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  1. Got this hotel very long time before so that my report on time couldn´t help anyone. Just to let you know for the hotel list update. Very happy about this deal. As always (and for all other hotels on my upcoming trip) used BB PRICELINE link.
  2. Hi all, planning our next 2017 (!) trip, was just strolling arround to check hotel rates in general and found an unbelievable offer in Priceline Express. Of course underbid it and got this result that was a MUST to book - even you all smile about this booking date. But hey, interest rate for money is zero.zero, right ? As always used BB PRICELINE link.
  3. Hi BHL, Our stay in Asheville is comming up at the end of May, so I can't yet tell you about ;) About bidding history, sorry to say, I don't really remember as at that time I booked lot's of other US hotels for our vacation trip, but remembering my frustation it could have been my first try - so likely an overbid. My comment on my bidding win means that I'd better bidding for 4* to avoid Crown Plaza. As I know, bidding on 3* doesn't defend on winning Crown Plaza ... (Price.line!). Good luck.
  4. On the last day of our Washington stay we wanted to visit the Arlington cemetery - but hotels in Arlington are very expensive that time although one week before Memorial Day. So we changed our plans to Alexandria and got a good deal. No promlem to drive by car to Arlington. And as always used the BB PRICELINE link.
  5. Yes you´re right, it is 2.5*. I did remember wrong, sorry.
  6. As always used BB PRICELINE link. That one was the last what I wanted, very mixed reviews and not much savings. But that's Priceline ...
  7. Location should be "Hillsville VA" but not able to select. As always used BB PRICELINE link. Originally I wanted to bid $69 but bid EURO - so same mistake again ... just need to be more focused, grrrr.
  8. Our next stop on our way down the Blue Ridge Parkway. As always used the BB Priceline link.
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