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  1. I won this hotel "Holiday Inn Dallas North-Addison" for Dallas. It is a 3 star hotel, and I based my bid upon seeing a previous posted winning it for $31. 1night 10/20-10/21 @ $33. Used priceline board PRICELINE link.
  2. I won this hotel "Wingate By Wyndham Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport" for Houston. It is a 2.5 star hotel, and I believe it is a new hotel that is not on the list. 2nights 10/18-10/20 @ $33. Used PRICELINE board link.
  3. Thanks to the other poster, who posted details of their bid. I had been trying for a few months now to secure a hotel in Singapore, and there were no bids for the "East Coast" region. I got this with a maximum bid of $90 (actual bid would be $95 with the $5 bonus cash that I received in an email). Dates are 12/23 - 12/26/11, so it is a great deal for Christmas.
  4. Got the Courtyard By Marriott Old Town in San Diego for 1 night, 3/12/11. Tried bidding from $45, all the way until $53 and it got accepted. Taxes were $14.36 for total $67.36. Not a bad stay, very central to downtown SD.
  5. Bid 3* for 1 night 1/16/10 in the Long Beach coast area. Tried from $40 up until the bid was accepted @ $50. It was the Hotel Maya (formerly Coast Hotel).
  6. Got the Le Royal Meridien Plaza Athenee last month @ $55 for Dec 20-27th 2009. Tried bids from $45 up until $55 and it got accepted. Great deal and nice location..right next to the sky train station very happy!
  7. Started bidding at $50 all the way up to $80 and won this hotel for 3 nights. May 22 - 24th, Memorial weekend! Tried the USE, USW and SOMA zones and finally got this one.
  8. AT&T have refurbished phones which are quad band and come with $10 worth of talk time. Which means you can take it back to your country and still use it there after your vacation. The only thing is they are network locked.. so you might need to find a way to unlock it before you take it home. :)
  9. Wow sounds like a fantastic deal.. 25 off!
  10. Hello, So I wanted a Downtown Calgary 4 star. So heres how I bid on the first day. dc 60 dc caa 63 dc cs 65 dc cs caa 68 dc cw 72 dc cw caa 75 dc cw cs caa 78 dc cn 82 dc cn caa 85 dc cn cw caa 92 dc cn cw cs caa 100 No luck, SO I tried again on the second day. dc 90 - dc caa 95 - dc cs 101 - dc cs caa 105 - dc cw 108 - <- asked to raise by 22 (I rejected this offer) dc cw caa 109 - accepted Accepted @ $109 a night. Hotwire was showing $169 a night for 4 stars, 5 nights.
  11. Stayed in Dec 07 - I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. It is 2-3 star quality, not the 4 star rating it currently has. It is 10-15 walk from the strip although it is classified as "on strip". They charged me $15 taxes and other fees per night at checkout! although the entire trip was prepaid through priceline.com. I have stayed at numerous hotels booked through priceline.com including other Westin resorts without this ridiculous fee.
  12. I think if you had a counter offer of $112 you are very close to getting an offer accepted. Maybe if you can up your limit to bid at $95, it might be accepted?
  13. Also when I was making my bids between $100 and $160. I kept getting an offer from priceline whenever I added the South Strip area. They said if I accepted a 4 star hotel on the South Strip at $199/night, I could purchase it straight away.
  14. So I wanted to book something in Las vegas for NYE. But as you know this is a super expensive period. I started out my bids at 100 for 4 stars on the strip. I kept getting rejected until I made this offer: Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North 160 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North, Las Vegas Airport (LAS) 163 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North, Las Vegas Airport (LAS), Nellis - Las Vegas Speedway 168 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North, Summerlin - NW Las Vegas 170 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North, Summerlin - NW Las Vegas, Las Vegas Airport (LAS) 175 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity North, Summerlin - NW Las Vegas, Las Vegas Airport (LAS), Nellis - Las Vegas Speedway 180 Las Vegas Strip Vicinity South 182 <--- accepted at this offer. The Westin Casuarina Las Vegas Hotel, 4 nights, 12/28/07 - 01/01/08 Not the best price but still cheaper than booking through travel sites. Saved around $300 in total.
  15. I made a bid for Downtown Calgary (dc). Won it @ $68 for 7/26 - 7/28 at the Westin 4*. Here was the strategy I used: dc 50 dc caa 53 dc caa cn 55 dc cs 56 dc cs caa 58 dc cs caa cn 60 dc cw 62 <-- asked me to raise by 17 dc cw caa 65 <-- rejected dc cw caa cn 68 <-- accepted Good luck to all and keep posting. :)
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