dates, you might get a great deal on the Omni or the Westward Look. However, you won't have many things within walking distance.
  8. I agree with WillTravel, I think you got a great deal. And the QV is a nice hotel, not glitzy or brand-new, but I think you will be very happy there. And Samuel's isn't a bad restaurant, either. But your kids might like visiting the Old Spaghetti Factory, only a block away. Check this site for a few suggestions for kids' stuff. You'll be right by the BC Museum, and close to the Inner Harbour, so you'll be able to walk to many things, or take one of the little Harbour Ferries. For golf, Victoria Golf Club is a beautiful links-style course with several scenic holes right on the ocean, and near to downtown. I think it's about $90 for green fees. Bear Mountain is new and glitzy and offers some off-season deals (regular rate is about $90 - ask about discounted rates), but it's a 30 minute drive. Gorge Vale is a challenging course with quite a bit of elevation change and is about $60 and is also close to town. Cordova Bay (only $45) is a little further out, but a very nice course, and it has an adjoining 9-hole course ($25) that is suitable for beginners, if your boys are old enough for that? Cordova Bay is also right next to Matticks Farm Market, which has some interesting stores to visit. Hope you have a great visit!
  9. Ha, yes I do! But WillTravel's suggestion to check out the Tourism site is a good one. I think $75 is almost right on the money for a successful Priceline bid for Victoria for your parents' dates. You are most likely to get the Marriott which is a very nice hotel in a very good location (although there is still some construction going on around there, so might want to ask for a room away from that side of the hotel). Also, I see that Wharfside Eatery has a promotional coupon on their Web site that gives 50% off all entrees for the coupon holder and their companion. Check out their Menus and print the coupon here. And the Marriott sells Dinner for Two Gift Certificates on their web site for $90. This includes a four-course dinner for two, plus all taxes and gratuities. (Alcohol is excluded.) If you check the menu for Fire and Water (the Marriott Victoria's restaurant), this actually isn't a bad offer (although you have to allow for the exchange rate differences when viewing the prices). And yes, it has been raining here a lot lately, but let's hope for some sunny days later this month!
  10. I didn't add any comments before, because I really don't know anything about NYC, but I was reading your posts and cheering for you. You have such a straightforward approach and your posts generated some really good discussion about hotels and choices. I hope your health is the best it can be for your visit and that your hotels work out better than you expect! Or vice-versa! I hope you'll let us know how your stay goes.... :)
  11. You know, I am trying to find an old rental contract here and must have finally shredded them all!!! :) I think they time stamp the contract when you are at the shuttle counter, but you usually have the car right outside at that point. At least for most of the airports that I have flown into, you may talk to someone at the airport counter, but the final paperwork is usually done at the shuttle location.
  12. Well, I don't know what RSW is like, but if your flight is delayed at all, and after waiting for luggage, you may not actually be picking up the car until close to 3 pm, anyway. Especially since I think you will have to allow for a shuttle ride to the rental car pick-up, as well. And it is the actual time of pick-up as stamped on your contract that will be used for determining your return time requirement. Most companies do have a 59 minute grace period, and some may charge an hourly rate for up to 3 hours rather than charging a full day for late returns. But you need to review this at the time of pick-up, as I am sure you are aware. This is from Budget. I think Alamo has a similar policy but they reserve the right to assess a late fee over and above any other charges, although I have no idea how often this would occur and how much the charge would be. If I were you, I would book for 3 days from about 3pm to 3pm and ask at the counter about what and how they assess late fees. If terms sounded too onerous, I would just make sure to get the car back within the time limits. But you're the only one who can decide how important having the car for an extra hour or so would be.... :)
  13. Welcome to Better Bidding! You actually posted this in the wrong area, you should go here and start a new post with the same information. The board moderator is away for the weekend, and may not be able to move it to the right spot right away. Also, he can work through some strategies with you, but may not be able to get to it until after the weekend. In the meantime, read over the posts in the New York Priceline section, read the experience of others bidding for the same dates, such as this post, this post or this post. That will give you a starting point to think about your choices, because your dates look like they may coincide with a busy (and pricey) time in NYC. I would recommend you check Hotwire as well and see if they have much for your dates and at what price. Which Hotwire zones would you be willing to consider?
  14. I checked a few dates into next year and all the rates were over $80 for that listing. I suppose there is a slight chance that it is a different property (and not the Sheraton Suites), but it appears that the $39 rate was available during the hotter days of the summer and for fairly 'last-minute' bookings only. You could just keep checking the rates over the next few months and see if it starts to come down. Or did you need to get your accommodation planned right away?
  15. What are your actual dates? Prices do fluctuate and your stay is quite a long way off, but you can often still find a great deal. Are you seeing a 4* on Hotwire or a 3.5*? What are the amenities that are listed? (Suite, for example?)
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