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  1. Here's an update and info that may be helpful to you and readers. I went up to $54.00 for 3* or 2* in Plymouth Meeting and tried 2* at $52.00. Was rejected at midnight last night. When i looked at PLs "Express" rates (like Hotwire set rate but hotel hidden) I saw a "Ft. Washington/Horsham" 2* at $37. (and included Breakfast). When I looked at PL's full rate hotels in Ft. Washington/Horsham the only 2 star was the Ft. Washington Best Western. Best rate there was $90. Since I need to be in Ft Washington area on Saturday night (18th) but closer to Plymouth Meeting for Friday night (17th) I figured that was a good deal - even if a bit further. So I went in (using your link) and bought the $37. room. Turns out it was Days Inn Horsham (about 7 miles away from Ft. Washington) but that's okay as I need a clean room and it was $15.00 less than what my max bid would be. (And I travel light so different hotels not an issue this time). So that leave me with only Friday night (8/17) to bid for in Plymouth Meeting. So I may have a better chance as Fridays are sometimes less busy. Because I bid at midnight I really can't bid today (can I if I changed dates to only one night instead of two?) Anyway, I thought knowing the Days Inn-Horsham is a 2* EXPRESS DEAL hotel for PL. As always, thanks for your guidance.
  2. Start with the following... 1) Use the PRICELINE search box on the upper right of this page, enter 'Plymouth Meeting, PA' and your dates, and click "GO". DONE DONE 2)List each zone that is offered in this region. Exton Horsham Plymouth Meeting Pottstown Valley Forge West Chester 3) Next to each zone list the highest star rating offered in the zone. The way to determine the highest star rating offered in the zone is by selecting the first zone i the list, then scrolling down to see the highest star rating selectable (ie- not greyed out). NEXT UNcheck the selected zone, place a checkmark in the next zone, and repeat the process for each zone in the region. Each time you take note of the highest star rating in the zone, make sure that only ONE zone is selected above. 4) post your findings and we'll take it from there Exton -3 star Horsham - 3 star Plymouth Meeting - 3 star Pottstown - 2.5 star Valley Forge - 3 star West Chester - 3 star See above. ThankS!
  3. I guess I'm a bit dense this week. I used your link - always do. I clicked on your PRICELINE link and Chose Philadelphia Western suburbs and then checked box for only region I want (Plymouth Meeting). It gave me 4 boxes to choose from. Highest is 3*, then 2.5*, then 2 Star and finally 1 star. Per the BB list the hotels are: 3.5* Marriott Philadelphia West REVIEW 3* Courtyard by Marriott 3* Doubletree Guest Suites 3* Residence Inn Conshohocken REVIEW 3* Summerfield Suites 2.5* Springhill Suites 1* Extended StayAmerica I used the NON bid priceline to see what was in the region and they list the Dopubletree, , Residence and Marriott as 3 stars, Springhill and Hampton as 2.5 * and America's Best Value as 1 star. They never had a 2 star in this reagion before and apparantly don't but it is not greyed out. I'm willing to go to $53 and as low as 2 stars. Game plan? BTW, I checked Hotwire which uses different zones. They use Playmouth Meeting-Ft Washington and had two hotels: a 3 star at $85 and a 2 * at $77. Thanks as always.
  4. In your instructions last night you said Select 3* Plymouth Meeting Norristown Bid $51, if Rejected add re-bid zone. Since I must be in Plymouth Meeting Norristown I couldn't do that. I selected 3* and bid $51. It was rejected. I then lowered to 2.5* and increased bid to $53. - rejected. I logged out and used the re-acess link you gave and chose 2* and bid $50. It was rejected. Is this my daily plan for now? Oh yes, I did use the BB PRICELINE link to get in.
  5. Thanks! Soory to be a pain but I can't change my re-bid zone. I need to be in that zone. Valley Forge is too far away. If I wanted Valley Folge, I could get $49. for a 2 1/2 star hotel with cancellation priviliges. Still thinking I can get for my price as there are more hotels this year. So, if I don't want to change re-bid zones can you revise the suggested strategy please? Thanks!
