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  1. Once you submit your bid, the next screen will say that either it's been accepted or give you a counter offer--something to the effect that although nothing was available at your bid amount, they have found another hotel for a different amount. (At least, that's what happened to me.) :)
  2. My first bid of $60 accepted for the Marriott London Heathrow for Sunday, Nov. 19. Total with fees/taxes = $78.09. :)
  3. Yes. ah, OK -- that explains it. Thanks. :)
  4. Thanks for the quick replies; very helpful. :) One other thing: I wanted to bid on a 4* in a zone but am given the possibility of only 3* and 2* categories--even though Priceline has 4* hotels listed in the zone in question. I wonder why that is. :)
  5. Two questions: 1. On the Priceline UK site, some hotels have star ratings while others have diamond ratings. If I bid on, say, a 3* hotel, might they give me a 3-diamond hotel instead? Some aren't rated at all, so am I correct in thinking these wouldn't be considered in a bid? 2. Also, just to confirm .... if I bid on a 3* hotel, and one isn't available, I might be offered a higher rated one -- but not a lower; am I right? Appreciate all the great info. on this board. Thanks. :)