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By johnsocha,

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help. because of bad planning (committed to airline) we are having trouble finding rooms in monterey for aug 13 to 17, except for for dumps wanting $350/night. anybody have suggests of place in or near monterey where i can get a room, just at a resaonable rate. i'm not even looking for a bargain now.

john from arlington virginia.

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Orbitz' cheapest hotel for Monterey is Howard Johnson Express - starting from $89. At least one poster here has gotten the Monterey Hyatt on Priceline when bidding 3* for Monterey for less than that (but in a different season). Of course Priceline does not let you select the hotel in advance. What is the cheapest price you can get on Hotwire?
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How about the nearby town of Salinas (the lettuce capital of the world) - no more than 20 miles from Monterey proper. Salinas is also the home of Nobel lauerate/writer John Steinbeck, and there is a very worth-visiting Steinbeck center there.

There are also some interesting Claes Oldenberg outdoor scluptures in the shape of cowboy hats (he also did the "Batcolumn" sclupture in Chicago that is shaped, you guessed it, like a baseball bat) :o

*Steinbeck Center Website*

*Oldenberg Sclupture Wesite*

Your dates coincide with the Concours d'Elegance car show and the Historic Car Races at Laguna Seca raceway - I don't know if those are the only events that are making rooms scarce (Monterey County Fair also runs during your dates).

Expedia shows a HI Express at USD 90.10 per night for your dates (and a Days Inn for USD 74.00 - many others are sold out)

Priceline only shows 1* in Salinas.


Just checked the Holiday Inn website. They show a rate change for the 14th, 15th and 16th, up to USD 213.35 :) :) The 13th shows availavble at the lower rate.

Also - Days Inn website also shows rate change - total rate for 4 days at DI Salinas is USD 557.10 (I can't see the individual date breakdown)

I don't know if Expedia would honor the lower rate for all 4 days.

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Orbitz shows some 3* rates starting at $149. They appear to be Best Western-type properties (don't know if they fall into the 'dump' category or not) but at least it's better than a dump at $340! :)

I also found this place thru QuickBook for $149/nite, not sure if it's you're 'style' or not. It appears to be a lodge/log cabin type of place with a wide variety of rooms (ranging from campsites to hotel rooms). The one for $149 appears to be a "Lodge King" and only has a king size bed, but other than that seems 'normal'. I called the place to get more info and i was told they're sold out for your dates, but QuickBook is usually pretty good so i'd imagine they do indeed have access to some sort of inventory. Here's a link to the place: Costanoa.

The other option, as WDRR has suggested above, is to say somewhere outside the city and commute in. I'd see if there are any Priceline/Hotwire zones nearby that are acceptable to you, although WDRR apparently knows the area and has given his recommended alternative.

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One other option is to split your dates. I used to work out of San Jose, CA and saw the entire city head for the coast on the weekends, so know that availability and prices are always better mid-week.

Hotwire shows me a $137 3* for the dates Aug 13 - 15 with the following amenities:


Beach Access



Fitness Center

Complimentary Breakfast

High-Speed Internet Access

Business Center

Laundry Facilities (self-service)

Personally, I think this list of amenities looks pretty good - maybe WDRR or thereuare would venture a guess on what property it is???

You could probably still find a deal on these dates through Priceline, also. If you were willing to chance having to move hotels, you could bid via Priceline or buy through Hotwire and then call the hotel and see if they will extend your stay through the weekend. Even with the higher rate on two nights at the same or another hotel, it might be quite a savings overall.

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Scorp - Interesting.....

We all know that Suite and Comp. Breakfast *often* is Embassy Suites (no guarantee of course)

Checking ES website - the ES Monterey Seaside does show availability for those dates - AND - the first rate listed on their site is $274 (king bayview),

If my math is working right, 137 is exactly half of 274.

Maybe just a coincidence?

Also, TOBB shows some Priceline hits on this property at 3* ranking.....

** UPDATE **

Amazing how great minds think alike :) :) :o

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Actually I wonder if the Hotwire 3* mentioned above might be the Embassy Suites? I am not at all positive, but it seems to fit...

If so, it is showing sold out for the weekend nights, so there is a good chance that you would have to move if you purchased it through HW.

If I went that route, I might try and find a cancellable hotel as a backup, call the Embassy (if that is what is and I had decided to purchase it through Hotwire) and ask to be put on a waiting list for the other two nights. I have had success with that strategy (although it won't be a real bargain, but I think you would still save - the rate I see on the Embassy website for Aug 13-15 is $260 per night!)

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Good call on checking nites in pairs... i checked the nites individually and didn't come up with property!

The only suite hotel i could find that fits the description is the Embassy Suites (however, they're usually rated 3.5* on Hotwire, but this one could be an exception). I saw one other suite hotel but i couldn't find anything about that one offering complimentary breakfast. The Embassy Suites description doesn't say anything about hi-speed internet access, but i just called the hotel and they do indeed offer it. Also, on mapquest it appears that the hotels is less than 1/2 mile from the beach, so that also covers the Beach Access designation. Of course, no guarantees, but the Embassy Suites would be my best guess at this point. (btw, the hotel's website indicates that they are sold-out for the weekend dates, so if this is indeed the ES i'd think your chances are low about being able to extend the dates into the weekend).

If this is just a pleasure trip, how about 2 nites in Monterey and 2 nites as some sort of spa/resort nearby but not on the coast (as i'd imagine that would be cheaper than what we're seeing for the coastal areas).

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I think all 3 of us were replying at once!!
I think so, too! And you picked the same property, too!

This teamwork thing is so much fun!

thereuare, I think I have learned to check every combination of days! Some have a two or three day minimum, and even though they might be sold out for longer periods, those won't show up on a single date check.

It really can take a lot of time to do all the research - that is why it is so fabulous to have folks help out sometimes!!!

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