  6. I would actually accept a 2 star hotel, just not a 1 star (yet! - I had to do that one year). Any of the 2 + plus ones are about $79. plus tax (but I need to consider PL booking fee too and no hotel "points".So I guess the plan is is (IF I'm willing to go to $53. and go as low as a 2 star) that I first bid on a 3 star at $51, then change to a 2.5 star at $52 and then a 2 stat at $52.? I can't bid again until tonight but will use your BB PRICELINE link as always. ThankS!
  7. I use your hel;p every year for this annual visit and can use guidance again. I'm willing to get a 2* for the two nights and usually bid 2.5* and then 2* and get upgraded to a 2.5 (Spring Hill Suites - my favorite - or Residence Inn Conshocken. There are no 2* hotel in this area on PL. By search for regular hotels shows me $84 at 2 Star equivalent Extended Stay. But I need to pay less. For the last two years I;ve booked in June (for August) and gotten $50 rate. This week I tried (using BB link by starting at 2.5 stars at $50. and then 2 stars at $52. but no luck as of tonight. I guess I should have started at 3 stars. (One of the 3 stars (Courtyard by Marriott) does not include breakfast while the others do. But, I'll accept Courtyard if I get it. Any suggestions for getting my room for $53.00 or lower? Thanks as always!
  8. Thanks Aaron: Ironically, while I was waiting for your answer, I was able to contact the Club hotel - which does have a brekfast and free parking and they offered me a balcony room which would have been $10.00 more. Got good reviews so I'll take that. BUT I love BB and ALWAYS send folks here! Again, thanks! Steve
  9. We need a hotel out by Airport with FREE Parking for 4 nights this weekend. Hotwire only has one 3 star @$68/night and it may not include breakfast I have a cancellable Wingate (which is 2.5 star on Priceline) at about $79. (It includes breakfast but gets mixed reviews). Priceline has only ONE 2.5 star and above hotel at fixed price. It's the Wingate at $72. I have a cancelleable (until midnight tonight) room at the Independent Club Hotel. There are the Country Suites and Springhill Suites (I've always liked those - $99.) Both have breakfast. SOME of the 3 star have no Breakfast. The cheapest 3 star is the Residence Inn at $99. Any help? Should I bid on a 3 star at the $75.00 rate (average I'm paying now) and then go to say $55. for 2.5 star? Thanks! I always use the BB site to bid on PL. I would just like to get a bargain and Breakfast is worth $15./night to me (getting stuck at a Courtyard with no breakfast)
  10. I bid on PL every year (through BB PRICELINE link of course). I used to get Springhill Suites - which I love - but otherwise end up with either the Courtyard Marriotte in Plymouth Meeting or the Residence Inn in Conshocken. I prefer PM because it is closer to where I need to be but the Courtyard does not include breakfast. (It is 3*). The Residence Inn is 3* w3ith breakfast but another 6 miles further. Yesterday I bid $49 for 3 star and rejected. Went to $46 for 2.5* rejected. Today I just chose 2.5* and went to $50. (this is per night for a Friday and Saturday). It was accepted as Residence Inn. (usually pretty empty on a weekend). It includes a kitchen which I don't use.
  11. Okay, time to bid on PL again (using BB PRICELINE link of course!). Last year I found Hotel Bonus cash in my rewards account and used it. This time I only have Hotel+ car or Hotel+flight. Is PL giving just hotel cash out there now? Should I wait? I usually use PL (again, via BB!) for this particular annual hotel stay and book in the last two weeks of June for mid-August stay.
  12. Sure: Complimentary Breakfast, Pool(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities, High-speed Internet Access
  13. This compares with Ramada online rate of $53.00 Senior 14 day advance non-refundable and $60.80 Fully Refundable. I used BB HOTWIRE link. Thanks!
  14. Here's update to close out this post. I used BB link on Hotwire and the $53./night room was at the Ramada. This is basically equal to the 14 days ADVANCE NON-CANCELLABLE rate on the RAmada site which was $55./night but no Hotwire fee. And it's now 10 days before my arrival. I think I'll be happy and post my HW win on HW forum. Thanks as always for your help. I LOVE this site.
