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  1. Some people like the Disney hotels, others don't........I think it's convenient but usually more expensive. The only Disney hotel I can think of that's come up thru Name-Your-Own Price via Priceline are the 2.5* themed all-star resorts like the Movies, Sports, Music, etc.
  2. in this case I think you'll have to live with the charges, chalk it up to experience
  3. good ol' hotwire and their inflated star ratings you might be able to win this one with priceline because, $129 is way too much for most 4* hotels through Name Your Own Price frankly but Priceline is always prepared to fight if you dispute the charges
  4. 1) Priceline only uses star ratings, if you see any other rating system it's not part of selecting your hotel (it's to help you that's all), the hotels you see available on the priceline site aren't necessarily hotels that will come up through Name Your Own Price, so don't base your bid on that 2) correct
  5. actually, now you can bid up until 11PM the day of check-in I've seen the Hyatt come up for less than $60 actually, but it doesn't come up often
  6. in general: your free rebid zones are zones that you have no interest in staying in but only contain star ratings strictly lower then the one you're requesting i.e., you want the Hilton which is a Resort in the DWV zone, and bid $60 in the DWV zone so currently a free rebid zone for you is Kissimmee because even though you don't want a hotel in Kissimmee, Kissimmee currently only has 2* or lower hotels avaiable through bidding on priceline, (2* is less than Resort) thus the point is you can safely increase your bid to $65 and add the Kissimmee zone if that doesn't work you can increase your bid and add free rebid zones as for safely getting the Hilton..............although people tend to get the Hilton around $60, that doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get the Hilton.........you have to be prepared to accept a different Resort, so don't hedge your bets on the Hilton
  7. in the Clearwater Beach zone the highest star level available is 3* your only free rebid zone in this area is South St. Pete (only has 2* or lower).........every other zone has 3* or better we don't see many wins in this area, for that time frame personally I'd start at $70 if that doesn't work, add South St. Pete zone and increase by $10 try again in 24 hours repeat as necessary
  8. you're questioning a post that's over 2 years old???
  9. lol...............but you realize the Doubletree Guest Suites hasn't come up in forever! I've been waiting so long for that hotel to come up, and anytime it was a doubletree in the last 2 it was always the Airport Doubletree to be fair it did come up at the begginning of the year, but to me it seemed like it never came up I stayed at the Guest Suites I think around 2002 or 2003 just paying the regular rate and remember liking it.........and then I found priceline & saw it was part of the hotel lists but it seemed like it never came up I thought it was a great hotel, but since then it's gotten some pretty negative reviews.....it's possible it's gone downhill since then, but I think it will be okay enjoy
  10. wait, runNgun your 2nd post is the address for the Airport Doubletree so you won both hotels? (I'm confused here)
  11. it might work, but actually they go in and edit those reviews......so it would have to be something very subtle that only you would recognize if, you drop any obvious hints as to name or location they will edit it right out or just not post your review another thing is people might tons of reviews for one hotel, but usually only a couple are posted.......it's ones they hand pick typically
  12. across the board, star ratings tend to be similar, but don't count on them to match
  13. I agree with you about the hotel's status, but I don't think priceline could rate it lower then a 3* due to its amenities. I would suggest that Priceline just no longer works with them because of the many complaints, like with the Nikki Bird. It's sad because it really is a nice resort but it's not taken care of properly.
  14. so did you win this as a 4* or Resort? (so there's no confusion)
  15. yes, much better deal with the hotel quality and the price I was just dying to know because I normally am terrible at guessing the Hotwire hotels and this is an area I like very much so I was just curious as george to know what hotel it is but the hyatt is very nice, on the upper side of 4* so you'll be very pleased
  16. Congratulations, but I was dying to see if your Hotwire hotel in question was in fact the quorum or not! :)
  17. I'm sure the hotel didn't list all of it's amenities to hotwire: I want to scream Quorum, but it's not a match I don't see how a 3.5* hotel couldn't have an airport shuttle or high-speed internet access.......I've looked at the DoubleTree,Marriott,Hilton,Quorum and they all have shuttles and high-speed access......so I really think Hotwire should correctly list the available amenities...but they don't but I think the customer-favorite has gotta push me to bet it's the Quorum
  18. resort is actually 4.5* techincally unfortunately you can't bid on an exact hotel using priceline, so even if you bid higher or lower you're not guaranteed a particular hotel
  19. there's no way to guarantee you'll get a hotel on International Drive, but in general hotels in the Seaworld/Universal zone tend to be on International Drive or very close to it.........so I would say your best bet is to stick with that zone we haven't seen the Renaissance resort come up in a very long time, you're right about the Peabody coming up pretty consisently because your trip is about 6 months away it might take a while before you get a succesful bid for cheap, but you've got quite a long time to try
  20. but the thing is priceline has surely had people who have threatened to sue them by now when they consider priceline breaks their terms of the contract.......probably would've been a big class-action lawsuit against them by now if it was really that big of a problem it would be interesting to see if priceline has ever actually been sued before though
  21. this isn't the kind of thing to be settled in court, the judge would just tell you "dispute the charges with your credit card company"
  22. Nikki Bird is now Home Suite Home and will likely be re-rated by priceline because there is no longer daily maid services (IC website no longer lists the Nikki Bird as a Holiday Inn property)
  23. nice to see somebody get a hotel in Lakeland was 55 your 1st bid?
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