Beware park2go at Newark airport

By 506canuck,

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Just got back from a trip to France & picked up my car at Park2go on Dowd avenue. Big mistake not walking around the car before I drove away. Once I got to PA on the way home I stopped for gas and found the bumper scraped and a fist sized dent in the fender. I have called/e-mailed them for a week now and they refuse to talk to me.

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The deceiving thing about Park2Go is their web site is totally professional - so when you roll up to a tiny lot with a trailer on it, you're immediately suspicious. I had an early morning flight so I arrived there around 5am, after verifying that they were open 24 hours - their web site says so and I called to make sure.

All the lights were dark. I was about to turn around and go find another lot when the lights went on and the trailer door opened. I still thought about leaving but I was concerned about making my flight. I chose the lot because it said, "Valet parking". I had a heavy bag I didn't want to be lugging around. The attendant said, "Oh, the lot's not full, just go find yourself a space." So much for valet parking. I said, I have a heavy bag, I Thought you offered valet parking. "That's just when the lot is full," he replied. That isn't my definition of "valet parking" but, okay.

When I returned to the lot after my trip, the woman at the desk complained to me that they would have had my car brought up front, but "you refused to leave us your keys", so yes, I would have to carry my bag to my car by myself. The attendant who was there when I arrived was standing behind the desk at that moment, when I informed this woman in no uncertain terms of what had happened when I got there. He tried to interrupt me by saying he would take my bag to my car, etc etc etc. but at that point I just paid and left.

It's not car damage but I think they are a very shoddy outfit who completely misrepresent themselves.

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Avoid Park2Go at Newark- Stolen property!!!!

I was parked at Park2Go valet lot over a long weekend. Upon returning, we realized expensive sunglasses were stolen out of the car. The Manager and another employee mentioned they even knew the employee responsible but never returned repeated calls after my initial call. If you value your possessions and your car, do not park at this lot. The parking lot is in a dusty and dirty field at Newark Airport (EWR) so your car will be filthy as well.

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AVOID Park 2 Go!

I had to tell the world about the unprofessnial conduct at Park2Go. When we returned from a trip to China, the van driver unloaded our luggage and another family's and then proceeded to put the van in reverse and drive over 3 pieces of luggage (not 1 - but 3 -how stupid can you get!) The manager at the time assured us that they would reimburse us for the suitcase (only 1 of mine was damaged) -just send in the receipt.

When I got home,I saw that several pieces of jewelry purchased in China were destroyed by the van- I took photos of these and sent the cost of them and the receipt for the new suitcase off to Park 2Go. No reply, no return phone call - nothing, I have called repeatedly and get no callback. AVOID THIS PLACE.

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We left our car at Park2Go, a "self-park" facility, in June, 2005. When we arrived, they demanded we leave our keys. I locked my cell phone in the glove compartment. Of course, it was missing when we returned. Frank, the manager at the time, instructed me to replace it and send them the bill. Therein ensued a pursuit that ended up in small claims court where Alex, the owner of this operation, grudgingly gave me a hand-scrawled voucher for $220 toward future parking, no expiration (at my request). Needless to say, this settlement cost Park2Go nothing, while I was out-of-pocket $220.

I subsequently parked once, leaving $150.50 balance.

I parked there again in February. When I returned to claim my car and handed them the handwritten voucher, the attendant said he had to call Alex. Alex told him to refuse to accept his own voucher, in violation of the court settlement! I drove away.

SO GET THIS...Park2Go has now filed suit against me, claiming I stole services!!!!! I am forced to appear in court to present all the paperwork, voucher, etc., costing me time and money.

These people are unscrupulous, dishonest and petty. The Elizabeth detective squad has also become embrolied in this lunacy on my behalf.

It's hard to believe that I've been caught up in their reprehensible behavior for almost three years now, but there it is.


