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  1. Hi there; Call priceline customer service. Explain to them that you are new to priceline and make a honest mistake. Often times, priceline will make a one-time exception and cancel your bid for you. They may require that you rebid within 7 days to get your full refund. Good luck.
  2. thereuare: thanks! I don't know why I didn't check my own thread back then! :)
  3. I think I've read somewhere that Avis has different vehicle types than general when it comes to either mid-size or full-size. I can't locate the same post anymore, but I remember it saying something about 2-dr vs. 4 dr. Does anyone know the details? I am trying to bid for a rental car through priceline, and I want to make sure I don't get stuck with a 2-dr when I expect a 4-dr car. Thanks!
  4. I called priceline to ask this same question and yes, indeed I reset the clock each time I rebid with the same itinerary. :) Thanks for the reply, bluesky!
  5. I am trying to bid for a rental car out of Orlando in November. I submitted the first bid on 9/16 at 1:00am. It was not accepted. I was told to either change criteria (I didn't), or wait for 7 days to try again. I bid again using the same itinerary on 9/22. Priceline said it was a duplicate request since the original request was within 7 days. I then tried again just now (9/23 11:20am) using the same itinerary, 7 days since I bid for the first time. I got the same message "duplicate request and wait for 7 days". That leads me to believe that every time I bid for the same itinerary, I reset the clock to start counting for 7 days again. Is this true? I feel it does not make sense logically. But I want to know how priceline works. Thanks!
  6. Sure! I just added two new topics under Florida winning bid forum. Thanks again for the help! :)
  7. Winning on first bid. Peabody Orlando ------- $83/night 4 Star hotel in SeaWorld area Check-In: 11/27, Check-Out: 11/30 (3 night)
  8. Resort hotel in Walt Disney area. I can't wait! :)
  9. Hi all: I am trying to bid for a rental car for our Orlando vacation in November this year. Here is my bid information from last night: Location: Orlando airport (MCO) Pick up: 11/24 5pm, Drop-off: 11/30 7am Car type: mid-size Bid: $15/day The bid failed. The message on the web page didn't mention a waiting period or how I can bid again with the same information. I can't change any of the option (i.e., pick-up and drop-off day, car type, etc.). So, how can I rebid for the same options? Thanks again!:)
  10. Hi there! Here is the update: I tried the tip you all shared and it works like a charm! Thanks so much! I was able to big multiple times for the same trip. The bad news is that all my bids failed despite my increased bid amount. My last bid was only $10 away from the lowest fare published on priceline and Expedia. So I decided to stop the fuss and go with the published airfare instead - $139 round trip with tax and fees included. Not bad. :) Here are the good news: I won two hotel bids! Great deals! Yay!!! :) Gaylord Palms Resort --------- $85/night Resort hotel in WDW area Check-In: 11/25, Check-Out: 11/27 (2 night) Peabody Orlando ------- $83/night 4 Star hotel in SeaWorld area Check-In: 11/27, Check-Out: 11/30 (3 night) Thanks so much for the help! :o
  11. Oh wow. Thanks SO much for the tip! I will try this out! BTW, does this work for hotel bid? for example: if I would like to bid for a 4* hotel in WDW area, I might choose Seaworld area to start, then change to WDW? Thanks again! :)
  12. Hi ljm; Did you get free rebid or did you wait for 72 hours before your final winning bid? I am trying to bid for a resort in WDW area. My first bid was turned down and I am in the middle of 72 hr waiting period, since I didn't want to change my options. Thanks!
  13. Hi; I am new to priceline and this board. Thank you for any help. I am trying to bid for airline tickets for round trip - Boston <> Orlando. I started my bid with $65 ($109 with tax and fees included) and was turned down. I don't want to change my dates or other criterion, so I am not allowed to rebid. My question is, how long do I have to wait before I can bid again for the same trip again? The message didn't say 72 hours like it does for hotel bids, so I am worried that this is it, I am not allowed to bid for the same trip ever. I thought years ago you could bid up to three times at once before you are blocked out. This obviously has changed, right? It seems now that you are only given one shot if you are not willing to change options, or in case of hotel bids, wait for 72 hours. Thanks!
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