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  1. Good Grief Charlie Brown! Looks like change of plans. There will be no bidding process to report for Lansing. So it appears, old news is going to be the only news. Sorry guys,,but thanks for being here. cheryl
  2. Made me laugh,,, no we are not going to Ann Arbor. :) As to suggestions,, yes all thoughts welcomed. We are going this Sunday Aug 31 and coming home Monday (Labor Day) the 1st. Just a mini get away to see family. We are from Muskegon so only a couple hour trip but want to do things both days together. I have been looking, Hotwire had a 74.00 one and said that the last person won Crowne Plaza. That is a little statement Hotwire says in the upper corner. So not so sure about that if it was so, I would pay the extra as they have good reviews. However, I would like if I could get priceline
  3. Wow,, I did a search on both Hotwire and Priceline for Lansing MI. There have been no wins in over a year?? Am I missing something? We were looking forward to a mini trip this holiday weekend. Any thoughts? advice? or even a comment of surprise! :) Cheryl
  4. A new one to add to the list. Bid using Saginaw 2.5 stars 47.00, they offered 66.00 - I declined Bid adding Birch Run 2.5 stars 51.00 No Bid adding Bay City 2.5 stars 55.00 win I was pretty sure the 55 would take it because PriceLine.Express was offering a 2.5 star in Bay City Mi for 55.00 a night. I still did the 3 areas with name your own price, just in case Saginaw or Birch Run came up as those were preferred locations. Sure wish it was one of the remodeled Fairfields as we really love the new retro design and when they updated, they up-scaled the furnishing too. Of cou
  5. If it was the Ramada that I attended a conference last year ; it has had a complete renovation.
  6. Bid Traverse City North @ 44.00- rejected. Added West @ 55.00 and won Baymont Inn. Since it was holiday weekend, I just wanted to lock something in or I would have waited 24hrs and rebid North again for the Holiday Inn Express as they just finished a renovation. . But Baymonts regular room rate is 69.00 so 14.00 more to put in the gas tank to get away, so all is well. We are staying at Turtle Creek Casino on Monday night at players club rate of 69.00. So a very reasonable weekend get away up in Traverse City. Of course used the Better Bidding PRICELINE link. Cheryl
  7. I live in Muskegon,, if you have questions, message me. Great location, stores and restaurants nearby. If you have children, Michigan Adventures for a day is great and good pricing for what you get.
  8. Excellent,, excellent,,,excellent. And WoW,,,,, all I can add is ~THANK YOU! Cheryl PS We should be traveling again soon now that hubby's health is restored. I look forward to adding our winning bids to the board!
  9. We used the insurance once for priceline rooms and it worked perfect. They did request we fax an doctors order that travel was not possible. We did that and we were given a full refund. True this was a few years back but I always read the print before buying and that was one of the options covered. And like you said, check into different options as also we buy for our cruises and were able to get some money for a delay and airfare change as it too was covered from Travelex. Here is a good site for comparing.. I'm sure there are others. http://www.travelinsurancereview.net/ Thanks for posting
  10. Just tossing this out there, but some places work really hard at keeping the prom crowd and party groups out, so they do not let people check in under age (21 or 18 depending on their policy) so that might be why PRICELINE put the age in at 21.
  11. AMAZING............... can I say it again! AMAZING. This site does everything but turn down the sheets and putting a mint on the pillow. Better Bidding is 5 star service for sure!! Cheryl PS,, add it to the drop down menu on the main page under tools. :)
  12. Bid Lansing, 32.00 , rejected added E. Lansing @ 36.00, rejected waited 24 hours Bid Lansing, 40.00 was countered with 48.00 added E. Lansing @ 42.00, accepted Springhill Suites Lansing West 111 South Market Place Boulevard, Lansing, MI 48917 42.00 12.80 54.80 Best web rate was 99.00. And as always, used the PRICELINE link provided at Better Bidding. Cheryl
  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look. I could not sleep tonight so decided to come over to Better Bidding for a bit and WOW,,, I been hunting and pecking over an hour here. Tell your family thank you very much for sharing you with us! I could not locate a way to catch up all post. I can click one forum at a time. But is there a batch catch up? Thanks again, Cheryl
  14. It has been a few years since I have stayed here,,, unless they have remodeled, it was pretty worn and tired, but clean and comfortable. Also, easy to miss while driving. I think my GPS took me through a neighboorhood too so might want to give yourself a bit extra driving time. There was a good breakfast restaurant down the road a few miles recommended by the front desk people. Enjoy your stay and please report back what your experience was. Cheryl
  15. It will not be Lakeview,, well, I'm 99% sure. Lakeview is ON Mackinac island. Mackinaw City is not on the Island. Lakeview Inn, June, July and Aug will run 200.oo plus with a few nights dipping in the 150 range and some nights well over 300.00. The 2 1/2 star showing up in your HOTWIRE search would be in Mackinaw City, not on the island is my opinion. Cheryl
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