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i don't know what kind of issue you guys had with park2go, but it seems like a lot of your complaints are from a while back. i actually used this facility 2 months ago before taking a long trip abroad and found it pretty helpful. mostly because it was quick and easy.

i got there and a van was waiting for us. they loaded my luggage, got me to the airport on time, and were ready to pick me up when i got home. the "do it yourself" aspect of parking was also a plus. it's a reasonable facility at a reasonable cost, which is hard to find these days.

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I had a good experience as well at Park2Go. The driver was prompt and courteous, didn't ask for tips like at some of the other places. I called because I was confused on where to go at the airport and the guy who answered the phone really helped me out. I was impressed that he'd take the time to explain anything to me.

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Stay away from Park2Go! I parked my mMercedes there for a week and they destroyed my back bumper!!! It looked like they rammed it into every liscense plate screw in NJ! I reported it to them and the police as soon as I got home and saw it in the garage light. It was hard to see through all the filthy dirt on my car from the lot that night!. After finally getting Frank, the owner on the phone, he said he would pay for it. After many ignored emails and phone calls, and three months later it is clear he has no intention to pay for it. I have since filed with the BBB and small claims court. Stay away from these slime balls!!!

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Stay away at all cost.

Valet parked the car with them. In couple of minutes a shuttle bus pulled in and a trip to the airport was uneventful with a courteous driver. Upon our arrival four days later, the phone line was busy but eventually we got through and were picked up after about 20 minutes. Upon arrival at the lot we were told there was a problem with the car and the car was pulled in with an entire front bumper and side fender severely damaged. Blame was laid upon supposedly a car that was parked next to ours and pulled out that morning causing all the damage. Police were called and a report was filled. We were told that the lot would review the video tape available and find the alleged car. Later that day at the dealership damage was assessed at $3400. We were told by the appraiser that the pattern of the damage could not come from another car, but rather resulted from it being banged into a concrete pillar upon pulling out. The lot refuses to return our phone calls or emails. Would have to go through our insurance with $1000 deductible, decreased value of the car because of the accident, two weeks of the car being fixed, plus endless hours in trying to deal with the mess. Had to go through the credit company to contest the parking lot fee since even waiving that was not offered. If you value your car, stay away.

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"Had to go through the credit company to contest the parking lot fee since even waiving that was not offered. " If you value your car, stay away.

You would never want them to "waive" your parking fee as the fee creates your claim against them under the law in NJ. I have no idea why your insurance company is not handling this for you. It is a very easy case. You go through your insurance company for repairs and pay your deductible. Never let the lot control the repairs. You pick who you want. Your insurance company then starts a subrogation action against the insurance company for the parking lot. They will win the full amount of the repair and pay you back your deductible. It should not cost you a penny. If your isurance company will not do this for you you need to switch companies (but that is another issue). If they don't you can sue for your deductible in small claims court. You also need to contact the NJ Dept of Consumer affairs and make a complaint. BTW: I just parked at a new lot at Newark (EWR Parking) on the site of the old ABC parking near the Perkins restaurant. Had a very good experience & took advantage of a limited time offer of $7 a day (plus 15% tax and $4.00 fee). Great service, nice driver & new Van. Hopefully that level of service will continue once they start getting busy.

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An update - we did end up going through our insurance company. Park 2 Go finally sent us a check for the deductible (don't know if they paid our insurer yet) and issued a credit for the original charge. Getting them to admit responsibility wasn't easy and took almost 2 months. I'm not impressed with how they handled this but I'm glad to at least have my money back. Sadly, none of this changes the fact that our car was damaged,and as a result, I still can't recommend this lot to others.

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Park 2 go swiped my credit card for the parking payment and said that the credit card machine didn't work. So they had me pay in cash and said they couldn't give me a receipt for the cash payment because the manager was not around. After a week, I saw the charge on my credit card - I tried to contact them to get rid of this double charge and the reply that I always got was that the manager is not in and that they would ask him to call me back when he gets in. This has been going on for the past week and I am still unable to get in touch with the manager after calling in 12 times. Now I will have to dispute the charge on the credit card and go thru all the paperwork to prove my claim. Will never again use Park 2 go. Beware of Park 2 go and don't be tempted by their low rates !!!

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