Buying ore renting a cell phone in the USA.

By Emphy,

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Hi There,

Will be in the USA march31-april 24.

Cant use my cell phone there. Can anyone tell me what the price would be (cheapest) on buying a cell phone? are there second hand cell phone's on the market? (Not stolen one's) :)


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Used phones won't be a great deal, as you would still need to get service for them.

You will probably want to purchase a pre-paid cellphone with airtime from Wal-Mart or Target when you arrive.

Walmart should have a T-Mobile Nokia 6010 pre-paid phone for about $40. I believe it also includes 30-60 minutes of airtime. T-Mo rates You can add additional airtime by purchasing an airtime card, available at many stores.

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Hi There,

More Good news! :o

I have a prepaid cell phone on a T-Mobile card in The Netherlands.

I called T-Mobile today and wow!

they offered me a free cellphone (Nokia) including an adaptor for using it in the USA :)

Only thing i have to buy from them is an US simcard $19.95 giving me 240 minute's call space!

This is realy nice!

one promise i had to make to the helpdesk is calling them from NYCity to test the phone (on a free nr)!

and the lady from the dutch T-Mobile office wanted me to take her with me :)

Take care!

Thanks again for thinking with me! and maybe the things i have arranged on carrentel, 4* Hotel booking and more posted on this forum can help ore give idea's to other travelors also.

I will sure stay on this forum! :)

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AT&T have refurbished phones which are quad band and come with $10 worth of talk time. Which means you can take it back to your country and still use it there after your vacation.

The only thing is they are network locked.. so you might need to find a way to unlock it before you take it home. :)

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You can buy a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone for as low as $10 - and get it back in air time. If you are interested in keep your number alive for futures trips, you just have to top up it with $15 every 3 months. If keeping the same number is not important to you, you can just let it expire (forfeiting any remaining credit) and reativate it on your next trip.

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