Priceline Hotel: 3* Kalamazoo $60 turned down

By edarte,

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Sorry for not including all info.

One night only - April 14.

Priceline says average 3* hotel rate in area is $95. I can stay at Residence Inn in area (as I am a Marriott Platium member I usually get pretty good room) for $129.

So I was planning a re-bid on Wednesday for $65, $70 and $75.

Does this sound feasible or am I too low?

Surprized how high I have to go for this area. I guess there is not a lot of choice in 3*

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If you were willing to bid higher you could utilize the advanced re-bid technique:


Kzoo + rebid1

(close browser)

Kzoo + rebid 2

Kzoo + rebid1 + rebid2

The above would give you one extra re-bid opportunity.

If you end up booking the Residence Inn please use our MARRIOTT link to do so.

Please use this HOTWIRE and these PRICELINE LINKS: HOTELS, CAR RENTALS, and AIRFARE to begin your travel purchases

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I vaguely recall my parents getting that Residence Inn in Kalamazoo through Priceline when I was in college there almost 5 years ago.

There really aren't a lot in the 3* range in Kzoo which is probably why you aren't getting much, but the 2 1/2* hotels in the area are fine and in good areas, and I think there is a chance you could get the Residence Inn on Kilgore as a 2 1/2* bid on PL.

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Tried rebidding 72 hours later

One night of April 14th

3* Bid 1 Kalamazoo only $65 - turned down

3* Bid 2 Kal. + Portage $70 - turned down

3* Bid 3 Kal. + Battle Creek $75 - turned down

3* Bid 3 Kal. + Portage + Battle Creek $85- turned down

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I figure it is too late for your trip but there are some good prices showing up for the night you are looking for at Travelaxe . It is a downloadable search program but I find it gives me a good overview of what is offered in the area I"m going too. Sometimes you can contact hotel direct and book that way. I have priceline bid succesfully for Kalamazoo a few times but typically only go for *2 star as they were not part of vacation nights just stop overs for odd reasons. (kids in college) (pick up point for daughter on mission trip)


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