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  1. Started at $40 - rejected but was offer a free bid at $48. I changed a region and bid at $43 and got accepted.
  2. I will be travelling with an infant and 4 adults. Can we fit into a Full-Size rental with a car seat? Cause looking at the stats, Full-Size offer 5 seats and 4 large luggage compare to mid-suv 5 seats and 3 large luggage. Full-Size rental is also cheaper too compare to SUV.
  3. Yea, I didn't even try to go lower since we wanted the same hotel. I first bidded $70 and got rejected, then I bid $75 and won. I was kinda shock $70 didn't get me the four point cause HOTWIRE had it for $81. So I thought $75 for sure would win it but got the Sheraton instead.
  4. Thanks, yea not going to worry about it for extra $10. HOTWIRE has the 3* Four Points by Sheraton Norwood for $81. So it basically even out. Also I booked the 3rd room seperately using the PRICELINE link and got the same hotel for my other friend.
  5. I used the PRICELINE link and was able to get Sheraton Needham Hotel for $75. I selected a 3* hotel not sure why they gave me 3.5* :(.. cause now I have to pay $10 parking which I wasn't hoping for if I get a 3*. Can they auto upgrade me?
  6. Question, I need to book 3 room, 2 room will stay an extra day. Does Priceline always give us the option to extend the stay? Like I will book for 3 nights and hope priceline will give me the option to extend 1 day stay for 2 of the 3 room. Thanks.
  7. Under HOTWIRE, there was only 1 hotel at the brookline - Newton 2.5* $146. PRICELINE, Fenway Area, Brookline 2* $136 HOTWIRE has Needham - Dedham area hotel 3* $97, looks like this hotel is Sheraton Norwood. Is this hotel too far from the city? We will now be renting a car so public transit isn't that important anymore.
  8. I prefer to find a hotel that has free parking, I have a friend that will be driving to Boston and I will be renting a car as well when I'm here, our main purpose of the trip is for shopping because of the tax free weekend so we will probably only going to downtown for 1 of our day. I will be booking my flight this week and shortly after will attempt to bid on PRICELINE for a hotel. I'm hoping to book 3 room at the same time.
  9. Thanks, I did check out HOTWIRE and the lowest rate was $125. So I'm hoping to get around the $100 mark using PRICELINE?
  10. This will be my first time going to Boston and will be travelling with my wife and daughter 8 month old, so public transit will be needed to get around. I was told to look at Brookline area by friends and I saw someone today won Courtyard By Marriott Brookline Boston for $51. I'm willing to pay more, reasonable to get a hotel for around $100? If so how can I start my bidding? Or if anyone have any other ideas to stay, let me know.
  11. that sounds complicated. I'm going with a group of 6 people so I think it just cheaper for us to drive to NYC and park the car.
  12. Thanks thereuare, I would assume this would be double transit fare? one for the bus and one for the subway?
  13. I used a $7 per night coupon I redeemed on priceline so I think I got an even better deal. Started my bidding at $80 -> Rejected $85 -> Rejected $90 -> Accepted at Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel with my coupon I basically got the hotel for $83 for Sept 21st to 24th. Hotwire has this same hotel for $99. The only downside of this hotel is parking and internet isn't free and no access to the PATH subway system. I used the PRICELINE link from this site.
  14. I called them and they said to send them a cheque for $1 and they will waive the fee because I'm a first time offender. Luckly I work for a bank else that $1 usd cheque would of cause me another $6 in fees. I was told to always get a receipt when paying a toll, how many of you actually do that?
  15. After almost a month of returning back to Canada from my trip to NJ, I got a letter in the mail from EZpass for violation that I didn't pay $1 toll fare, so after admin fee it going to cost me $51. I was there for 4 days and we paid every toll we came across, and I believed for this one (raritan toll south), there was no one at the booth so we deposited the $1 of coins into the buckets and left. What should I do, since I know I have paid the dam toll.
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