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helpful info for finding lower price hotwire

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By zen,

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When booking on Hotwire, I have found that if one night within your requested stay is more expensive, then the price per night will be that "higher" price. It is better to put in your request one night at a time to check the prices; then book the nights you want leaving out the more expensive dates and booking those dates seperately. That way you only pay the higher rate on that particular night instead of for all the nights.

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I have found this to be the case with Priceline, but with Hotwire i have seen examples where they will actually average the nitely rate. Maybe the do it differently depending upon city or hotel? I remember posting not too long ago about this 'averaging the rates' characteristic for the Venetian in Las Vegas... i will try to find it later and post a link to the thread.

This may be another example of when using Hotwire would be more adventageous than Priceline... when there is a rate change during your stay and switching hotels is not an option.

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For Hotwire I can't figure out the method of pricing the hotels (do they even have one?!), but in this case they did much better than 'averaging' the price of the nights. I booked one night at the Palomar in San Francisco 4 1/2* (so I am pretty sure it's the same hotel), but here is what my options were:

I was looking at daily rates over a 4 day period:

Hotel Palomar:

October 31st $102

November 1st $118

November 2nd $108

November 3rd $162 (a real price-jump for this night)

If I took:

first 2 nights/$100ea

first 3 nights/ $102ea

all 4 nights/$96ea

If I took all four nights it would have been an amazing deal, I would have saved $106 over the combined daily room rate for those four nights! And that's just the savings for Hotwire rates, nevermind what the room "saver rate" on the official hotel website for $189/night.


When I booked a night at the Prescott Hotel San Francisco 4* these were my options:

Hotel Prescott:

October 31st $79

November 1st $88

November 2nd $82

November 3rd $88

If I took:

first 2 nights/$90 ea

first 3 nights/$90ea

all 4 nights / $89ea

In this case multiple nights always worked out to more than individual ones. If I took all four nights I would have paid $19 more than if priced individually -- go figure? BTW this hotel was $189/night on the "saver rate" on the official hotel website.

Anyhow, my advice is if you need multiple nights check all the nights individually and in combination -- you may have a chance to save a lot of money. Yes, it takes a bit of extra time, but you might just save enough to stay an extra night or splurge one night out at a way-too-expensive restaurant (which would be my personal choice!).


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epicureangirl - great detective work!! And I love your Magritte avatar

BTW are you planning to eat at either Postrio or The Fifth Floor when you are in the two rrespective hotels? IF so, Please post your impressions of the restaurants as well as the hotel in the review section.

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Thanks, Well Done.... I will post reviews of EVERYTHING (trust me!). I think the Fifth Floor is a little pricey for this trip (being a Canadian everything seems 40% higher) but maybe I'll at least have brunch at Postrio. I had brunch there years back and can't get the smoked sturgeon out of my mind! The room at Postrio is gorgeous, but then again many of the SF restaurants are designed beautifully.

I sure wish I could book the Magritte suite at the Palomar (sigh!), but I'm sure a standard room will do!

I'm also staying a couple of nights at the new Argonaut Hotel (Kimpton) at the quiet end (is there such a thing?) of Fisherman's Wharf. I'll review that too, since I am almost POSITIVE they are participating in Hotwire. When I searched the Fisherman's Wharf area a 4 1/2* came up sometimes (with a boutique symbol). I don't think there are any other hotels in the area that qualify for a 4 1/2 star in combination with a boutique rating. They just opened in August, which is why I believe they're not listed on the boards here.


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