New Zone Boundaries, Star Levels, Name Changes?

By XT600,

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Thanks for the reminder... done! :)

It actually wasn't supposed to be a reminder - I just hit the wrong button trying to get used to the new site!!!

The post was supposed to report an upgrade of the Pleasanton Marriott (3 to 3.5 stars per Priceline Vacation Package). This is for Oakland/East Bay Pleasanton zone. Thanks!

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Looks like there are some changes in Newark, NJ - Meadowlands:

1) A new "Newark" zone encompassing downtown Newark. This zone has only 3* and lower hotels.

2) The Elizabeth and Newark Airport (EWR) zones appear to have been combined into a new "Newark Airport (EWR) - Elizabeth" zone.

3) The Best Western Robert Treat hotel in Newark is now called the "Best Western Plus Robert Treat" and has a 3* rating again on retail Priceline.

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Looks like Priceline has moved the 4* Sheraton from the Downtown zone to the French Quarter zone

Have you purchased this property thru PRICELINE and it was in the French Quarter zone? (if so, please share your win with the board as a NEW TOPIC). I believe the Sheraton is on the South side of Canal, and from looking at the PRICELINE map, would still be in the Downtown zone.

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I've been trying to book for next weekend, but have not had a bid accepted yet. The reason I assumed the Sheraton changed zones is because when you search New Orleans hotels on PL and limit your search to the French Quarter area the Sheraton appears. If instead you limit your search to just the Downtown area then no Sheraton.

Does the area PL has a hotel in change from their intial list of available hotels when you click "Name Your Price"?

Sorry for aksing that kind of question here if this thread isn't the proper place.

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The 'retail' and 'bidding' sections of PRICELINE each use different zone names, boundaries, etc.

On the bidding side of things the zone boundary is right on Canal St, so it is very close, but from the map it appears to me that the Sheraton is still within the Downtown zone.

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New Orleans needs lots of updates.

For Priceline:

  • The Fairmont re-opened two years ago as the Roosevelt (Waldorf Collection). It's a 4* on the PL direct booking page. And it needs to be moved to the Downtown zone (not CC).
  • The St Louis was completely redone last year and is now called the Hotel Mazarin. If it's still on PL, it's likely at a higher star rating.

For Hotwire:

  • The Monaco became the Hilton St Charles (which you have as a 4*) years ago.
  • The Hyatt just finally re-opened after 6+ years, and may likely be rated higher than 3.5.
  • The Park Plaza is long closed.
  • The downtown Holiday Inn Express is now the Cotton Exchange.

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New zone in Pittsburgh, PA: "North Shore - Stadiums" has been added sometime in the past ~2 months since I was last bidding for Pittsburgh.

The new zone appears to be a carve-out of the "Pittsburgh Downtown" zone for hotels that are across the Allegheny River from downtown and currently offers bidding at 2*, 2.5*, and 3*. The previously reported 3* Residence Inn North Shore would be in the new zone.

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