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  1. Attempted 3 star @ $60 no go. Dropped my star level to 2.5 and the bid to $52 and got the Quality Inn. ($63 with fees and taxes) I was hoping for the Fairfield Inn. Oh well. Quality Inn is rated 28th out of 32 hotels in Bismarck. :( Regular rate is $77 with taxes.
  2. First bid of $45 using the BiddingHelper.com got me the Fairfield Inn once again. $57.22 with all fees/taxes $109 listed on their web site so almost saved 50% :) Oh yeah, for Sunday Sept 29th 2013
  3. Bid yesterday $45 Today I bid $50 and got it! Great hotel for a great price!
  4. Won on first bid of $70 Also used the current PRICELINE hotel coupon of 5% off for a total of $312.32 plus $25 a day resort fee. $412 for 4 nights Cheapest rate I could find was $516 so saved $100 Used the PRICELINE links to bid
  5. tried bidding for a 3 star on Priceline up to $69 but to no avail. Hotwire was offering a 3 star for $69 so i took them up on it and got The Arbuckle Lodge. 2 nights with taxes came out to $160.70. 14 day prepayment rate on the Arbuckle website was $188 so a savings of $14 a night. Amenities were: Free Parking Free Breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Kitchenette Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Wh
  6. Won on my first bid of $45. I got this hotel last time when I impatiently lowered my star level from 2 1/2 to 2 stars in Aug. I wasn't very pleased at that time with that win. This time around I made sure to not go below 2 1/2 stars so I could avoid this hotel. Imagine my surprise that PRICELINE has now deemed this place to be a 2 1/2 star establishment. Very disappointed! I guess the list of winning hotels will need to be updated. As always I used the PRICELINE links to bid.
  7. Tried bidding for 2 1/2 star up to $50 to no avail for several days. At the last minute I decided to bid at the 2 star level. Bid $45 as my first bid and viola! Kelly Inn Main ave. $107.76 total vs the best rate online of $148.43, a savings of just over $20 a night. Pretty poorly reviewed hotel. Should have done my homework here on BB before lowering my star level but getting impatient will get you every time. :( Bid using the BB PRICELINE link
  8. This is info from a co worker who made his first Priceline bid with some coaching from me. Sorry, I forgot to tell them to make their bids via betterbidding.com. Next time for sure! Started bidding at $40 over several days. Then yesterday they bid $48 and got the offer to buy the room at $58. Waited till today and bid $50 and nabbed the Fairfield Inn.
  9. Started at $50 and got accepted right away. Regular rate for that weekend (easter) was $109 Glad to see that the Fairfield is now rated 2 1/2. Now there is no chance of getting the dumpy Travelodge.
  10. Just a quick update. This hotel is in dire need of a refurb. Mattress was torn and tattered and ancient as were the lampshades. Newer carpeting was the only improvements that i saw. Everything else still looks like it is from the 1980's. How priceline can call this a 2 star is beyond me! Compared to the Fairfield inn which I had won previously this hotel is a dump.
  11. Started at $40 and worked my way up to $44 in $2 increments over 3 days. Was hoping for the Fairfield Inn which we won before but it will do. Advance purchase price on the travelodge web site was $67
  12. just wanted to let the powers that be know that somehow this thread: 4* NYC (MTW) Warwick, $250 .... 10/19/11-10/22/11 is somehow posted in the July calendar of wins. yet it is clearly a reservation for Oct.
  13. Thanks Theruare! $35 isn't too bad. I would have thought taxi fares from the airport would be a lot higher. definitely worth it. Thanks again Herb
  14. there is the wife and I and we arrive Sat mid afternoon 14:00 I think it is and we leave on a Sat Morning @ 8:00. I did a little digging last night and the bus/subway combo looks doable. Seems to be just as fast as a taxi and just $4.00 :) What do you think? P.S. we will be flying with just carry on, no checked luggage. (finally have my wife trained. ha ha) regards Herb
  15. Thanks Theruare! Any cheap alternatives to get from La Guardia to Le parker meridien? Last time we stayed in NY we took the super shuttle. What an ordeal!!! Must have taken 3 1/2 hours to get to our hotel in the UWS. At one point we were within 100 yards of one of the drop offs but on the wrong side of the street so the driver had to go around the block which took another 1/2 hr. Brutal! The funny thing was, I was originally going to just try public transit to our hotel but in the end felt that wasn't worth the hassle and extra time. regards herb
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