Priceline Hotel: 3* Seattle (Airport SEA) Radisson

By ibh02,

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This is the first time I'm bidding on priceline with Canadian credit card. The location I want to stay in is in seattle. What's the best location?

My buget is 50-100 USD including all associated fees. How many stars should I bid? Oh, the date is july 23-24.

What do you think

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In that case, you might want to consider a 2.5* bid or less in an outlying area. Take a look at some of the offerings in Renton and near SEA airport, and perhaps some other areas, and see what you think.

Anything in downtown Seattle will undoubtedly require extra parking fees, which might be quite expensive. This is true even for 1* hotels in downtown Seattle.

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ibh02, you might be able to get rooms at the 3* Coast Hotel in Bellevue for under $50 (they have availability for $89 on their website). I would start bidding at $40 and using free rebids, go up $1 or $2 at a time.

I think free rebids are Bothell, Lake Union, Lynnwood-Edmonds, and Univ of Washington - Northgate.

Make sure to use the BetterBidding.com link, which can be found here:


Given such a last minute bid, I think this is your best bet mainly because Bellevue has so many free rebid zones.

There is free parking at the Coast, although be warned that you could also get the Doubletree (possible) or Hyatt (very unlikely) in Bellevue - both hotels that charge ~$12 for parking! This is the "risk" of using Priceline.

Good luck!

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If you are bidding for a 3* hotel in a certain zone and are rejected on your first bid, in order to bid again you must change one (or more) items relating to your stay. You can change the date(s) of your stay (last thing you want to do) or add another zone or change the the star quality you are bidding on (it will always be lower) The recommended thing to change to keep bidding for a 3* is to add other zones (one at a time) that only have hotels available at star ratings below 3*, usually highest is 2 1/2 stars or even 2 * hotels. Before starting your bidding, look at each zone seperately and note the highest star quality in each zone (put in a check mark in only one zone and click next to do this) Ypu will then see the star ratings that particular zone has available for bidding. Those are your free rebid, for Seattle they would be:

Bothell 2 1/2*, Lake Union 2 1/2*, Lynnwood-Edmonds 2 1/2*, and Univ of Washington - Northgate 2

All other zones would have 3* or higher. By adding the free rebid zones, you can keep bidding in the same zone (say the airport zone) at 3*, remembering to increase your bid as well each time (I'd say $3 - $5 each time) Hopefully with 4 rebid zones you will be able to secure a winning bid. If you are rejected on all bids close your browser and start over (if you are willing to stay in a different area with 3* hotels), choose a different zone than the first time (say Renton-Kent) and repeat procedure from above. It is always important to look at recent winning bids and re-check zones each time you bid (they can change anytime, higher star rating can be added/taken away) In all it would be possible to make 20 bids for hotels 3* or above in the Seattle area, making 5 bids in each zone that have 3* hotels (4 zones) and adding the free rebid zones (4) to the opening bid. The most important thing to remember when bidding Priceline is that your are bidding for a certain area (zone) and star rating, never for a particular hotel (although hoping always to get a decent property in the end) Good Luck!

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For downtown, you're probably looking at a winning bid of closer to $70 + parking. Unless you have a specific reason why you need to be downtown, it would be much cheaper to stay elsewhere and just commute.

Personally, I would avoid the Airport zone because almost all hotels there charge for parking. I still think you could stay in Bellevue on a winning bid of between $45 and $50.

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Was $45 your first bid in the zone? If so, you could have started lower and used the free rebid zones discussed in my earlier post. Recent bids won in that area range from $35 - $45, so it's hard to say if less than $45 would have gotten it, but with rebid zones you can work your way up to your set price (if you have one)

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