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  1. Started bidding with BB link. PRICELINE EXPRESS was $52, tried $48 received counter at $57
  2. Started with BB PRICELINE link, bid $64, 3 star, upgraded to 4 star. Self parking is $18/day, I wanted a 3 star with free parking.
  3. Best Western New Oregon Motel 3 out of 5 star Thu Nov 16, 2017 - After 04:00 PM Check-out: Fri Nov 17, 2017 - 12:00 PM 1655 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene , OR , United States
  4. Started bid with BB PRICELINE link, bid $115 received counter offer at $136, rebid using free rebid zones, $117, $119, $120 accepted. PRICELINE EXPRESS, Los Angles, Downtown, 4* $141 Hotel parking, valet only, $47/night. Hotel website $269/night. Purchase date:Jul 12, 2017 Offer price:$120.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:1 night Room subtotal:$120.00 Taxes & fees:$26.78 Total charged today:$146.78 Total cost:$146.78 Savings:You saved 58%*
  5. Used BB PRICELINE link, started at $100, received counter offer at $136, used free rebid zones, raised bid in $10 steps, $120 accepted. PRICELINE EXPRESS, $135. Summary of Charges / Receipt Total charged: $289.80 Purchase date:Jun 22, 2017 Offer price:$120.00/night Number of rooms:1 room Number of nights:2 nights Room subtotal:$240.00 Taxes & fees:$49.80 Total charged today:$289.80 Total cost:$289.80 Savings:You saved 57%*
  6. Started bid with BB PRICELINE link, $63, $68 accepted. Expedia is $99, parking charges $20/day for self park.
  7. Bid $60, rebid using free zone $62 accepted. PRICELINE EXPRESS showed 3.5* in same area at $68. Started with BB PRICELINE link.
  8. Bid $51, received counter offer of $70, rebid $61 using free zones, accepted. Hotel website is $96, PRICELINE EXPRESS is $65.
  9. Correction: 12/19-12/24/15, $54/night, tax/fees $65.62, total $335.62 A great value, includes a light dinner, friendly staff. Also, the front desk sold a Utah Super Pass which cost me $54/day verses $85/day skiing at Alta, this was a 4 day pass over a 14 day period. Other amenities are In-room accessibility, wheel chair accessible, accessible bathroom, accessible parking, roll-in shower Interesting, Hotwire now shows before purchase, what property was won in the last several days, which predicted my purchase of the Crystal Inn. I`m finding better deals on Hotwire verses Priceline.
  10. Used BB HOTWIRE link. Free parking, free breakfast, free internet, indoor pool, airport shuttle, fitness center, business center self-service laundry, internet access
  11. Bid full size $25, rebid standard size $26 accepted. Daily offer price: $25.00 Number of days: 3 Taxes & Fees $49.25 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total charged: $124.25
  12. Started with BB PRICELINE link. Bid $50, 51, 52 accepted. Hotel web page is $149. Parking is $18.
  13. Started bid with BB Price.line. PRICELINE EXPRESS Bidding showed 2.5* at $77. Bid $63, counter offer at plus $20, rebid $70. $73 accepted.
  14. Started bid with BB Price.line, bid $52 accepted. PRICELINE EXPRESS bidding showed 3.5* at $59.
  15. Started bid with BB [url=]PRICELINE[/url] link. Bid $46.48, 51accepted, using free rebid zones. Surprise, Ouch! hotel fee $7.56. Looks like the same hotel is offered thru Express Deals at $55/night. We have stayed at this hotel several times, good free breakfast, close to Alta ski area. Offer price: $51.00 /night Number of rooms: 1 room Number of nights: 4 nights Room subtotal: $204.00 Taxes & fees: $36.72 Total charged today: $240.72 Hotel fee: $7.56 Total cost: $248.28 Savings: You saved 48%