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  1. If you search Travelocity for a pool near Uniondale, the Day's Inn in Hicksville pops up as the most likely candidate (and few would give it a 2*...how about a 1/2*)
  2. She is a bit Gestapo like over there but seems to be effecient IF you play exactly by her rules. I just had a post removed because I replied that I was refusing to research 3 different travel sites for the hotel rate of all the possible hotels for that date and place. Instead I stated the dates and the Zones and the star ratings and my high bids that were declined before I ran out or free bids. That was good information which gave a reader a place to start, where I had left off. and at the $40 and up range, I was above 35% of whatever the published rates would be. So she zapped the whole thre
  3. I got this on the first try. I was rejected on both 3* and 2.5* at $45. This seems to be a good deal as prices are high for this date. My backup was a Homestead Suites for $41 on their own web site. Homestead is one of the 2* Priceline's in this area so I was pleased to get a better hotel for $6 less.
  4. I bid $30 hoping to get the Courtyard and was counteroffered $38 by Priceline. I got the Wellesley and called immediately and asked for 2 beds. I was told it would be $10 more per day. Now it's not a good deal anymore. Last year I stayed at the Red Lion for $32 and it was fine. I did some more talking and was offered a free upgrade to a King size bed with a pullaway couch for no additional fees. So it should be ok. I've been getting a lot of Wellesely's lately. I prefer a standard room with 2 beds.
  5. Here's a good deal. Hotwire Savings club: http://www.hotwiresavingsclub.com/hsc/index.asp Once you join you have 30 days to cancel before they start charging you and your credit card. They have a bunch of discounts but the only one of interest to me is the resturant money. There are several chains including Outback (+ Carrabbas, Bonefish Grill, Flemings, Roys). You can buy upto $350 worth of gift certificates total and Hotwire will credit you back 20% or $70. They ship the certificates fast. Then you must wait for the credit to appear on your credit card statement. I thought this would take m
  6. I spent a lot of time trying to book a room last night for the week of August 28- Sept 5, 2004. The bottom line is you can't get a 1* for $50 anywhere. I tried all of Montery areas plus Salinas plus Watsonville and even Freedom. I also bid $60 for 2.5* in the same areas without success. I know the summer is their peak season, but after Labor Day I assumed prices would ease. I was wrong. Looking at Orbitz, etc, even the Dot-Head dives of Seaside are over $100. The Motel 6 in Marina is $55 and goes to $75 on the weekend! I do think I found the best deal: The Red Roof Inn in Watsonville is 28 mi
  7. I repeat one point: I don't use an agent to book a $169 a week dive. There are no savings to be had. Any discounter who promises big savings and then puts a Suburban Lodge on the platter is looking for trouble. edited by thereuare
  8. Another reason when requiring 2 beds to bid on 2.5* hotels and not 3*. The reason these hotels are so expensive in the 1st place is that they are used to gouging and nickel and diming the consumer. I prefer free local calls and dialup internet to $75 every time you pick up the phone and $10 a day internet and parking. In my case I called and was told I had 2 beds arranged. In the future I'll get the clerk's name and log the call in a record.
  9. They had a pre printed contract ready for Pricelint buyers to sign to upgrade to a 2 bed room along with agreeing to pay another $15 per day. Something they did to stop complaints in their tracks after the fact.
  10. I did try the double the difference guarantee but they weasled out by saying I booked for 6 nights instead of 7. Any fool knows they can check out when they want to after paying a weekly rate. So Hotwire was not opening their ears to my complaints. If they were I would have made this point: If a hotel is primarily an extended stay property, why not say so and quote a weekly rate? Answer: Because for $169 a week, there is not going to be any big discount nor any big commission for a 3rd party to make. Nobody is going to get a Suburban Lodge (who would want one anyways) for $100 for the week, so
  11. I got this for a friend who's there now. Wellesley Inn And Suites Las Colinas Irving - Las Colinas 5401 Green Park Drive Irving, Texas 75038 972-751-0808
  12. This is a great price for Boston. I hope it works out. Homestead Studio Suites Boston Waltham 52 Fourth Avenue Waltham, Massachusetts 02451 781-890-1333
  13. A fine place in a fine part of Santa Rosa. Highly recommended. Santa Rosa - Rohnert Park - Petaluma 175 Railroad Street Santa Rosa, California 95401 707-573-9000
  14. Here's one you want to avoid. An ancient hotel that's falling apart. $10 a day to park or use the meters on the street if you want to risk getting mugged. Certainly a nice car wouldn't last the night on the street. Bums and beggers on every street corner. Stay in South Beach and live a little. This place is a dump. Radisson Miami Hotel Miami Downtown 1601 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Florida 33132 305-374-0000
  15. Why would they offer this room for 6 nights for $75 in the heart of their busy season? I don't know but it must have been a mistake. I called right after making the reservation and arrainged for 2 beds and ave them my roommates name. Weeks later when I arrived, the clerk said there was no way I was getting 2 beds for that price. I explained I had a roommate and that this was pre-arrainged. The manager was unsympathetic and offered to arrainge a refund from Priceline. She did this on the phone and then rented the room for $150 to the next bloke in line. Because of this and several $10 a day par
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