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  1. Sorry for the delayed post. Wanted a nice place downtown, started at $120, raised by $10 with rebids until hitting at $150. Very happy with win, great hotel, perfect location. Westin site had it for $210.
  2. Got it with opening bid of $60. Marriott was offering it at $154.
  3. keizers I'd be real curious as to your experience with this property. TripAdvisor has several bad reviews by folks who got sub-standard rooms booking via lastminute.com. I wonder if they do the same for PL bids. Please let us know how it is for you. Thanks.
  4. Was surprised to get this, but not too disappointed. Seems to have decent reviews, formerly known as Wingate Inn. This looks like a new addition to list. I was expecting something like the Courtyard, Fairfield, Hilton Garden or Residence Inn. The hotels I mentioned were all showing over $100, so that was the reason for my price point, but got it on first bid so I know I didn't get a deal, $84 is the BW AAA rate. Hotel details are: Best Western Coyote Point Inn 480 North Bayshore Boulevard San Mateo, California 94401
  5. I think it might have been the Crowne Plaza Peninsula - but ended up going with a Priceline bid (also posted here) so not able to confirm.
  6. Any help would be appreciated. Bid dates 6/25-29. Hotel shows with following: Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center
  7. I was bid over multiple days starting with $55, working my way up to $63 where they accepted. Each day my first bid was offered an immediate buy for $17 more - whether I had started at $58 or $60 or $62. I used the free rebid zone at Luton. This was the hotel I was looking for, so I'm happy.
  8. Your Offer Price: US$95.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: US$95.00 Taxes & Service Fees: US$30.92 Total Charges: US$125.92 Bids were $85, $90, $91 and $95. Was offered the immediate purchase for $22 more when starting.
  9. I used all the rebids, $60, $62, $64, $66, $68 then hit at $70. Happier with this than the Quorum!
  10. Started at $60, offered an immediate buy for $17 more. I declined and re-bid up till getting accepted at $70.
  11. Looking for one night 7/9, Westshore-TPA area. The hotel in question comes up for $79 and shows as 3.5*, Customer Favorite with Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center and Tennis Nearby. From the hotel list its similar to the Quorum but not identical. If it is the Quorum, that would be great, if it's something like the Doubletree (formerly a 3.5*) I wouldn't be so thrilled.
  12. First bid accepted (I hate it when that happens, always think I could have gone lower). Nonetheless, very happy with results, sounds like a nice place. Rack rates around $150. Total for two rooms w/taxes and fees $141.78.
  13. Bid for my son, on the road traveling. Put bid in at 10 PM for same night stay. Started at $33 with Airport area, thought I'd get the Holiday Inn. Kept raising bid and adding zones, finally added Downtown and got the Courtyard. Rack rate through Marriot.com is $169, so I'd say it's a pretty good deal. Total with fees is $64.87
  14. Excellent, low-cost 3* hotel. I found it to be an very good value for my $36 winning bid. I have also stayed previously at a similar price. Externally not impressive, low-rise, dated looking building. Somewhat of a spawling building complex, this results in a potentially long walk to the room. However it is offset for guests with vehicles, you can park all around the perimeter and enter the buildings from the closest entrance. Pull into the front and get your room assignment and directions before parking. Parking is free and plentiful. Rooms are average size and seem to have been recentl
  15. Thanks, I think you may be right. I decided to go with a more predictable outcome, Sheraton West End via Priceline at $36. I've posted the results. Actually was aiming for this one. I've stayed here before, decent place and a good value. Started at $34, rebid in $1 increments, hit at $36. Bid was for two rooms.
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