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  1. Boy you are fast! So here's more info. I need to be 8 miles west of Lansdale (in Schwenksville) so Montgomeryville Works.too. Last year I same Friday and Saturday Night I got Residence Inn by Marriott Philadelphia Montgomeryville 16 miles from Schwenksville for $60.00 I was sharing but this time just solo. (Also PL does not guarantee two beds so one slept on couch!) I used to get Plymouth Meeting/ Conshohocken but that often put me at Marriott near the Schuylkill. Ft. Washington is almost acceptable as I can take Route 73 - putting me 35 minutes east of where I
  2. Thanks. that link works. My dates are August 16 in August 18 out TWO nights. I can get Ft. Washington Best Western for $50 with a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal but that's an extra 10+ miles. Would Rather syay in Lansdale or Montgomeryville. Last year I got Staybridge Suites for $60 in Montgomeryville same dates. Also, I'd like Breakfast included. I have time but would like to book. Thanks. Steve
  3. I'm posting this here because it's a two part question. I bid at least twice a year and when I went into Lansdale, PA to start on a 3 star and go down to 2 1/2. I keep getting full price, Express Deals and then Stev's Deals but I no longer see the link to Name Your Own Price. I found yesterday and lost bid (I used the BB link) but Now I can't find it. Annoying. Is there a url that gets you to NYOP? Next Based on past history, I'd like to TRY to score a 2 1/2 star in either Lansdale or if not Montgomeryville for $60 max. Got last year in Montgomeryville for $55. for similar dates.
  4. Thanks. But I actually have an answer for you. I did a google on 3 stars in Montgomryville for all hotels and it looked like the Residence Inn. And at the Price of $65/night it was really cheap. So I went through BB to PRICELINE and booked it and it is the Residence innn in Montgomeryville (North Wales) The dates BTW were Check in August 17th and out on the $19th. The revealed price on PRICELINE was $129 so $65 for my 3 star was fine. I always send folks to BB. Keep up good work.
  5. There is a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for Montgomeryville for $65. less 5% coupon) but the Hotel List on BB doesn't show any PL for Montgomeryville. Before I buy I'm wondering if you know vwhich it might be. It's listed as Noth Wales Montgomerville but then says Montgomerville The Amenities are: Free InternetFree ParkingFree BreakfastBusiness Center Fitness CenterNon SmokingPets AllowedSwimming Pool It's $65/night for two nights in August. Thanks for help!
  6. Thanks again for your help. I think we found a wonderful rental in OSJ and it got ALL 5 star review. With 2 beds and private bath (and interesting host - per reviews). The room would be just over $200 for BOTH nights (including taxes). Waiting for reply - but I have two "back up hotels" (not on PL (as they have very few). BTW, the OSJ terminal is only for DAY PORT STOPS. The new Terminal is 4.7 km (11 minutes) by taxi (Uber can't get into the terminal area.) As always, I'll be back again for help booking future hotels and using the BB links. I ALWAYS refer folksto you!
  7. My bsack up hotel is Dream's Hotel in University Area. I got it for $346 US for two nights including the HEFTY 21% room tax). It's fully cancelable. I did CALL to see they are open. Since the buyer on PL cannot canel but the HOTEL can (Both Hilton and Sheraton are cancelling through March) the buyer can'tr be sure. As I looked, even PL isn't offering many. You have lots of Caribbean CRuises leaving San Juan and virtually no hotels. Guess I'm better off staying near the University for the two nights. Got good review and only $10 Uber ride to airport or Old San Juan. But if you think PL is possi
  8. Okay Update. I realize that Ponce is a LONG way from San Juan so the casino won't work. So far I have a hotel reserved fully cancellable for $140 night by airport. I see via Better Bidding that PL only has 3 hotels in San Juan The Sheraton and two Hilton's. These are running $350/night. Think I stand a chance of bidding on these for under $200/night. PL lets me bid to a 3 star in San Juan. If we can't find any hotels in the city for less than $200 we may have to just stay at airport and cab in.
  9. This is a more unusual request than I've had before. We are flying to San Juan on 1/4 for a cruise on 1/6 . we had a hotel reservedandtoday THEY cancelledthe reservation because of power issues. A quick search using many search sites showed only a few DUMPS for $150. Reviews WERE BRUTAL. I went on PL and saw a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal for a "Hotel and Casino" which it says is a major brand for $110! They said room would be assigned on arrivakl but theroom would have the2 beds we need. Since it is non cancelable, I'm wondering your thoughts. Much of San Juan is still without power so we will se
  10. Update. I've been bidding ever two days at $25 for a mid-size and then $25.00 for a Compact. I had a guaranteed mid-size fully cancellable at Alamo through PL at a total of $245.45. so that was my target. I even bid $25 on a Compact Car. and raised to $26. So no deal. Tonight I went on PL and bid $25 for midsize and lost. It said I could get for $27 but I bid $26 for the midsize and WON>! It total was $204.63 from BUDGET. Much more than last year but I have it and can now cancel the one that was $245.45. And I did use the BB PRICELINE portal. Thanks again as always!
  11. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I went in and chose a Compact and chose 5 days (the rate inly went down per day by 2 dollars if I added the extra 2 hours). With the $30 off it was $295.50 but I was able to get a compact for $245.45 with no pre pay and cancelable. So, obviously that is best deal now till I get a winnibng beid on PL. I can try again tomorrow.
  12. I was able to get a Compact from DOLLAR for $245. total ($30/ less) do that's my target now. It's confirmed. So I'll keep bidding. Thanks and I always use yiour link.
  13. So, My REAL times are 5/13/17 pick up at 9:30 AM (flight arrival time is 9:18) and 5/18/17 drop off at 10:30 AM - flight at noon. That brought up $39/day for a Compact Using your plan , I entered Pick up at 9:30 and drop off at 11:30 on PL and got a daily rate for Compact of $32. (midsize was $34) for total with fees of $278.24.. Using HOTWIRE for that 5 days + 2 hr (i was given $31 for Compact and $32 for midsize (non cancellable of course) It looks like PRICELINE uses a 48 hour rebid window. So tomorrow is my next chance. Any other bidding strategy? A 20% discount factor would b
  14. I need a car for 5 days in Nashville 9/13-18/17. I prefer a mid-size but can get into a Compact (but I'm to big for an Economy). I have won a mid size in past years on PL at $20/day. I see some folks recently got a Compact for $16/day. I've been bidding $20 on Midsize on PL and then change to Compact at same $20. It wants me to bid $34 - which I won't do. Best price on HOTWIRE - which doesn't allow bids - is $37./day I won't do until you tell me I'm doing right thing. I love you folks and ALWAYS use your PRICELINE bidding links. Thanks!
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