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  1. Just a warning that the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal 3.5* for the Fort Lauderdale: West Ft Lauderdale - Plantaion - Sawgrass Mills area is the Sawgrass Grand Hotel, which has many recent bad reviews.
  2. Thanks. The assistance I need are the answers from Rookfan. :)
  3. Rookfan, I know it's been a few months but how was your stay there? And what were the other choices for 3.5*? Or, did you mean you'd rather have gotten one of the 3* hotels? Also what was your highest rejected bid? It should still be in your history.
  4. No, the price didn't "change". It was, say $90 if searched one way, but say $80 if searched the other way. It was those two same prices every time you did each respective search (within a certain time frame obviously).
  5. I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. This is what looks like the same hotel (same star, ammenities, and user rating), and it's the same price each time you search that particular area, but is a different price depending on which area you search. So the same hotel is a different price in the same area, depending on which area you do the search on. I'm not sure I follow, but I updated the Portland thread with the win details as I've done 100% of the time I've used the site. Are you now asking for more information?
  6. The date is 8/24/13 to 8/25/13. I'm not sure if you what the whole giant list of amenities and don't think you need them since it's the only 3* listed in that area, but the basic amenities are "Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Indoor pool(s), Fitness Center, Pool(s)". Now, if I search Chicago, and it's $79, and if I search on Oak Forest, it's $85.
  7. I ended up with the Clarion Hotel Portland for $74. This hotel was in bad shape (things broken, worn, and/or dirty), our room wasn't cleaned well, sheets were stained, etc. We ended up going somewhere else.
  8. If I search on Chicago, there's a 3* hotel in the Oak Forest - Markham area for $81. But if I search on Oak Forest, the same hotel seems to be $86. Why is that? Also any idea what hotel this is?
  9. Now that is strange. I assure you I could not see them last night (laptop at home) but can now (PC at work). But I have a couple different problems with this forum with Firefox (on both of those machines). I still would have liked a bid suggestion though. There are no reported bids for this year, unless I'm not seeing them. And the latest one was for a hotel that's now closed.
  10. There haven't been any reported bids in over 2 years for Portland. Any idea what I might get a 3* for? And which area would be best? They're right next to each other so location doesn't matter. The date is 6/19/13 - 6/20/13. PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals shows a 3* hotel for $81 with a 3.5* Tripadvisor rating in the Portland West area, which seems to be the Clarion. I'm guessing a PRICELINE bid would probably give that hotel, and I'm hoping to do better. HOTWIRE has a 3* for $70. The hotel list here on BB shows a Residence Inn in the South Portland area, but it's actually downtown, which is what PRICELINE's Portland West area is. Also PL's hotel zones have changed slightly than what's listed here on BB.
  11. Reviews aren't great so hopefully we'll get lucky with our room. Sorry. It's a 3*. Won't let me edit title.
  12. Started at $45, got offer to rebid again at $60. $52 was rejected. FYI, I had a hard time at first finding recent wins here because the Priceline area isn't listed in the post titles, which is "Downtown - Old Quebec". Also it would be better if the city was listed as Quebec City, just as you have New York City listed.
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