Ezpass violation ticket in NJ

By zzricezz,

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After almost a month of returning back to Canada from my trip to NJ, I got a letter in the mail from EZpass for violation that I didn't pay $1 toll fare, so after admin fee it going to cost me $51.

I was there for 4 days and we paid every toll we came across, and I believed for this one (raritan toll south), there was no one at the booth so we deposited the $1 of coins into the buckets and left.

What should I do, since I know I have paid the dam toll.

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This article may be of help, the Turnpike Authority may waive the Administrative fee for the first offense. I would claim that you put your toll in the basket and may have driven away before it was counted. Besides, if you can't trust a Canadian, the world is surely going to hell. :lol:


Good luck and please update this post with the outcome. This article claims you should wait 10 seconds before driving away, but on the Parkway, that will earn you a 5 second horn and the international salute!

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I called them and they said to send them a cheque for $1 and they will waive the fee because I'm a first time offender. Luckly I work for a bank else that $1 usd cheque would of cause me another $6 in fees. I was told to always get a receipt when paying a toll, how many of you actually do that?

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I always get a receipt when driving for business, but I suspect the toll booth you drove through was an exact change or an EZ Pass, which requires a transponder (similar to the Route 403 near Toronto). Neither of these unstaffed booths will provide a receipt. The way the regulations are written are a bit heavy handed; you must have exact change (coins) or a transponder in case you exit and the booth is not staffed. You Must wait 10 seconds after coins are dropped into an exact change booth before exiting. There are no bill validators at exact change booths to accept paper money. You can't even swipe a credit card. I think it's just another money grab by the Turnpike authority.If Redbox and Blockbuster machines can dispense DVD's for $1, I'm sure the turnpike authority could do the same.

At least the Rt. 403 in Ontario will take a photo of your tag and send you a bill if you don't have a transponder.

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