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  1. We booked a hotel though hotwire. I made my decision based on the price that was quoted. I assumed that it could not be a specific hotel, because the price hotwire was quoting was more than the prices I had seen that hotel advertised at on other sites. After booking through hotwire, I of course was disapointed. We waited until that evening to check in. After arriving, we were told that the hotel did not have a reservation for us from hotwire. I thought GREAT!! we won't have to stay here. We called hotwire and asked them to cancel our reservation, and they would not!!! They said they would lose money. I got the manager of the hotel on the phone with Hotwire to assure them that they had not even received a reservation request, and therfore would not bill them. Hotwire still would not let us out of our nonexistant reservation and even made us sit in the lobby of that hotel for 2 hours while they figured out how to book us in the hotel that we didn't want!!!! We were stuck!!! Hotwire was not willing to bend even when the mistake was theirs, and we even got charged more for this hotel, than we would have had we walked in off the street.
  2. Royal Lahaina Resort 3 stars Kaanapali $133 July 3 beach front, business center, laundry facilities, pool, resturaunt. We did not like this hotel. Had we not been upgraded we would have had a room that was located on the third floor of a building with no elevator, no ocean view, no airconditioning etc. Also, if you call hotel directly you can get the room for $120.00.
  3. When booking on Hotwire, I have found that if one night within your requested stay is more expensive, then the price per night will be that "higher" price. It is better to put in your request one night at a time to check the prices; then book the nights you want leaving out the more expensive dates and booking those dates seperately. That way you only pay the higher rate on that particular night instead of for all the nights.
  4. Kaanapali Sheraton 4 1/2 stars Kaanapali Beach Area $145.00 July 1-3 Shows same exact amenities as the Westin cant remember!
  5. I asked for a 4 star hotel in Wailea area.
  6. Sorry it is Zen, The features of the Westin Hotel were Resort Beach Restaurant Pool Gym Business Center Golf Tennis The hotel is in Kaanapali area.
  7. I got the Maui Prince hotel for one night in June. The area is Wailea. The accomidations are as follows. I received the hotel for 200.00, but found it on Expedia for 179. They are refunding me 42.00. Other nights the same hotel shows up for between 160 and 200. Resort Beach Restaurant Pool Gym Business center Golf Tennis
  8. I received ****1/2 Westin Kaanapali Maui 145.00 June 2003
  9. April 2003 4 Stars Honolulu/ Waikiki $85.00 Hawaii Prince Hotel