  15. My logic: 1) Someone recently got Saga Motor Inn on Hotwire per BB forum. 2) Saga is Listed as a one of the 2* on BB Hotel List for Priceline. If it's not a possibility, should it not be removed. 3) Okay I read the satisfaction rating so it looks like Hotwire might be my best bet. Their ratings are always lower. But I trust your judgement. Looks like that's my best bet. Thanks! I'll use the BB link and report back what I get.Thanks to the other poster. I'm only using a bed so don't NEED a better hotel but will first bid $53 in Pasadena for 3.5* and who knows. Not worth paying more and I'm actually visiting MonRovia the second night but want to be in Pasadena the next morning. Again thanks all!
  16. HELP!!! I posted a request for bidding help for 2 star hotel in Pasadena yesterday. After an hour I checked back and no reply but it was "viewed" five times. I went in this morning and it was no longer there. I looked in "My Messages" to see if I did something wrong or if it was removed. No messages. I sent a message to the Administrator and no reply yet (7 hours). I would really like to use Priceline if I can get a better price than ones I got from hotels (and I always use the BB PRICELINE link). Any help in why I can't find my post? Or should I post it again? I'm confused :) Thanks!
  17. I try to stay near here every August and spend less than $50/night on a weekend (for 2 nights). I've had in some years to settle for a one star (The Extended Stay America). I always use the BB link and as I was searching for it last night I looked on Priceline Tips tab. Someone posted the $10.00/night bonus (up to $50.) which PL is offering until 6/30/10. I used the code but not high enough last night. Tonight I said "what the heck, I'll bid $49.00 - which meant it was reflected as $59. and I got the Courtyard Marriott which I stayed at two years ago for about the same price. I was very happy with it. Again, thanks to BB for being such a great and FRIENDLY site! Steve :) :)
  18. Now this is why I support BB! I just happened to check the tips today - I was looking for the BB PRICELINE link (It's not on the top of the BB page- And saw your post. I went in and the $50. credit is there. I tried bidding but still was too low but I have 4 more days to bid. So hopefully it will help. I am bidding on a 3 star. THANKS!! I'd love to know how often they do these bonues. Again thanks! Steve
  19. Thanks. The UN one really puts out of the way and it'll be late. The Difference with taxes and fees for Hotwire is about $15.00/night less. Only using room to sleep 8 hours so I think I'll stay where I am. ALL Hotwires in Times sqaue are at least $119.00 before taxes and fees. Not sure I''ll get a 3 star Times Square much less than $109. wincluding breakfast for Sat Sun. Thanks as always for your help. I send lots of folks to BB. Steve
  20. BTW my Cancelable hotel is the Hotel @ Times Square on W. 46th St. Rate of $109./night. Total two nights with taxes was $259.42 Steve
  21. FITNESS CENTER, RESTAURANT Business Center HIGH Speed Internet
  22. Hi! I've got a reservation (cancellable) in Times Quare area for Sat and Sunday near the Hilton It's basically a 2.5* but I don't need much. Rate is $109. Per Hotwire their only under $100. rooms are at a MTE 3.5* at $89.00. I'm tempted as it could be reasonably convenient. But I don't want to bay FAR away. I saw on the BB list of HOTWIRE hotels that Hotel 57 or something like that is a 3.5* but comments were that it's not so hot. I'm thinking about bidding on PRICELINE (I'll us BB link of course) but wonder if I can get a 2.5* Times Square or MTE for much less than $85.00 for Friday and Saturday. Thanks for youer help as always!
  23. Here's copy of what was listed for the Holiday InnExpress Hotel & Suites Concordville: 3-star hotel in Concordville - Glen Mills This hotel features the following amenities: Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Steve
  24. First off, I used the BB HOTWIRE link. After looking at the Hotwire list I saw 3 stars was Staybridge Suites which got great review. HOTWIRE offered me two hotels in the area. One was *** in West Chester for $54. and another in Concordville for $56. (Also ***). I looked at amenities and noted the $56.00 one had included "continental or full breakfast" and business center. The other had neither. So I went for the $56.00 one in Concordville, thinking it was the Staybridge. Well, it wasn't. It's a Holiday Inn Express. (When did they get to 3 stars - even on Hotwire? So what is a regular HI, 4 stars?? <vbg> Anyway total with the taxes etc was $66.82. We were originally thinking of booking 2 nights but glad only booked one. We'll see what it is but you should record this as a Hotwire 3 star in the list and record my win. And thanks for running BB! Steve in Philly
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