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  1. Finally won this after bidding steadily from $90 over several days. I was bidding for 3.5* in any of the central Boston zones (Beacon Hill, Boston Common-Theater District, Downtown Boston-Harbor Front, and Copley Square-Back Bay). This is a free upgrade to 4* and since there are a lot more 4* than 3.5* in these zones, I figured I might get an upgrade. I might have overpaid a little since this was my first bid on a new day of bidding but probably not by much. Comparable hotels have published rates well over $200/night and the lowest PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal or Hot.wire offers over the past few days have been about $160. Used the PRICELINE link. Thank you!
  2. Won it on the first bid (3* in Pittsburgh East - Monroeville or West Mifflin - West Homestead). Should've gone lower than $56 since I had a lot of rebid opportunities but it is still a good deal. Used the Priceline link. I previously bid from $60 to $70 in the Shadyside, University Center, and Pittsburgh South Side zones using free rebids with no luck. Then I decided to restart with hotels a little further away and won this.
  3. Found them: Free internet Restaurant Self service laundry Internet access Not sure why I had fitness center there before; it must have been a mistake. Getting confused from doing too much hotel searching on Hotwire!
  4. Got this for a weekend in Barcelona. New hotel for the list. Resort fee of 1.10 Euro/night additional. Amenities: Free Internet, Fitness Center, Self Service Laundry
  5. New Priceline NYOP zone for Washington DC - "Capitol Hill South" which appears to be a split off of the Capitol Hill - Convention Center zone. Everything south of Independence Avenue is in the new zone, which would include these hotels: 3* L'Enfant Plaza Hotel 3* Holiday Inn Capitol 3* Residence Inn Capitol Hill 3* Capitol Skyline Hotel 3* Courtyard by Marriott Washington Capitol Hill / Navy Yard
  6. The Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh Airport in the Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) zone is now rated 3.5* - upgraded from 3* on the list.
  7. I just won the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott for $46 + $13.89 in taxes and fees. Total price for one night is $59.89. I started bidding at $41 and used free rebid zones to raise my bid in $1 increments. I was offered the option to extend my stay at the same rate, but I only need this one night. Used the PRICELINE link. This is my lowest-ever Priceline winning bid!
  8. I found a couple more changes in Priceline Washington DC: 1) There is no longer a "Springfield" zone. The zone maps on Priceline now clearly exclude the Springfield area. 2) The zone named "Suburbs - Northeast" in the hotel list is now named "DC Northeast" on Priceline. Both of the hotels on the list appear to be located within the zone boundaries, so I think this is just a name change.
  9. In Priceline Washington DC there is a new zone called "Georgetown North" that appears to be a split from the "Georgetown - Foggy Bottom" zone. Bidding is currently offered up to 3* only. Based on the Georgetown North zone boundaries, it looks like these hotels on your list (currently in the Georgetown - Foggy Bottom zone) would fall into the new Georgetown North zone: 3* Georgetown University Conference Center 3* Holiday Inn Georgetown (2101 Wisconsin Ave NW)
  10. Using the HOTWIRE link, I found this great deal. All-in for three nights is $224 - the rack rate is $205 per night! Thank you again. Amenities were: Fitness Center, Restaurant, High-Speed Internet, Business Center, Free Internet
  11. You might want to consider bidding 3.5* Downtown rather than 4* if you are ok with the 3.5* locations, particularly the Sheraton Station Square, which is across the Monongahela River from downtown. There are a number of zones that can be used for 3.5* rebidding. As there are only 3 reported 4* hotels Downtown, they can fill quickly if there is a major convention going on - I bid up to $115 for a recent trip before giving up and booking the special group rate for my meeting, which was going on opposite a large convention and the hockey playoffs. North Shore would be a good option as well - parking is probably cheaper there than at the downtown hotels.
  12. This is amazing! Just in time for planning my next trip. Major props for all of the hard work. B)
  13. I am very familiar with the location and like it a lot - I work across the street. :) You'll be several blocks north of the Renaissance and not next to the freeway. Much closer to Pike Place Market, Nordstrom, other shopping, restaurants, etc. Have a great visit to Seattle!