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Is HW Mult Room Booking More Flexible?

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By Scorp,

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I just noticed something, and if this has been posted already, my apologies.

Hotwire requires only one name for multiple-room bookings. You just need to be with that person at check-in to claim one of the other rooms.

Hotwire states you can also call the hotel to have a different name listed to the extra rooms. But why do that, unless you know you will be checking in separately? Because .... you can book 1, 2 or 3 extra rooms and need not commit to any specific individuals for each of these rooms. So if you have a group of people planning a trip and something changes, it is easy to make substitutions.

Priceline requires a specific name for each room and the name on the reservation cannot be changed, so it appears much more restrictive. But I don't believe it prevents you from using the same name on all rooms. (I just tried it but only went to the next confirmation screen and it accepted the duplicate name to that point.) Does anyone know if this is the case?

Priceline reservations require that the person whose name is on the reservation show ID at check-in, but what happens if you can have more than one room under the same name on a Priceline reservation?

Superficially, at least, it appears that Hotwire may be a much better option when there is a group travelling and there is some uncertainty over who will be going. This could apply to a lot of business travel where you might want to substitute one employee for another.

But I am still wondering what happens if you use the same name on more than one room with Priceline....????

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I haven't tried duplicating the same name twice, either.

But given that Priceline tells people to get two rooms if they bring children, and Priceline does not allow people under 21 to check in (I think it's 21, but possibly 18), it seems that Priceline would have to allow the same name for two rooms. (Assume one mother was traveling with three children, for example.)

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Whenever I booked multiple rooms I provided just my name. But we've all always arrived at the same time. Neither PL nor the hotel care how many rooms you book under one name.

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