How to get free rebids for car rentals?


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Hi all:

I am trying to bid for a rental car for our Orlando vacation in November this year.

Here is my bid information from last night:

Location: Orlando airport (MCO)

Pick up: 11/24 5pm, Drop-off: 11/30 7am

Car type: mid-size

Bid: $15/day

The bid failed. The message on the web page didn't mention a waiting period or how I can bid again with the same information. I can't change any of the option (i.e., pick-up and drop-off day, car type, etc.).

So, how can I rebid for the same options?

Thanks again!:)

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You can't. You have to wait 7 days to big again for a car rental with the exact same parameters. Or you have to change something, like the size of car. You could try bidding for a standard vehicle or a compact or a full-size, but not a mid-size again.

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Actually you can in this case. You can bid for 7 days instead of 6 - 11/24 to 12/1. The rates are usually the same for 7 as 6 days so you could bid a lower per day (but higher overalll amount) and possibly get accepted. Now, I have never been penalized for returning a car early on a weekly rental, but that's just my experience, so buyer beware. You could also try entering in 11:30 PM 11/29 which should get you 6 days rental and allow you to return on 11/30 at 7 am.

I believe these strategies will work, but use them at your own risk!

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My experience when bidding MCO car rental, is that the prices usually drop closer to your travel dates.

I book the lowest cancellable rate that I can find and then I start trying to beat the price bidding priceline.

I have always been able to beat it.

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Good suggestions here - I'd also check to see what their prices are for your dates - which are a good parimeter for PL. You can usually beat hotwire by a buck or two on PL.

Also, the suggestion about getting a better price closer to your dates is very accurate.

Here is my MCO bid for mid-size @ $15 - we got Avis. (We did not care if we had a compact/standard or Mid-size.)

Also - buyer beware - a "Mid-Size" at Avis is essentially a 2 door Full Size. So I'm not exactly sure why you would want a 2 door - but we did get upgraded for free to the "Full Size" which is a a 4 door - and had a Chevrolet Impala.

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I think I've read somewhere that Avis has different vehicle types than general when it comes to either mid-size or full-size. I can't locate the same post anymore, but I remember it saying something about 2-dr vs. 4 dr. Does anyone know the details?

I am trying to bid for a rental car through priceline, and I want to make sure I don't get stuck with a 2-dr when I expect a 4-dr car.


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Good suggestions here - I'd also check to see what their prices are for your dates - which are a good parimeter for PL.

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We also got a mid-size car at MCO recently for $15 from AVIS (09/29-05 - 10/03/05). We got a four-door Ford Taurus. There was no mention of an upgrade so I think this is their regular mid-size.

Possible, but I would not bid mid-size if I required a four door - it'd be quite risky.

Avis does not have a class called "Mid-Size".

Avis has: Subcompact (2/4 door); Compact(2/4 door); Intermediate (2/4 door); Standard (2/4 door); Full Size (4 door); Premium; Luxury, etc.

PL has Economy; Compact; Mid-Size; Standard; Full Size.

Therefore, one would assume a Mid-Size PL bid would entitle you to an "Intermediate" vehicle at Avis. Avis lists an Intermediate as a Pontiac G6 and a Standard as a Chevy Monte Carlo. The example for a "Full-Size" is a Chevy Impala.

Therefore, yes, I believe we were upgraded, in fact, upgraded 2 PL classes.

It's not uncommon for this to happen when the vehicle type reserved is not available.

And, I really think this information has changed since we bid & went (August) b/c I specifically remember a category called 2 door Full Size on both the website and at the desk, which I thought was odd.

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